IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2007-04-11

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treach@seen cptn06:28
clbtreach: cptn was last seen in #crux-devel 4 days, 15 hours, 6 minutes, and 19 seconds ago: <cptn> good night06:28
Romstergee hes always off irc for ages.07:01
treach*he is* ;)07:01
treachor "he's"07:02
Romsterah ok, never did get that one right..07:05
Romsterthought he's was wrong and got told to use his :/07:05
treach"his" is possesive "his car"07:08
treach</grammar school>07:08
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Romsterenglish wasn't my strong point07:44
jaegerhrmm... I think it's safe at this point to remove all the last CLC stuff from morpheus.net08:21
jaegerusers, trac install, cvsup junk08:21
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j^2how's it going?09:05
jaegernot bad, you?09:06
j^2honestly i'm crazy depressed, i have a feeling of defeat...09:07
j^2like i'm not up to par09:07
j^2it sucks :(09:08
jaegersorry to hear it :(09:11
j^2it's life i guess09:12
jjpkDid something happen or do you just have too much going on?09:12
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j^2jjpk: well i had an interview yesterday...09:19
j^2i dont feel like i came out right, SQL kicked my ass09:20
j^2and i dunno, i really wanted this job09:20
sepenIm trying to port this
j^2why would my upload be 300k faster then my dl?09:31
treachso you can participate efficiently in a botnet?09:39
aonRomster: re: mail, i'll do it later today09:51
aoni'm also thinking of removing the man pages as they only say "plz go to the website"09:54
aonbut perhaps i'll do that when the next release comes to avoid bumping release09:54
aonbeech[~]$ apropos pbm|grep 'see'|wc -l09:55
aongtg ->09:55
Romsterif you do make a #comment man pages says to goto site.09:55
Romsterwhats the point of a man page if it says that lol..09:56
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_Mwho is the owner/maintainer of pkgutils ?10:15
tilmanit's maintained by the crux developers10:16
jaegerthere's no single owner anymore10:16
j^2(ah so i was totally wrong) :P10:18
_Mtilman, I have written a patch for pkgutils, then how must I submit it for your review ?10:20
tilmansend it to the crux-devel mailing list please10:21
_Mok, thanks !!10:22
tilmanman, my desktop looks so sweet since i switched from 16 bpp to 24 bpp10:24
j^2tilman: \o/10:24
j^2go crazy with 32bit :P10:25
tilman_M: your patch is against git master, right?10:25
treach24bbp gray40 ? :P10:25
treachoh, right, that would be aon..10:25
tilmantreach: i'm running the MurrinaEalm gtk2 theme since a few days, it's so nice!10:26
tilman(not in 16 bpp though, there it looks a bit dull)10:26
_MI think it is, its is placed at
treachwhat a coincidcene. :P10:26
tilmanthat mirror thing again10:27
jaegerI have one of those, too10:27
tilmanjaeger: a murrine-based theme you mean?10:28
jaegera mirror thing for pkgutils10:28
tilmanoh :D10:28
treachtilman: using my port? :p10:29
jaegerfrom the secret repo? :)10:29
tilmantreach: no, vicos10:29
treachok, I just figured you got it when you got the epdfview port.10:30
_Mif you want enable it you could uncomment and set PKGMK_SRC_MIRROR="" at pkgmk.conf10:30
jaegerwhat does MurrinaEalm look like?10:30
tilmantreach: "gtk-engines-murrine" is better name for the port, btw ;)10:30
tilmanjaeger: lime + light yellow10:30
jaeger <-- this one?10:30
treachsure. It's just one of those thrown together things anyway :)10:31
tilmanthe last picture "murrine theme pack"10:31
tilmanin the lower right corner10:31
jaegerlooks pretty clean10:31
tilmanthere's lots of other themes using the engine on gnomelooks.org10:32
tilmanthe engine is pretty powerful10:32
tilmanit's based on clearlooks and rezlooks10:32
jaegerthe title bars look weird with that font... the font makes it look like bad kerning10:33
Romstermirrors ah i was gonna do something for that too...10:36
tilmanjaeger: you mean on the 'v' and the 'w'?10:37
tilmangnome can look pretty nice these days10:41
tilmani can't believe i never noticed that my fonts didn't look as good as they could10:41
tilman(for the last year, or so)10:41
jaegerhrmm... wonder what I need to do to refresh the list in gnome's theme changer10:42
jaegerthere we go, it was just being stupid10:43
tilmandon't ask me :P10:43
pitillois there somewhere any talk about mirrors... (seems to be discussed talk)10:46
tilmana new discussion might arise on crux-devel soon ;)10:46
tilmani wonder what happens when i turn on subpixel rendering10:48
pitillowell, seems that started a few minuts and cut off in a few more. I only want to know reasons and compare them with my "reasons". I hope this can be talked :)10:48
tilmanmy fonts might look so cool that my monitor explodes10:48
clbUpdate from xorg: 11 Apr 15:29 - xorg-libxi: updated to 1.0.310:49
Romsteri personally would like to see common mirrors in pkgmk.conf for a foo array and the Pkgfile has foo/file.tar.bzip2 etc, and for the spefic mirrors for a single Pkgfile listed in that. not sure if its good or not but would maybe?10:50
Romstermonitor explode hah O_o10:51
clbUpdate from xorg: 11 Apr 15:59 - xorg-libxi: updated to 1.0.411:19
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treachHmm, nutty cat, he eats pears.12:51
j^2my cat likes my homebrew :P13:01
aonmy cat once drank juice13:04
aonbut refuses to do so again13:04
j^2yeah dax doesnt drink it anymore, but the first and only time she drank my beer, she even went back for seconds!13:05
treachI'm officially forbidden to give jr. coffee with cream and sugar, he got too damned speeded. :D13:06
tilmanj^2: is your cat a trill?13:06
j^2tilman: yep, she's an old man by many standards ;)13:10
j^2i couldnt spell judsia for the life of me13:10
j^2ezri was lame :P13:10
treachspell? She's an old man..?13:10
j^2ds9 ;)13:10
* treach scratches head13:10
tilmanj^2: :D13:11
j^2treach: star trek :P13:11
tilmantreach: in DS9, there's a character called 'dax'13:11
treachtilman: and I guess she's an old man too?13:12
tilmani didn't get that bit, i'm not a ds9 expert13:13
* jaeger makes shit up13:13
tilmanshe's 30 perhaps :P13:13
jaegerscary, that guess was right13:13
jaegeryay wikipedia13:13
j^2jaeger: i'm impressed13:21
jaegerI did watch ds9 years ago13:21
j^2and you have to agree ezri was lame/stupid/whore/dumb co-ed13:21
jaegerwould be entertaining to watch some of it again since netflix is so cheap13:21
jaegerI didn't watch long enough to see ezri, didn't know about that char until I checked the wikipedia page13:21
j^2it used to be on tv-links13:22
jaegerlast one I saw was terry farrell's character13:22
jaegeronly reason the name was familiar, probably13:22
jaegerI've been watching some Stargate SG-1 via netflix and John de Lancie is in a few episodes... couldn't figure out where I'd seen him at first, then remembered Star Trek: The Next Generation13:23
tilmanhe played Q, right?13:26
tilmantng <3 <3 <313:26
jaegerI actually just recently queued up some TNG in my netflix queue :)13:27
jaegerI love netflix, makes it dirt cheap to watch all kinds of stuff I haven't seen in years or never did see13:27
j^2i'm on La Femme Nikita, and Brisco County Jr fix right now ;)13:27
jaegerI can't bring myself to watch the La Femme Nikita remake13:28
j^2jaeger: amen, and with handbrake too, well...13:28
jaegerloved the original movie, though13:28
j^2jaeger: oh no no, the tv show with Peta Wilson13:28
jaegerI was referring to the remade movie AND the show, actually13:28
jaegerI'm just picky, I guess13:29
j^2;)... i dunno i always thought the tv show Micheal was a badass13:29
tilmanis that the one with bridget fonda?13:29
tilmani don't think i ever saw the original13:29
tilmannot sure i saw the one with fonda either ;D o_O13:29
jaegerit has Tcheky Karyo and Jean Reno in it as well13:31
j^2that's the show13:31
j^2Reno has always been a frenchman i respect....13:31
tilmanugh, i don't even know what crappy movie i was thinking about13:31
j^2have yall hear of District B13?13:31
tilmanwant to know*13:31
jaegeryeah, good stuff13:31
j^2i was totally impressed with it13:32
jaegerit took me over a year to get a copy of it in the US13:32
jaeger(this was before the US re-release, obviously)13:32
jaegerI really wanted to see it because of David Belle13:32
j^2netflix suggested i'd love it13:32
j^2ahh nice13:32
j^2he is crazy good ;)13:33
j^2i think i've seen him before...13:33
jaegerand coincidentally, Cyril Raffaelli was in another movie with Tcheky Karyo (Kiss of the Dragon, I think)13:33
jaegerj^2: probably not in other movies, but he invented Parkour13:33
jaegerthink I'll try to build MediaFork in linux, I didn't realize there was a linux version13:36
j^2nice :D13:36
treachtilman: My guess, Nikita. ;)13:46
tilmanj^2: as23 - dirt has a nice groove14:00
tilmanand i hear the album owns.14:01
tilmanjaeger: do you know assemblage 23?14:01
tilmantreach: no14:02
tilman'point of no return' maybe:
tilmanhaha, that seems to be the remake14:03
jaegeryes, it is14:03
tilmani rock ;)14:03
jaegertilman: new one to me14:03
jaegerlooked it up on wikipedia, sounds interesting14:04
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jaegerMediaFork is still compiling14:12
treachdamn, floppies really suck, I've trashed 9 in a row..14:14
treachI'm beginning to have second thoughts about the drive. :/14:14
tilmanlast year i had a use for them, and they seemed to be "write once"14:14
tilmani could write them once, and once only14:14
tilmanthey were 10 years old ofc :P14:14
treachwell, so are these, but still. :/14:15
treachso much for "archiving".14:15
tilmani just wanted to assure you that it's not a case of "the universe hates me"14:15
treachthanks. I was beginning to feel that way. :>14:16
treach...and there goes #10..14:16
treachjesus fucking christ on a bicycle, that's 12 bad in a row!14:20
treachI give up!14:20
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tilmanjaeger: do you know 'unter null'?15:14
tilmanj^2: ^^^^15:14
jaegeronly the name15:14
tilmancheck out her 2005 album if you have the chance, you might like it15:15
* jaeger writes it down15:15
tilmanit's terror ebm/harsh ebm/whatsthename, similar to tactical sekt or suicide commando15:16
deus_exIs Front242 in that genre?15:18
tilmanfront242 is an ebm classic15:18
deus_exReally?I have their live album, it is awesome.15:19
tilmani only have one of their albums, that i never listened to completely15:19
j^2tilman: nice!15:19
tilmanand the 'circling overground' cover by vnvn15:19
j^2lame not on mininova :(15:20
deus_ex'Body to body'/'religion' are my favorite tracks.15:20
deus_exI'll have to dig that album up, I haven't listened it for a long time.15:21
tilmandeus_ex: in harsh ebm, they usually have very distorted vocals. it's pretty aggressive, i guess15:22
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deus_extilman: More energetic than aggressive, imho.I like it :)15:26
tilmandeus_ex: i meant the bad stuff, not front24215:26
tilmandeus_ex: ie, front242 doesn't belong in harsh ebm i don't think. but i'm not an expert ;)15:27
deus_exoh, sorry, i missed the 'harsh' part :)15:27
tilmanj^2: did i recommend 'funker vogt' to you?15:29
deus_extilman: I think wp agrees with you.15:30
tilmanit's one of my sources ;D15:30
j^2tilman: i dont think i've heard that one15:31
j^2or at least noticed that i had15:31
deus_exOne of my sources is photographer in NY now, previously DJ on a local radio station.15:31
j^2i put alot of stuff on shuffle15:31
tilmanj^2: also, grendel15:32
tilmanfor another terror ebm act15:32
tilmani hate when they use samples from movies that i cannot identify ;)15:34
jjpkSeveral years ago someone recommended Funker Vogt, then I just had to lose the album.15:39
jjpkI think the album was We Came to Kill from 199715:41
tilmanin grendel, the vocs aren't much more than background noise15:48
tilmannot that you would understand anything if it was more audible ;)15:49
jjpkThe same excuse they have on varios DM bands ;)15:49
tilmani mean, the difference here is that they mixed the vocs down (volume wise)15:50
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