IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2007-05-06

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maro_anybody using libarchive-based pkgutils?06:29
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] > grep Depends /usr/ports/core/pkgutils/Pkgfile06:29
tilman# Depends on:  libarchive06:29
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] >06:29
maro_tilman: what version?06:29
tilmanof libarchive?06:29
maro_something broke 2.1.6->2.1.7 wrt device node handling06:30
tilmanmaro_: it would be a good idea to remove your copy from contrib, btw06:30
tilmani'm sure the contrib list sends out warnings about that06:30
maro_could you do a pkginfo -f filesystem#xxx.pkg.tar.gz | grep dev06:30
maro_tilman: I had hoped you'd do it06:31
tilmanit's not my responsibility, but yours06:31
maro_oh the arrogance06:31
tilmanno, the facts06:31
maro_anyway, what does that grep tell you?06:33
tilmanyes, it's broken06:39
maro_anyway, revert to 2.1.6 if you want a quick fix06:40
tilmani prefer to fix bugs06:41
maro_that's fine and all, but I'm sure everybody else would like something working till that happens06:42
maro_btw.: you're welcome06:42
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tilmanrofl, i just *knew* that would happen06:42
jjpkA /whois reveals fedora, imagine that...06:43
tilmanmaybe he patched their rpm to use libarchive?06:45
tilmannot likely though06:45
jjpkJust think back to the days he first appeared, was full of fixes and so-called improvements.06:46
jjpkThen again, rpm is a bit more complex than pkgutils ;)06:46
tilmanhe's not a bad guy06:47
tilmanbut he's annoying06:47
tilmanand it pisses me off that he lets his contrib stuff rot06:48
jjpkSend a warning, if nothing happens then consider removing him.06:48
aonthat's how we've got rid of people before, too06:48
tilmanthere's no mails to crux-contrib about this06:49
jjpkWould be different if there were a decent excuse, but just letting them be is not really an option :/06:49
jjpkcrux-contrib ml collects more spam these days than anything useful.06:52
tilmani need to talk to viper06:52
tilmani wonder whether maro will tell the libarchive guy about it or not07:02
tilmani'm currently looking for the bug, but i might be wasting my time :/07:02
tilman/* XXX WTF? XXX */07:07
tilmanfound it07:11
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tilmanawesome! :)11:56
tillbplease test it and give feedback; when it works well we can replace the current productive version11:59
tilmanwill do12:00
tilmanpitillo: was it you who wrote the ports db query script?12:00
tilmanmmh, might have been sepen12:00
tilmantillb: i'll tell sepen about it and ask him for comments12:09
tilmantillb: works great for me, anyway. good job:)12:09
pitillointeresting... tilman was sepen who wrote the script. I think this can be very good for it...12:32
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prologicsomeone give me access to the box that runs the wiki21:34
prologicI'll fix this so that spambots can't post to it21:34
prologicthe wiki engine is PHP/MySQL right ?21:35

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