IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2007-04-13

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j^2sooo hungover09:09
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* j^2 puts a gun to his head09:10
tilmanis it that bad? :P09:11
j^2i need water09:12
j^2mmm water09:32
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clbUpdate from opt: 13 Apr 15:35 - dovecot: finally, update to 1.0.0 :-)11:03
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tilmandovecot 1.011:18
tilmancan it be true?11:18
jaegersure, just wait a few minutes and we'll see 1.0.111:24
jaegeror, more likely, 1.0.0rc111:24
jaegerthough I guess that would be backtracking :)11:24
aon"due to bug <blah> release 1.0 is now known as 1.0rc<prev_rc+1>11:26
tilmanhe said he didn't plan to release 1.0.1 anytime soon11:26
tilmanin the ann.11:26
aonindeed, "unless someone's been sitting on a major11:26
aonbug just waiting for v1.0 to be released" :)11:26
aonwhat if someone has? :)11:27
aonthis is what you want to see after you carry a computer home from the post office and start it11:29
tilmandownloaded the ufo-2.1 installer, and found out their binary sucks11:48
tilman(it's linked to an old libjack)11:48
tilmanso now i'm downloading 250 mb again, so i can make a proper source based port11:48
j^2aon: ouch11:50
aonj^2: i'm temporarily past my quota for ibm-related problems for today :)11:50
j^2so it seems ;)11:51
aonand at work someone had pulled a prank on a T4211:51
aonmapped AltGr as winkey, took me a while to find11:51
aonand then i surfed around at developernet looking whether it's possible to export full notes databases for converting to html11:52
aonor reading them directly on linux11:52
aonseems that the "free" api needs domino for linux :)11:52
j^ i havent seen that word in a long time11:53
aonand the whole research is rather pointless as it's possible to read them with a browser from the server directly11:55
aonbut the notes personnel refuse to take the authentication off11:56
aonbut i guess you can't be sane if you work with that thing and nothing else11:56
j^2yeah notes...sigh... i always hated the interface with it11:56
j^2its...just ugly11:56
aonthe new one or the workspace stuff?11:56
j^2well when i used it...11:57
j^2not to was ~ a year ago11:57
j^2that one11:57
aonah, where i'm at everybody uses the old view,
aoninbox still looks like that, though11:58
j^2win 3.1 too eh? :P11:58
aonnah, xp11:58
aon...that's a 95 shot :)11:58
aoni guess11:58
j^2some one was too cheap to update the clients :P11:58
aonno, the clients are new, but it's still possible to get that legacy view11:59
aonbut at least the environment is 100% NT4-free this year :)11:59
j^2so i'm listening to Panzer AG12:01
j^2and an observation...12:01
j^2he sounds like manson...but crappy12:02
j^2very crappy12:02
aoni see12:02
aonyay, new wine12:03
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tilmanit probably breaks pokerstars :P12:51
aonah, that could be12:58
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