IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2007-04-17

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sepenhi people!09:18
sepen@seen pil09:18
clbsepen: I have not seen pil.09:18
sepenplease look at ---> Time.App released by per09:19
clbUpdate from opt: 17 Apr 14:07 - mysql-python: update to 1.2.209:19
aon@seen pli09:36
clbaon: I have not seen pli.09:36
aonanyway, i don't think there even was a #crux-devel when he was around09:37
aonor perhaps there was, but as a private badmouthing ch09:38
j^2hey all09:42
aonhi j^209:43
j^2how's it hanging?09:43
aoni succeeded in using notes thru COM today :p09:43
aonand my fuel hose had a hole in it09:44
j^2i've been struggling with getting win2k3 and my backbone to play nice09:44
aonneeded to fix that before leaving home, a lot of the coworkers stopped to marvel at it :D09:44
j^2hehe nice!09:44
aonwell, two09:44
aonwhat do you mean by playing nice?09:45
j^2i dunno, well bind9 and AD dont like each other at all09:46
j^2so i moved back to windows dns for the windows boxes and the servers with bind909:46
j^2i feel very defeated doing that09:47
aonyeah, i guess you can't have bind as the primary dns09:47
j^2you "can" but i cant seem to get the damn thing to work09:47
aonah, yeah, apparently you can09:48
aonlol, "Linux to Windows Migration"09:49
aoni wonder if anyone's actually done that09:49
clbUpdate from core: 17 Apr 14:43 - exim: update to 4.6709:53
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tilmanbtw, when i said pkgadd was 2.5mb with libarchive, it was because i had a debug build of libarchive running13:55
tilmanthe delta to a libtar-based pkgadd is around zeor13:55
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aonyeah, it seemed a bit odd14:11
tilmanj^2: know imperative reaction?14:30
tilmani got 'ruined', pretty nice!14:30
tilmannp: Imperative Reaction - Diminish Me14:32
tilmanhe's a bit whiney though14:33
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jaegertilman: I've got no objections to the libarchive move15:46
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