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tilmansip beat me by 3 minutes for man-pages03:38
tilmangit reset --hard HEAD^ && git prune03:39
aonhmm, new wine03:40
clbUpdate from core: 30 Apr 08:35 - man-pages: updated to 2.46 || 30 Apr 08:30 - hdparm: updated to 7.203:59
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tilmanmaybe someone should tell arnuld that a reinstallation isn't a magic bullet06:49
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tilmanmaybe i should killfile him07:20
jaeger-I kinda wonder how it is that he was able to run gentoo07:23
jaeger-I'm half tempted to search the gentoo forums for his posts to see what it was like there07:23
jaeger-sure enough... turned up about 10 topics07:24
tilman"a BIG thanks for telling this." :D07:24
jaeger-tilman: seen ?07:27
tilmani kinda assumed that one was dead, doh07:29
jaeger-as far as I know, it is07:30
jaeger-I think I'll add an alsa rc script, it seems to blow minds when there isn't one08:21
tilmanNO "/etc/rc.d/alsa" file08:21
tilmanunlike i have for cups and xdm.08:21
tilmandumbest statement ever08:21
tilmanjaeger-: are you serious about the rc script?08:23
jaeger-yes, actually. he's not NEARLY the only person to ask about one08:23
tilmanwhat would it do?08:24
tilmanmodprobe snd-foo?08:24
jaeger-nah, rc.modules for that. just alsactl store/restore08:24
tilmanalsactl (re)store goes into /etc/modprobe.conf08:24
tilmanbut go ahead if you think it's good to have it08:25
jaeger-I think it's good to have variety. after all, it can certainly be ignored08:26
jaeger-I don't use it :)08:26
jaeger-I'll add examples for both to a readme and see if anyone actually reads it08:28
jaeger-I'm still not sure what to do about alsa-driver and glibc having conflicting files08:32
tilmanyou could just alsa-driver altogether :P08:33
tilmanwhat files are conflicting?08:33
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jaegerI'd considered it but I prefer to have the same version of alsa-driver as the other alsa-* ports08:36
jaeger(when possible)08:36
jaegerI'll check, don't remember off the top of my head08:36
clbUpdate from opt: 30 Apr 13:32 - alsa-driver: updated to version 1.0.14rc308:36
tilmanyes, that's a point08:36
jaegerpart of the reason for this is that 1.0.14rc2 or higher is required for my hda-intel card08:40
tilmani wondered why you put RCs in opt :)08:41
jaegerI wouldn't have done it if a) they weren't stable in my testing on several machines, and b) there were more regular releases :)08:41
tilmansure, i figured it was a well-informed choice08:46
jaegerif only everyone had your faith :)08:51
tilmandid the masses bitch a lot?08:55
tilmanbig issue, to not update it, if you don't want it o_O08:55
jaegernot so much about this in particular, just in general08:57
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j^2hey all09:03
j^2haveing your cat sit on you laptop isnt a good way to keep hair out of the keyboard :P09:05
clbUpdate from opt: 30 Apr 13:37 - alsa-lib: updated to version 1.0.14rc309:06
jaegerwould you guys mind taking a look at these 2 READMEs? I think they're pretty clear but would appreciate input if not09:10
j^2i think the first one is fine09:11
j^2the second one seems pointless :P what ever happend to reading man pages?09:12
jaegerpeople got lazier, I think09:13
tilmanyeah, the 2nd looks good09:14
jaegergonna make sure my commands are right before committing09:14
jaegerthanks for the input09:14
tilmanthough the 2nd feels a bit abusive09:15
tilmanis alsa a "service"?09:15
jaegerhow so?09:15
tilmannot really!09:15
jaegernot really, no09:15
jaegerI figure there's no requirement to use it... so I'll include it and let users sort out which they use for themselves09:17
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jaegerhrmm.. the modprobe.conf way is failing for some reason... like the module install isn't completing fast enough09:24
tilmanjaeger: replace the semicolon by && maybe?09:26
jaegermight be the conservative scaling governor09:26
jaegersame result... it's not that the modprobe doesn't finish properly09:26
tilmandoes removing $CMDLINE_OPTS help?09:27
tilmanapart from that and the && i have the same line09:27
jaegergonna try that next, just rebooting to test with performance governor09:27
jaegerdidn't work that way, either09:29
jaegerinstall snd-hda-intel /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install snd-hda-intel && /usr/sbin/alsactl restore09:30
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tilmanalias snd-card-0 snd-emu10k109:31
tilmanare you using that?09:31
tilmani don't09:31
tilmanand it works anyway :P09:31
tilmanprobably because i have only one sound card driver09:31
jaegerI only have one as well, but that line hasn't caused any trouble in the past09:31
jaegerthe remove command isn't working, either... I don't see anything wrong with either one, though09:33
jaegerworks with modprobe -r but not rmmod... lovely09:36
jaegermakes sense, I guess09:36
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jaegeroddly, this works any time after boot but not at boot09:41
jaegerany idea why that might be?09:41
j^2gnomes... they dont like doing more then minimin at bootup ;)09:42
tilmanjaeger: is /usr mounted at the point when you load the module?09:42
jaegeron this machine there's no separate /usr partition09:43
jaegerdo you load your sound module in /etc/rc.modules?09:44
tilmansomehow the system figures out which module it needs09:44
tilmans/the system/udev/09:44
tilmanbut i load snd-pcm-oss in rc.modules09:45
tilmanwhich might load snd-emu10k109:45
tilmani don't know09:45
jaegerI'll try letting it autoload later09:45
jaeger< tilman> somehow the system figures out... <-- I believe this is the kernel autoload + udev09:45
Romster /etc/rc.local has alsactl restore09:46
Romsterfor me09:46
jaegeryeah, that's another way09:47
jaegerhrmm.. same problem with the load removed from rc.modules09:48
Romsteri have 2 sound cards and a working alias list in modprobe.conf09:50
Romsterif your interested,09:50
Romsterkinda a pain that alsa uses modprobe.conf and not rc.modules09:50
tilmanthe "install" and "remove" hooks aren't alsa-specific Romster :P09:51
jaegerwell, you can use whichever you like09:51
Romstertilman, oh09:51
tilmani find that pretty neat09:51
tilmanwell, it works for me, hehe09:51
jaegergonna rebuild my kernel without the autoload support09:52
jaegerlooks reasonable09:53
jaegerbut I'm still convinced modprobe.conf isn't the problem09:53
Romsterhas workd good for me, mialage may vary09:53
tilmanwhat's this autoload thing?09:53
Romsterkernel will auto load modules when there asked for.09:54
jaeger[ ]   Automatic kernel module loading09:54
tilmanah, thanks09:54
jaegerit tries to be intelligent about loading modules that you'd otherwise have to modprobe, when it needs them09:54
tilmani have that09:54
Romsteri've read it.09:55
Romsterdosn't modprobe everything in all cases but is quite good.09:55
jaegertilman: mind pasting your rc.modules and modprobe.conf as well?09:55
tilmanrc.modules just has:09:56
tilmanmodprobe snd-pcm-oss09:56
tilmaninstall snd-emu10k1 /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install snd-emu10k1 && /usr/sbin/alsactl restore09:56
jaegerhrmm.... not much practical difference09:57
jaegerno change10:00
jaegerI don't understand what's breaking at this point10:00
jaegerodd... now it works10:11
* jaeger scratches his head10:11
jaegerok, I take that back. it worked ONCE, failed again at the next reboot :P10:13
jaegermore head-scratching ensues10:13
jaegerredirected alsactl's output to a log during boot and I see this:10:17
jaeger /usr/sbin/alsactl: load_state:1326: No soundcards found...10:17
jaegerso I'm back to thinking the kernel isn't finished loading the device or something10:18
jaegertilman: what are your scheduler/preemption settings?10:20
tilman# CONFIG_PREEMPT_NONE is not set10:21
tilman# CONFIG_PREEMPT is not set10:21
tilmanis that information sufficient?10:21
jaegeryes, thanks. I don't know if it helps, but that answers the question perfectly10:21
jaegerI'm using anticipatory and preemption10:21
jaegerif I add an arbitrary sleep things seem to work10:21
tilmani wonder why i don't use preemption10:24
jaegeractually, I think you do, it's a confusing option. voluntary is on10:24
jaegermine looks the same10:25
jaegergonna try the CFQ scheduler for grins10:25
jaegerno change10:29
tilmandon't waste your time over it10:49
tilmanthe command is good in general10:49
tilmanif it doesn't work for people, they can still choose alternate ways10:49
tilmanbut maybe it only works on awesome systems like mine!10:49
jaegeryeah, I added something on that line to the README10:49
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RomsterI've been using CFQ for quite some time now...11:05
Romsterthere on't for sharing IO bandwidth fairly :/11:06
Romstererr not sure what that second was ment to be :/ 2:07am and quite tired.11:06
clbUpdate from opt: 30 Apr 15:51 - alsa-driver: added modules/modprobe info to README || 30 Apr 15:50 - alsa-utils: added alsa rc script and README11:06
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