IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2007-04-22

clbUpdate from opt: 22 Apr 08:40 - git: updated to
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jaegerperhaps we ought to make ports -u call prt-get diff :)10:53
jaegerer... ports -d10:53
jaegerdamn you, fingers!10:53
treachif you're thinking along the lines of messing with those, may I humbly suggest integration of the cache function?11:22
tilmani'd rather remove it i think11:24
tilmanteaching ports(1) about repositories seems a bit pointless11:24
tilmanpainful too, probably (sh ftw)11:24
treachhm, searching will take a hit :( also I don't follow, why would ports(1) have to know about repos?11:27
tilmanso you can tell it to prefer core over contrib eg11:28
tilmanatm it picks up libarchive from contrib11:28
tilmanand ignores the one in core11:28
treachbut if you use prt-get as the obligatory front-end that shouldn't be a problem..11:29
treachn/m I'm too tired to think straight.11:31
tilmani never even used that cache before ;D11:31
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