IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2007-04-10

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j^2hey all08:50
aonhey j^208:50
j^2how's it going aon ?08:50
j^2always good08:50
aonmessed with apache and ldap today08:51
aonwas a lot harder than in php :)08:52
j^2yeah ldap is evil08:52
aonespecially when combined with AD08:52
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clbUpdate from opt: 10 Apr 13:58 - gl-select: removed libGL.a cp from ati section09:13
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clbUpdate from opt: 10 Apr 14:28 - gl-select: updated .md5sum09:43
j^2hey sepen09:45
j^2i was pissed because my t1 just crapped out on me09:46
j^2had to restart it09:46
aoni see09:46
j^2(maybe becouse i was torrenting....but shhh dont tell anyone)09:46
aonhmm, i should probably try to unbreak my ipv609:46
j^2bah! only satalites use ipv609:46
aonwhat's satalite? some kind of a low-throughput hdd bus?09:47
j^2<-- never did well in a spelling bee09:48
aoni've never understood those things :)09:50
j^2hehe, yeah it's one of those things you push your kid through09:50
j^2for no apparent reason09:51
aonhere it wouldn't even make any sense :)09:52
aonand spelling stuff wrong seems to be more of a native-speaker issue anyway09:55
aonperhaps it's because you learn first by listening and talking instead of reading and writing :)09:55
aonor rather the combination of them09:55
j^2yep that is very true, my gf is hispanic, native spanish, learned english, i have her proof read my stuff all the time09:55
j^2:( you cant ping
aonno :/09:57
sepenj^2, sorry Im at work09:57
j^2as am i ;)09:57
sepenxDD developing for who?09:58
j^2nope, running my network :P09:58
aoni already got home almost 2h ago :)09:58
sepenhere 16:50pm09:59
sepensince 19:00pm working bffff!09:59
j^2sepen: is it force of habit or do you normally put pm after your times? in the us few people know what 1900 is :P10:00
sepenbut Im very satisfied with my work (,
sepenj^2, jajaj really Im not use pm normally10:00
sepenbut after four years of hollidays ....10:01
sependrinking biere, eating 'jamon' and cheese10:01
j^2aon: that's pretty cool acctaully10:02
sepenaon, xDD10:02
sepenatomic clock?10:02
aoni tend to mix up which 12 is pm and which is am10:03
sepen24pm heheh10:03
aonotherwise i'm quite fluent in the erroneous time presentation system, too :)10:03
aonapparently the other 12 isn't either10:04
aonbut i've been using a communications receiver with a 12h clock as my table clock for some time so i've been starting to get the hang of it10:05
aonanyway, gtg ->10:05
clbUpdate from opt: 10 Apr 14:53 - sqlite3: update to 3.3.15 || 10 Apr 14:51 - mutt: update to 1.5.15 || 10 Apr 14:49 - msmtp: update to 1.4.11 || 10 Apr 14:47 - gnuplot: update to 4.2.010:13
treach1900pm == nonsense. :)10:20
treach(Ante/Post Meridiem, where Meridiem means "middle of the day")10:22
tilmanaon: "a comes before p". so easy :P10:25
tilmani probably misread10:41
aonnow gtg for real (ended up delaying so i don't have to walk :))10:41
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clbUpdate from opt: 10 Apr 17:47 - ypserv: unmaintained || 10 Apr 17:47 - ypbind-mt: unmaintained || 10 Apr 17:46 - yp-tools: unmaintained || 10 Apr 17:46 - xscreensaver: unmaintained || 10 Apr 17:46 - udev-netif-hotplug-handler: unmaintained || 10 Apr 17:46 - slim-themepack1: unmaintained || 10 Apr 17:45 - sdl_image: unmaintained || 10 Apr 17:45 - pymp: unmaintained || 10 Apr 17:45 - prt-get-bashcompletion: unmaintained || 10 Apr 17:44 - pkgsync: unmaintained || 10 Apr 17:44 - licq: unmaintained || 10 Apr 17:44 - libsndfile: unmaintained || 10 Apr 17:43 - jack: unmaintained || 10 Apr 17:43 - docbook-xsl: unmaintained || 10 Apr 17:43 - docbook-xml-entities: unmaintained || 10 Apr 17:42 - docbook-xml-dtd: unmaintained || 10 Apr 17:42 - distcc-monitor: unmaintained || 10 Apr 17:41 - distcc: unmaintained || 10 Apr 17:39 - ddclient: unmaintained13:14
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