IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2007-04-26

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clbUpdate from core: 26 Apr 05:44 - psmisc: update to 22.500:46
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j^2hey all09:11
j^2how's it going?09:14
jaegerreasonably. you?09:15
j^2eh, could be better could be worse09:16
jaegerheyo, aon09:18
j^2hey aon09:20
clbUpdate from opt: 26 Apr 14:29 - nano: updated to 2.0.609:48
jaegerI put up some info about the ssh install, does this look reasonably simple to understand?
jaegercool, thanks10:33
j^2where's my gui matt?!?! :P10:33
jaegermaybe you left it in your other pants10:33
jaegeractually, it's called "xterm"10:34
j^2hehe damnit i knew i forgot something :P10:34
aonyeah, perhaps we should tunnel anaconda over ssh10:34
pitillotrue :)10:43
clbUpdate from opt: 26 Apr 15:43 - irssi: updated to version 0.8.11 || 26 Apr 15:21 - libpcre: changed url to sourceforge10:48
jaegerhrmm.. bit odd... I'm trying to trace the problem that's causing my iso target to rebuild the kernel every time and I see this:10:48
jaeger     Prerequisite `kernel/linux-' is newer than target `kernel/linux-'.10:48
jaeger     Prerequisite `kernel/linux-' is older than target `kernel/linux-'.10:49
jaeger    Must remake target `kernel/linux-'.10:49
jaegerI guess the linux- dir is getting timestamp updates or something10:49
jaegerhrmm... perhaps it's a timezone issue10:50
jaegerexcept that it's all done in the same chroot10:51
tilmanthat /upgrade thing did really work well10:55
tilmanas in "not at all"10:55
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jaegerwhat /upgrade thing is that?10:57
tilmanit makes irssi exec itself10:58
tilmanso you can update to a new irssi version without restarting it10:58
tilmanin theory10:58
jaegerI'll give it a try after I sysup10:59
jaegerhere goes11:11
jaegeram I still here?11:11
jaeger11:11 -!- Irssi: Client: irssi 0.8.11 (20070425 1813)11:11
jaegerit cleared all my windows but seems ok11:11
tilmanit didn't drop the connections o_O11:12
tilmanor are you using irssi as an interface to another bouncer/proxy? :P11:12
jaegernope, just straight up connections11:12
tilmani'll try it again with my proxy11:17
clbUpdate from xorg: 26 Apr 15:55 - xorg-bdftopcf: updated to 1.0.111:18
clbUpdate from core: 26 Apr 16:19 - libarchive: updated to
aonwtf, new irssi?11:49
aonwhat happened to a release every three years?11:49
aonnothing interesting in the changes, though11:50
aonmost crash fixes are /quit-related and i never /quit anyway11:51
jaegerand if you /quit, do you care if it crashes? :)11:54
aonyes, i eventually get annoyed by the irssi.cores and have to rm them11:55
aonabout once in every two years or so11:56
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jaegerhrmm... still wants to remake the kernel every time12:08
pitillojaeger, wich make version?12:18
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tilmanthat /upgrade thing just doesn't work12:20
jaegerunless you're awesome like me12:21
pitillojaeger, and wich CFLAGS are you using?12:34
pitillojaeger, not sure if this can help or confuse you. (sorry if you have read it or can not give you any hint)12:42
clbUpdate from xorg: 26 Apr 17:42 - xorg-xf86-input-acecad: updated to 1.1.112:48
jaegerI don't see anything helpful but thanks12:49
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