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clbUpdate from core: 14 Apr 08:00 - gzip: update to 1.3.1203:00
tilmangrrr, ufoai doesn't work properly with my matrox :(03:40
tilmanpkgadd: could not install usr/bin/uncompress: (Empty error message)03:47
tilmanlibarchive ftw03:47
tilmandamn hard links again04:22
tilmangotta change my car's tires now though04:22
tilmansomeone else fix this, please? :D04:22
Romstergee libarchive can't handle hardlinks?04:25
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clbUpdate from opt: 14 Apr 09:22 - wine: updated to 0.9.3504:37
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aonwhich pkgmk does that fail with?04:46
aonerm, pkgadd, rather04:47
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tilmanaon: gzip05:21
tilmanarchive_read_extract() fails with ARCHIVE_WARN05:22
tilmanbut archive_errno() is 0 (= success)05:22
aoni wonder why it doesn't do that here05:22
tilmanaon: what version of libarchive do you run and did you build pkgutils with?05:22
tilmanigore the first part of the question05:22
aonthe one from contrib05:23
aon...which seems to be monumentally old05:23
tilmanit's just two revisions behind05:24
tilmani think i'll put it in opt05:24
aonbut is it .30 causing this?05:24
tilmani tried to update to 30 to see whether it fixed the problem05:24
aonbut why doesn't it happen here with 28?05:24
tilmandid you rebuild pkgutils after you updated libarchive?05:24
tilman(pkgadd is linked statically)05:24
aon$ ls -li /bin/gunzip /usr/bin/uncompress05:25
aon58732404 -rwxr-xr-x 2 root root 65 Apr 14 13:23 /bin/gunzip05:25
aon58732404 -rwxr-xr-x 2 root root 65 Apr 14 13:23 /usr/bin/uncompress05:25
aon$ strings pkgadd|grep libarchive05:25
aonlibarchive 2.0.2805:25
aonFatal Internal Error in libarchive:05:25
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treachtilman: iirc thircé uses that outrageous osx gui irssi thingy..05:26
tilmanaon: gzip 1.3.12, right?05:26
tilmantreach: olala, le accent :D05:27
treach..wrong window bth wth..05:27
aonbeech[~/dev/crux/git/pkgutils]$ sudo ./pkgadd -u /usr/ports/packages/gzip#1.3.12-1.pkg.tar.gz05:27
treachtilman: apparently I couldn't type it right anyway, so scew it. ;D05:27
treachpkgadd: could not install usr/bin/uncompress: Invalid cross-device link05:28
aonwell here it isn't cross-device05:28
tilmand'oh, of course!05:28
tilmantreach: thanks05:28
tilmanwhy didn't i realize this05:28
aoni would say that'll be left unfixed05:28
tilmantreach: you're the hero of the day05:29
tilmansaved me some time :)05:29
tilmanit fails for me, for the same reason05:29
tilmanbut your version of pkgutils spells it out loud05:29
tilmanlibarchive obviously is buggy in that regard05:29
tilmanit should give the same error message05:29
treachI guess so, it was just a comment in general. Not trying to be the hero or something.05:30
tilmanit's a huge coincidence :D05:30
tilman10:47) <    tilman> pkgadd: could not install usr/bin/uncompress: (Empty error  message)05:30
treachwell, at least I got a message. :)05:31
tilmanthat's the point :P05:31
treachaah, ok.05:31
treachSorry, I misinterpreted your initial respose.05:31
treach"Yeah, we know smart Alec."05:32
tilman"Thank you, captain obvious."05:32
tilmanthis is a nice pitfall for port maintainers05:35
tilmanmaybe pkgmk should try to find such possible screw-ups05:35
tilmani'll try to fix libarchive now05:36
tilmanso that it gives a nice error message05:36
clbUpdate from opt: 14 Apr 10:35 - [notify] lighttpd: updated to 1.4.1505:37
aoni wonder if it would be insanely slow to look at every file the pkg installs in /{{,s}bin,lib,etc,var} and do find /usr -samefile on them05:41
aonor probably just bin/sbin and lib, if you do hardlinks from the others you deserve to be beaten with a stick05:42
tilmanwhen pkgmk prints out the footprint, it says:05:43
tilman /usr/bin/uncompress link to /bin/blah05:43
tilmanso you could grep that output for that kind of lines05:43
tilmanso you don't have to try *every* file05:43
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jjpkpsych ward eh.. must be a complete nutcase then06:46
tilmanpkgadd: could not install usr/bin/uncompress: Can't create '/usr/bin/uncompress': Invalid cross-device link: Invalid cross-device link06:48
tilmanexcept that the error is put twice06:48
tilmanjjpk: i don't think he's serious06:50
aonokay, now what's the point in this:07:02
aonecho foo|while read line; do foo=$line; echo $foo; done; echo $foo07:02
tilmanjust using a symlink for uncompress should be okay, no?07:12
tilmanhehe, gzip's has this line:07:15
tilmanln "$$source" "$$dest" || $(LN_S) "$$source" "$$dest";;07:15
tilmanso if it cannot create a hardlink, it will symlink it07:15
tilmantoo bad we install to $PKG ;)07:15
clbUpdate from core: 14 Apr 12:24 - gzip: don't try to hard link from /usr to /07:31
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aonwhat the hell08:37
aonhow can you get a var out of a while read loop08:37
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Romsteraon, bar=1; foo=bar; echo ${!$bar}12:18
Romstererr echo ${!$foo}12:19
Romsteri think12:19
Romsteri should always test b4 typing :/12:20
aon no.12:24
aonbeech[~]$ echo|while read line; do foo=foo; echo ${!foo}; done; echo ${!foo}12:25
aonthat doesn't even make any sense12:25
aon${!foo} expands to variables which start with foo12:25
aonie. foo12:25
aonand export doesn't work12:26
tilmanyou just want to read a line from stdin?12:32
aonseveral lines12:38
aonand do filtering based on them12:38
aonand set an array to stuff in that loop12:38
tilmansounds easy13:00
tilmanfind nothing in google? o_O13:01
aonnot really, no13:02
tilmanmmh, finished ja213:05
tilmanwhat to do now13:05
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jaegertilman: have a sec?16:09
jaegerwhen removing a dir from the git wc, there's just git rm -r and git commit, right? nothing to add, git rm -r removes from the wc and index16:11
jaegerok, thanks. just wanted to make sure before I committed/pushed16:12
tilman"git status" will tell you what needs adding and what doesn't16:12
tilman"removed files (will commit): [...]"16:12
tilmanor something16:12
jaegeryeah, it says "to be committed", which was a little different from what I'm used to16:13
jaegertilman: the footer's back on now16:54
tilmancool, thanks16:55
tilmantoo bad i deleted the guy's email16:55
tilmani'd help him out now ;)16:55
jaegerI didn't keep it, either16:57
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