IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2007-04-27

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j^2morning all09:19
aonmorning j^209:22
j^2how's it going aon ?09:22
aongot my stinkpad back today09:23
j^2dont drop it... they break easily ;)09:24
aonthe T series don't...09:24
aonor at least they shouldn't09:24
aonapparently the main reason for some to switch from compaq to ibm was that ibms can take it when you leave a meeting with your laptop bag open and it falls on the floor :)09:26
jaegerI dropped my old thinkpad once or twice and it held up quite well09:27
aontime to say goodbye to the oem wxp, i guess :)09:33
j^2hello vista? ;)09:44
jaegerjust reinstalling my sager laptop today... vista, crux 2.3, freebsd 6.209:44
j^2why freebsd?09:44
j^2speaking of laptops-->
jaegeras for why freebsd, why not?09:48
jaegerI'd like to learn more about it09:48
j^2ahh makes sense, i've never really seen a point in triple booting i guess.09:52
jaegerjust to have another system available to test/learn09:59
jaegerI certainly don't *NEED* to09:59
jaegerhrmm.. there doesn't seem to be a yukon2 ethernet driver in freebsd yet10:28
jaegeror there was and it was removed10:36
j^2is there a way to see all the connections open to mysql?10:46
j^2a mysql data base i mean10:46
jaegertry mysqladmin processlist10:48
j^2nice thanks10:51
aonj^2: openbsd-current, rather11:06
aon17:44 < j^2> hello vista? ;)11:06
j^2ahhh :D11:07
PhoulAnyone know of a good cheap hosting company11:07
Phoulwonderful lol11:08
aonspeaking of which, seems like the lvm is blown in my netpbm hosting place11:08
jaegera friend of mine really likes dreamhost11:08
j^2directnic was ok, but i forwarded it to my personal server11:08
jaegerI haven't used any, myself, got my own hosting11:08
Phoulaye, The hosting i got now is goin to dream hosting,But i donno how long he will take so for now my ports are unreachable =\11:09
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clbUpdate from opt: 27 Apr 18:32 - mplayer: tweaked dependencies for xorg13:55
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clbUpdate from opt: 27 Apr 23:47 - libdevmapper: updated to version 1.02.1918:56
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