IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2007-04-24

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pitillogood morning01:01
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jaegerprologic: got yourself all back online?08:00
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prologicyes jaeger  I have08:19
jaegerglad to see it :)08:19
prologicme too :)08:20
prologicgot soo much backlogged work to do :)08:20
jaegerI'm trying to decide if I want to rewrite the net-setup script for 2.3 or if I even care enough to bother08:20
prologicwell I think it's very useful to have08:20
prologicwhy would you want to re-write it ?08:21
jaegerbecause it doesn't work with 2.3's packages yet08:21
jaegerrewrite, update, either way it's a bit of work08:21
prologicah k08:21
jaegerI dunno if anyone even uses it... either way, the ssh install from the full ISO is still available08:22
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jaegerI've still got that issue where making the "iso" target rebuilds the kernel target every time08:52
jaegervery annoying... making a make debug log this time, hopefully I can spot the problem08:52
j^2hey alll08:59
j^2how's it hanging jaeger ?09:01
jaegerit's alright so far... finally got a new beta from blackboard today, so I'm re-mirroring our production oracle database... it's a blast, I tell you... I get to do nothing for 2.5 hours while it scrolls text in a terminal09:02
j^2it's like irc idling...but more entertianing :P09:03
j^2hey aon09:03
j^2anyone know what a "code 10" means in windows?09:16
jaegerwhat app gave it?09:17
j^2actaul windows, trying to plug in a usb ir adapter09:17
pitilloj^2, with a pcmcia?09:17
j^2it just says "can't be started"09:17
jaegerno idea here09:18
j^2yeah it' sucks :(09:18
pitilloj^2, did you take a look to the support webpage?09:18
j^2installed and reinstalled drivers, everything, i've read it could be due to irq conflicts, but i'm trying this in parallels, and i dont think i change them around09:19
jaegerparallels' usb support might only be a stub for mice/keyboards09:20
jaegerbut that's just a guess09:20
j^2could be...09:20
aoncome on j^2, it's the first hit on google for "Code 10"09:21
j^2i did i did09:21
aon"The device failed to start"09:21
aonhow informative...09:21
aona bit like
aon"By choosing OK" "Yes" "No"09:21
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clbUpdate from opt: 24 Apr 19:02 - gimp: updated to version 2.2.1414:04
clbUpdate from opt: 24 Apr 20:46 - postfix: updated to version 2.4.116:04
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