IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2007-04-20

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j^2hey all09:02
aonhey j^209:08
j^2so are you gonna see "hot fuzz?"09:09
aonyou mean that film that pops up on wikipedia?09:09
aonehrm, imdb09:09
aonor what hot fuzz?09:09
j^2i'm really excited about ti09:10
aonyeah, pops us as in first hit in google09:10
j^2it looks great09:10
j^2Simon Pegg is fraking gerat09:10
aoni see09:11
* aon got a ModelM kbd today09:11
j^2hehe nice09:11
tilmanwho the hell is simon pegg09:12
aonbut i also travelled >100km and back for nothing09:12
aonturns out that the training i was about to attend is next week09:12
aonoh well09:12
aonModel M \o/09:12
j^2clb: calc 100KM Miles09:12
j^2@google calc 100KM Miles09:12
clbj^2: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.09:12
tilmanus: switch to the mtric system ffs09:12
tilman@google calc 100km in miles09:13
clbtilman: 100 kilometers = 62.1371192 miles09:13
j^2damn i was close09:13
aondamn, need to reboot, something got messed up09:13
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clbUpdate from xorg: 20 Apr 17:03 - xorg-xf86-video-i810: updated to 2.0.0. Fixed description. || 20 Apr 16:43 - xorg-server: updated to
clbUpdate from xorg: 20 Apr 18:45 - xorg-xrandr: updated to 1.2.0 || 20 Apr 18:43 - xorg-libxrandr: updated to 1.2.1 || 20 Apr 18:40 - xorg-randrproto: updated to 1.2.114:08
clbUpdate from xorg: 20 Apr 19:38 - xorg-xf86-video-nv: updated to 2.0.215:08
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Viper_tilman: Requested 'randrproto >= 1.2' but version of RandrProto is 1.1.2 <-- tried to update to the new xorg-server17:16
jaegerupdate your ports again, I think he fixed that17:18
treachI think we got him. :P17:18
Viper_ok xorg repo has been updated :)17:19
Viper_next try17:19
tilmanyeah, i had the new proto and lib running for months, but didn't update the ports :/17:25
tilmani mean that's why i didn't notice17:25
Viper_ok updating xorg-server was a success :)17:53
jaegeroops, hehe18:00
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