IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2007-04-21

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clbUpdate from xorg: 21 Apr 09:04 - xorg-xf86-input-joystick: updated to 1.2.104:15
clbUpdate from opt: 21 Apr 09:29 - shared-mime-info: updated to 0.21.04:45
clbUpdate from core: 21 Apr 09:58 - libarchive: initial release05:15
tilmananyone around who can test a pkgutils tarball?05:33
tilmanjust to make i didn't screw up05:33
jjpkDoes it depend on anything else than libarchive?05:38
aoni can05:39
jjpkok, let me install it libarchive, I could test it for you.05:39
jjpk-it. my mind is in the gutter today :p05:39
tilmanjjpk: it's in core now05:39
jjpkYeah, noticed.05:39
aonis it the version from contrib or a newer one?05:40
aonok, probably should update it first, then05:40
tilmanyes please05:40
tilmandamn static linking05:40
aonwith warnings, but nevertheless05:44
aoninstall seems ok, too05:44
jjpkbuilt fine as well, just a few warnings05:45
tilmanyeah, unfortunately, we cannot get rid of that05:45
aonexcept perhaps by using some external lib for group/user lookups05:47
tilmanmaybe it's due to the c++ stdlib05:48
jjpkoverengineering > KISS ;)05:48
aoni wouldn't call that overengineering...05:49
aonbut working around the libc is a bit nasty :)05:56
aonyay cdrkit05:56
Romsterwhats the status of core ports listed in packages? Are they forbidden still? libxml2 has zlib listed.06:19
tilmanit's not due to c++, btw06:35
aonyeah, no, mdadm and stuff has that problem too06:40
aonRomster: and a lot of stuff has perl listed06:40
clbUpdate from core: 21 Apr 11:16 - pkgutils: updated to 5.30.006:45
Romsterk i'll contact the maintaners about that06:45
Romsteris been like that for as long as i've known06:45
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Romsteri'll bet its in the tarball.06:46
aontilman: shouldn't the link in README be removed, too, as the latest version(s) can't be found there?06:50
tilmanaon: yes, once we have a replacement page :o06:51
aonsomething on the wiki, perhaps?06:51
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clbUpdate from xorg: 21 Apr 12:32 - xorg-libxcb: removed locking assertions07:45
aontilman: nice sed'ing ;)07:49
aonperhaps we should change all our patches to be -e '<line>s/foo/bar/'07:50
aonhmm, it looks like there is no patch to sed converter available08:21
tilmanaon: i didn't want to disable the assertions at all08:24
tilmanit annoys the hell out of me08:25
tilmanso fsck it08:25
aonyeah, where has good old "we don't care about your incompabilities" gone?08:27
aon(i was thinking of removing compat symlinks from cdrkit)08:27
aon(s/we/I/ perhaps)08:27
tilmanaon: do it08:28
tilmanbut these two issues aren't really in the same league08:29
tilmani'd rather apply a binary patch to java :(08:29
tilmandamn sun morons08:29
aonor how about doing a binary sed in the java pkgfile08:30
tilmansure, why not08:32
tilmanif you can identify the bytes that need changing08:32
aoni was thinking about how cool it was to be a closed-source vendor in the days of punchcards and punch tape08:33
aon"to fix this bug, punch a new hole 23cm from the beginning and put tape on hole 3"08:33
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aonhmm nice, dev=/dev/hdc works on cdrkit now11:52
aondunno if it has worked before too, tho :)11:52
Phoulanyone else see that pkgutils update wont build?11:59
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treachlol "Everyone uses the same hardware as I do."14:25
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tilmanis there a good reason why curl should be in core?16:51
tilmanjust wondering whether that's good enough16:51
Viper_it's better than wget16:52
Viper_in my opinion16:52
clbUpdate from opt: 21 Apr 21:59 - rxvt-unicode: don't depend on perl. || 21 Apr 21:57 - sloccount: fixed deps || 21 Apr 21:52 - git: fixed dependencies.17:17
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