IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2007-04-09

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clbUpdate from opt: 9 Apr 07:10 - fetchmail: update to 6.3.8 || 9 Apr 07:08 - dovecot: update to 1.0.rc3102:28
clbUpdate from core: 9 Apr 08:13 - man-pages: updated to 2.4403:28
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tilmanmmh, whats up with prtverify06:24
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j^2morning all08:48
j^2how wsa your easter weekend jaeger ?08:49
jaegercould have been better, spent some of it sick. you?08:49
j^2it sleeted here! and i slept over 28 hours the last 72 :P08:50
j^2helll yea... plus i'm burning through the sapranos on ;)08:52
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clbUpdate from opt: 9 Apr 18:47 - dbus-python: updated to version 0.80.114:07
clbUpdate from opt: 9 Apr 19:32 - lua: initial release14:37
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jaegergonna try out arch, finally18:53
jaegerthen I'll know the differences :)18:53
treachyikes! Be careful :P18:57
jaegerI doubt it'll kill me18:59
treachyou never know.. ;)18:59
jaegerif it does, it was nice knowing you guys :)19:00
jaegeron an unrelated note, I think there's something wrong with our docbook-xml packages but I don't know enough about docbook to understand it immediately... I built a port with the docbook-xml zip from the scrollkeeper site which works quite well19:04
jaegerthe difference is that it has a premade install script that builds the catalog19:04
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treach"All ways are good, except the bad ones" or so they say. :P19:05
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treachdocbook-xsl still seems to be broken though. :/19:10
jaegerwhat uses that, anyway?19:11
treachdia, for instance.19:11
jaegerdia, xmlto19:11
jaegerwell, I'm all for someone updating it but I don't know who that is :)19:11
treachprologic, per logic. :p19:12
treachat least he's responsible for dia, so..19:13
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