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clbUpdate from core: 18 Apr 11:35 - psmisc: updated to 22.406:56
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jaegerheyo, cptn08:42
pitillohello cptn, nice to see you here08:42
jaegerhow goes?08:42
cptnjaeger: fine, thanks08:42
cptnwhat about you08:42
cptnpitillo: thanks :-)08:42
jaegerdecent, though I've got a server pissed off at the moment08:43
jaegertrying to fix that08:43
cptnah, you caused the Blackberry problems? ;-)08:43
jaegerblackberry problems?08:43
jaegerah, no08:44
jaegerI have a test install of Blackboard that won't talk to the oracle database at the moment08:44
cptnugh, doesn't sound very fun to debug08:44
jaegernot as bad as yesterday's problem... had to reboot the server after 250 days uptime and it couldn't find init08:47
jaegerok, seems happier now08:49
jaegeranyone in here use svnweb?08:51
jaeger <-- wondering what's causing this error, since the other repos work fine08:52
cptnlooks like the db was created with an older version of bdb08:54
cptnor rather subversion08:54
jaegerI wonder if I used fsfs with the others instead of bdb08:54
jaegerany easy way to check which fs is used?08:55
cptncat $REPO/db/fs-type08:56
jaegerhrmm... 3 of them use bdb, 2 of those 3 are working08:56
cptndid you try to recover it?08:57
cptn(svnadmin recover)08:57
jaegeryes, and it completed fine... but no change in the svnweb08:57
jaegerand I can't check it out anymore, though that's no surprise08:57
cptnoh, what's causing a "no init found" error BTW?08:59
jaegerredhat's initrd wants to call "pivot_root /sysroot /sysroot/initrd"... which makes sense, technically, but it wasn't bothering to check if /sysroot/initrd existed, or to create it09:00
jaegerso pivot_root failed09:00
cptnah, I see09:00
cptnI'm getting another error on the svnweb now09:00
cptnpermission denied09:01
jaegerthe problem is that nash has very little documentation so it took a long time to figure out the real problem09:01
cptndid you run recover as root?09:01
cptnnash is a RH thing, right?09:01
cptnah, found its man page09:02
jaegeryeah, it is09:02
jaegeryes, I ran recover as root09:02
jaegersuddenly I can check out the repo again but svn::web still doesn't work for me09:02
sepenjaeger, another new error09:02
jaegerand I've been getting the same error the whole time, oddly09:03
sepenhi cptn, nice to see you09:03
jaegerBerkeley DB error: Berkeley DB error while opening environment for filesystem /var/lib/svn/crux-iso/db: Invalid argument: bdb: Program version 4.2 doesn't match environment version at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.4/SVN/ line 123 .09:03
cptnhi sepen09:03
sepenwhat are you doing now, working hard!?09:04
cptnheh, not really09:04
cptnnot any harder than before, at least09:05
sepenbut not retired yet no?09:05
cptnyou mean from work or from crux?09:06
sepencrux xD09:06
cptnI am from the later09:06
cptnjaeger: this is very strange indeed09:07
cptnjaeger: I'd probably try to svnadmin dump/import into a new repo09:08
cptnand go for fsfs then :-)09:08
jaegerheh, yeah09:08
jaegerI've been considering switching back to trac anyway09:08
jaegermight dump svn::web altogether09:09
cptnah, I see they're working on a web based admin tool09:10
j^2hey all09:19
j^2hey cptn!09:19
cptnhi j^209:19
j^2how's it hanging everyone?09:20
cptnI'm kinda tired, but fine otherwise :-)09:22
cptnwhat about you?09:22
j^2i just got my insuln pump's not hooked up but it's nice...i have to get used to wearing it all the time09:23
cptnah, instead of using syringes?09:28
j^2it's actually really neat09:31
j^2let me link, one sec09:31
cptnso which color did you get? :-)09:34
j^2simple black ;)09:34
cptngood choice09:34
cptnthe semi-transparent ones look cheaper09:35
aonThe CozMoreĀ® Insulin Technology System combines insulin pump therapy, blood glucose monitoring, personalized insulin pump programming and data management.09:36
aoncan you draw graphs with rrdtool? :)09:36
j^2haha i wish09:36
j^2i'm just happy i can program it for certian foods :D:09:36
aonyou need to hack in snmp support09:37
j^2hehe nice...but it's only infrared supported, not wifi :(09:37
aonugh, i got this one computer from a guy at work that needs to be fixed09:37
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aoni've never seen such a dirty kbd09:38
aonin homeuse, at least09:38
j^2i hate those types of jobs, "hey it guy my home machine is br0ked, can you fix it?... oh yeah i spilt beer on the mb... is that bad?, and i need it back by tomorrow, KTHXBYE!"09:39
j^2(frakers, i hate em)09:39
aonyeah, this isn't official09:39
aonand there's no hurry09:39
aonand the problem isn't kbd-related :)09:40
j^2sepen: nice09:41
j^2jaeger: :D09:41
aon :D09:56
j^2sepen: jesus! that's bad as10:04
sepenthat's great for my pennis simulator!10:10
cptnsepen: did you see me mail regarding qt4 btw?10:11
tilmanziomg cptnvisit10:12
sepencptn, sorry10:14
tilmanlast night i wondered whether we should offer libarchive's bsdtar as a gnu tar alternative10:14
tilmanit might make some bsd people happy ;)10:14
sepenI need to work on qt4 more and more10:14
tilmanwhen i got qt4 working, i thought that it looked like motif10:15
* tilman hides10:15
* sepen also10:15
cptnheh, that's probably because motif is still the default10:15
cptnunless you run kde or gnome, where it tries to blend in10:15
cptnI mean the "motif style"10:15
cptnrun qtconfig and switch10:15
cptnor qtconfig-qt4 if you run my new port :-)10:16
tilmandon't have it installed anymore10:16
tilmanit wasn' bothering me, i just thought it was funny :)10:16
cptn^ that one looks pretty decent10:16
aonwhat's the problem with motif? :)10:16
sepencptn, sorry, what about your mail?10:17
aoncde is lovely10:17
aon_and_ the ui of the future!10:17
cptnsepen: well, I asked you whether we could merge our ports10:17
tilmans/future/ancient times/10:17
cptnand whether you'd add it to contrib maybe10:17
sepencptn, yeah but I think it need more test proves (imo)10:17
sepenare you using it? or test?10:17
cptnI use one application so far which uses it10:18
tilmanplastique looks cool indeed10:18
cptntilman: if you dislike motif, you should see the qt-sgi style10:18
sepencptn, and running well from my port?10:18
tilmancptn: hehe10:19
cptnsepen: I'm using mine10:19
cptnsepen: didn't you get my mail?10:19
cptnthe problem with your port is that it can't be installed in parallel with qt310:19
sepencptn, nop10:19
cptntilman: and the fun thing is that the xxdiff author hardcoded the style...10:20
cptnsepen: I sent it to joberui@ei.upv.es10:21
cptnis that wrong?10:21
sepencptn, I only have one mail about xorg-libxi bug10:21
sepencptn, now Im at work, could be Im not configured at this momment to recive from this account10:22
cptnah, I sent it on april 1310:22
sepencptn, definitively I dont have it10:24
sepencptn, have you a draft copy or something?10:24
cptnsure, it's in my outbox10:24
sepenplease can you re send me10:25
cptnsometimes, I manage to lock my screen session...10:25
cptnnot sure how I do it, but that's the result ;-)10:25
cptnwhere should I send it to?10:26
sepenthe same address10:26
cptnokay, sent10:27
sepencptn, received10:27
cptnokay guys, have a nice day/evening :-)10:28
tilmanyou too :)10:28
j^2adios cptn !10:29
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sepen@seen cptn10:39
clbsepen: cptn was last seen in #crux-devel 10 minutes and 22 seconds ago: <cptn> okay guys, have a nice day/evening :-)10:39
sepenjaeger, Software error on your svnweb, are you test my websvn instead?11:02
jaegernah, svnweb has been causing problems ever since I updated debian on that server... so I'm switching back to trac11:05
sependebian xDD11:15
sepenjaeger one moment ...11:15
jaegerI've already got trac installed... probably could have both installed if I can fix svnweb11:15
sepenjaeger, my own timeline:
jaegerI didn't know until today how much faster trac is under mod_python than just cgi, the difference is big11:16
sepenif you modified lines 50 to 54 it must work for you11:16
sepenjaeger, Im running my trac with tracd server11:17
jaegerI prefer not to have it running on yet another port so I integrate it into apache with mod_python11:18
sepenyeah but you need apache211:19
sepenI never run before with apache1.311:19
sepenI've trac installled on my obsd box11:20
jaegerrunning 2.2.311:20
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aona new transmission release12:25
aoni wonder if it's still banned from everywhere12:25
j^2not mininova :D12:26
j^2why is that?12:26
aoni dunno12:26
Romstertransmission release? banned?13:13
aonread the topic13:17
tilmanlooks cute13:22
clbUpdate from opt: 18 Apr 18:53 - cairo: updated to version 1.4.414:00
tilmanjaeger: \o/14:12
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jjpkInteresting users at the main channel lately :D15:42
treachI've never seen such a lack of confidence in a slacker. :P15:43
tilmanwant to have him phone you? :D15:43
jjpktreach: baffling isn't it...15:44
treachit's secret.15:47
treachsomeone should tell him that. ;)15:47
jjpkThought slackware gives you balls to do things, that is just ridiculous.15:47
jjpkcultural difference right there, Americans get very queazy about silence :p16:11
jjpktreach: haha16:18
treachjjpk: as opposed to us nordic types who revel in it? ;)16:25
treachbtw, could you pass the vodka? I'm bored. :D16:26
jjpkLet's see, only have mint flavored at the moment.16:26
* treach raises glass16:28
jjpkMouthwash indeed, unless you mix it with something else.16:29
treachsome blackcurrant mixer or so... :)16:31
jjpkI usually drink this with hot cocoa or alternatively milk coffee.16:32
jjpkDrinking this by itself gives me the creeps :p16:33
treachhehe, vibes of alcoholism? :D16:34
jjpkhaha, hope not :p16:34
jjpkIt just tastes horrid.16:35
treachI meant like drinking mouthwash/eau de cologne/other scary stuff16:35
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jjpkOuch, the shooter at Virginia Tech is just enforcing negative stereotypes again.16:55
jjpkLoner MUST mean suicidal and severely depressed16:55
treachof course. it's so much easier to deal with sterotypes.16:55
j^2well it's not only ninjas now that kill people english students too :P17:00
treachamazing how *anything* except guns is the problem, and how apparently self evident it is that more of them will solve all problems.17:02
treachand how frequently the rest of us who aren't gun-nuts gets murdered, raped and mugged.17:03
jjpk"In trouble? get more firepower!" problem solved haha17:03
treach</p class=rant offtopic>17:04
jjpkYou might be outnumbered, but if you are outgunning your opponents then you'll be just fine.17:04
treachyeah right, hundreds of armed people in a limited area, all shocked and scared shitless.17:05
treachsounds really safe.17:06
jjpkYeah, in the worst case it would turn into a nasty blood bath.17:08
jjpkIt would not take much though.17:08
treachnope. untrained civillians with blood running on the floor, people screaming and bullets flying.17:09
treachI bet everyone would just be ice-cold and make all the right decisions, right?17:10
* treach shuts up before he gets really mad.17:10
jjpkgah, getting late and I have an early morning.17:11
jjpkI should go sleep.17:11
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