IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2007-04-12

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sepennice xfonts to port in the future!
j^2morning all08:51
sepenj^2, morning08:51
j^2stupid active directory08:51
sepenhere 16:00h08:51
j^2sepen: you lucky bastard :P08:52
Romsterlol nice sepen09:00
sepenalso they are ttf09:00
Romstermorning j^2 is juat morning for me 12:10am09:04
j^2Romster: hehe09:04
aonperhaps i'll do the -j1 thing now :)09:07
aonhm, not  yet09:13
Romsterdoing that too all of my ports that break as i have MAKEFLAGS=-j4 in my pkgmk.conf as i use distcc09:50
Romsterand its been finding programs that can't handle more than 1 make job.09:51
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j^2jaeger: slacker! :P getting into work late :P09:56
sepenjaeger, I've a question for you09:56
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clbUpdate from opt: 12 Apr 15:19 - netpbm: commit footprint, too || 12 Apr 15:19 - netpbm: compile with make -j1, removed "man pages"10:27
jaegerj^2: I'm off today10:29
j^2(lucky :P)10:30
tilmanjjpk: do you know cattle decapitation? the name sounds funney, wonder whether it's any good :P11:03
jjpkDon't know them.11:07
j^2you can get shot for cattle decapitation in texas :P11:42
tilmanfor listening to the band? :(11:43
j^ west texas probably :D :P11:44
clbUpdate from opt: 12 Apr 16:30 - git: updated to || 12 Apr 16:27 - lftp: updated to 3.5.1111:58
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clbUpdate from opt: 12 Apr 17:10 - opera: updated to 9.2012:28
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mike_k@seen sip12:51
clbmike_k: sip was last seen in #crux-devel 2 weeks, 6 days, 1 hour, 35 minutes, and 47 seconds ago: <sip> Generally speaking, I think it's better to enable all non-experimental scsi stuff, and maybe some experimental-but-known-to-work ones12:51
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