IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2007-04-15

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clbUpdate from opt: 15 Apr 08:40 - ruby-cairo: updated to 1.4.103:40
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tilmanmmh, the libarchivified pkgadd is 2.3 mb07:47
tilmanthe libtar one is 1.2 mb07:47
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jjpkRomster: I wonder...11:17
jjpkSort of reminds me of that other loonie who was religiously indoctrinating his children :D :D11:18
Romsterok i can take a bit of fun but what the...11:18
RomsterI didn't see that one i don't  think.11:18
Romsterhmm no one has altered my ports database URL yet..11:19
Romsteri emailed it.11:19
RomsterURL= < new url. till something happens with the shortcircuit network... if :/11:20
Romsterodd fellow, well i'm off for the nite your day i expect. timezones are bad..11:23
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j^2la la la21:43
j^2i dont want to go to work tomorrew21:43
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