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cptngood afternoon :-)07:47
jaegerheyo, cptn07:48
cptnmmmh, I wonder what the major difference is between apt-get and prt-get07:54
cptn(arnuld on the ML)07:54
jaegerperhaps he's used to some obscure feature that apt-get provides07:54
jaegerfor the simple stuff, it's very similar07:54
jaegerapt-get install, apt-cache search, apt-get remove07:54
jjpkarnuld ftw08:00
cptnwell, at least the fonts were nice on arch...08:03
jaegercan't have everything08:05
cptnbestest speed, nice fonts, working floppy - pick to08:08
cptnerr, two08:08
jaegerhaha :)08:08
cptndid you manage to fix that oracle problem you mentioned last week?08:09
jaegerprobably - which problem was I complaining about last week? :)08:10
clbUpdate from opt: 25 Apr 12:49 - libpcre: updated to version 7.108:10
cptn"I have a test install of Blackboard that won't talk to the oracle database at the moment"08:11
jaegerthere have been quite a few lately, though not all oracle-related. had a problem with Red Hat's initial ramdisks a few days ago08:11
jaegerah, that one... yeah, it was an easy fix, but shouldn't have been necessary... I deleted and rebuilt the listener configuration, even though it *looked* fine08:11
jaegerthen it worked08:11
cptnwow, sorry... I'm the support hotline today08:19
cptnkeeping me from chatting ;-)08:20
jaegerdoh, heh08:20
cptnso does Blackboard work now, or are you just debugging other issues? :-)08:21
jaegerat the moment, I'm nuking that beta install I mentioned to install the NEW beta we got yesterday08:21
jaegerso I wouldn't say it works now, but it did up until today08:22
cptnyay for betas!08:22
jaegerkeeps me busy, at least08:22
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j^2morning all09:08
pitillohello j^209:11
pitillois it ok in texas man?09:12
j^2eh, pretty but kinda humid ;)09:12
j^2how you doing?09:13
pitillohere working a bit. Scared watching news about texas09:15
j^2the rain and all?09:17
pitilloyes, hard rain09:17
pitillo(or strong, sorry)09:18
j^2hehe no worries ;)09:18
j^2yeah it's pretty crazy, i'm in the central part of texas, we are clear for right now :D09:19
j^2that is for now :P09:32
cptnhey j^209:36
cptnhere in Europe, we're rather lacking rain09:36
cptnwe've had no rain for over 20 days now09:37
jaegerwe were close to too dry here until this week09:38
j^2hey cptn !09:39
j^2hey jaeger :D09:39
j^2i got my insulin pump installed yesterday09:40
j^2yay me09:40
j^2yep i'm bs is already where i want it to be :D09:40
cptnjaeger: do you use any apps that depend on mono?09:46
cptnI'm just wondering which mono port to use09:46
jaegerI have in the past, but not recently. I used my own mono port09:47
jaegerI'll ask loophole which he uses, I'm pretty sure he's messed with it more recently09:48
cptncool, thanks09:48
cptnI've used Matthias Hedenskog's one, but just saw that there's a 'mono' repository09:48
cptndo you know hugin? it's a tool to create panorama images09:49
cptnit's pretty cool :-)09:49
cptnthere's a utility to calculate overlap between images which depends on mono09:49
jaegerI've seen the site, haven't used it09:49
jaegerah, neat09:49
jaegervery nice :)09:50
cptnand that's all automatic except for the final cropping09:51
jaegerpretty impressive09:51
cptnyeah; I might post to crux@ later this week, to get some attention from other photo geeks :-)09:52
jaegerthe best picture I've taken lately is this:
cptnalso, I could steal 5 24-inch widescreen monitors and use it as wallpaper09:53
j^2jaeger: that's pretty :D09:53
jaegerthanks :)09:53
cptnis that a meteorid or a plane?09:54
jaegercontrail from a plane09:54
cptnheh, okay09:54
cptnyou could always claim it isn't ;-)09:55
jaeger <-- this shot was taken at the same time, took me a while to get the first one the way I wanted :)09:55
jaegercptn: I could, but those contrails were what I was really focusing the picture on09:55
cptnheh, have you looked into HDR?09:55
cptnlets you combine images to get better overall lightnight09:56
cptnerr, lightning09:56
jaegeryeah, I love HDR shots09:56
jaegerI plan to try some of my own but I'm still learning09:57
jaegerit's only recently that I got a decent camera09:57
jaegerSony DSC-F82809:57
cptnI haven't done any shots myself either09:58
cptnbut I got a tripod and a remote control last week09:58
cptnshould help me to get steady shots for HDR09:58
jaegerI went from this ( to this (
jaegercool :)09:59
jaegerI definitely want to try to take some of those later on09:59
cptnheh, I'm just reading the dpreview article on the new one :-)09:59
cptnI managed to do a rather nice shot of the statue of liberty:10:02
jaegeroh, very nice10:02
cptnokay, time to go home10:26
j^2take it easy10:26
j^2hey aon10:27
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jaegerok, another database mirror is started... now to wait again :P10:40
clbUpdate from opt: 25 Apr 15:40 - clex: update to 3.16 || 25 Apr 15:39 - sqlite3-ruby: update to 1.2.1 || 25 Apr 15:38 - sqlite3: update to 3.3.1710:41
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Phouljust incase anyone cares about this, The new irssi is out15:53
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