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clbUpdate from opt: 7 May 09:23 - [notify] cryptsetup-luks: updated to version 1.0.5 and renamed to cryptsetup04:44
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jaegerholy ML spam07:47
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pitillohello cptn08:02
clbUpdate from opt: 7 May 12:55 - gaim: removed; replaced by pidgin || 7 May 12:54 - pidgin: moved from contrib, release 2.0.008:14
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clbUpdate from opt: 7 May 13:23 - gtk: updated to version 2.10.1208:44
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j^2hey all09:15
j^2hey cptn :D09:15
j^2bad day?09:20
aondebian folks' release engineering09:22
aon"hey, let's change cdrkit cmakelists to support specifying the man path, but fail to do so in one file!'09:22
cptnhey jaeger09:26
aonnot fixed in trunk, either09:26
cptnhey j^209:26
aonoh, there are loads of others, too09:27
cptnoh, you mean wrong cmakelists?09:29
aonno, but they use just 'usr/share/man1' instead of ${MANSUBDIR}/man109:29
cptnSchilling's vigilant eyes are missing :-)09:36
jjpkYou win some and you lose some :p09:50
aonwell, i dunno...10:04
aonbeech[~/dev/crux/git]$ wc -l {opt/cdrtools,contrib/cdrkit}/Pkgfile 29 opt/cdrtools/Pkgfile 16 contrib/cdrkit/Pkgfile10:04
aonwhat the hell is wrong with my linebreaks10:04
tilmani'd love to link pkgutils dynamically10:11
tilmani should try some magic10:12
tilmanheh, return of the arnuld10:12
tilman<3 cptn10:12
cptnI was just trying to help...10:15
tilmanyou changing the subject just have made me laugh :)10:15
cptnI considered prepending "news at eleven"10:16
jjpkHelping arnuld just makes everyone sink faster in the quicksand :D10:16
tilmanhe's kind of funny though10:17
tilman"i am just SHOCKED."10:17
aon:D :D10:17
jjpkNot as much as the rest of the ML readers :D10:17
aonthe RANDOM caps are FUNNY10:17
j^2nO thEy AreNt!10:17
tilmanj^2: you're probably sleep-deprived, hung over, or drunk. or all of that10:18
j^2tilman: you know me so well10:18
tilmanit's frightening, isn't it?10:19
j^2starting to be :P10:19
j^2" i have not yet found my favourite, i liked Gentoo yet" it's almost as bad as my english :P10:20
jaegerGNO OS?10:20
cptnGNO is not Onyx10:21
j^2why "copyleft" is there ...... because i like Scientist's way of thinking.....think "Abraham Lincoln", "Isaac Newton", "Bruce Lee", "Albert Einstein" and "Nelson Mandela", to name a few.10:21
jaegerI also like how Bruce Lee is in his list of scientists10:21
j^2i was just about to say, i didnt know Bruce lee was as scholor :D10:22
j^2Labels: hackers10:22
cptnwell, he won most arguments I guess10:22
tilmanwonder whether he's serious about bruce lee being there10:23
j^2jesus i hope not10:23
tilmancould it be possible? :P10:24
clbUpdate from core: 7 May 15:08 - [notify] libarchive: updated to
aoni like the misspelling of gnu and the remark right after that about how most people incorrectly call it linux10:25
cptntoo bad, now that it's getting funny I have to leave :-)10:25
cptnSpiderman 3's calling10:25
j^2have a good day/night cptn  :D10:25
jaegerhave fun10:25
aonhe must be really pushing the limits of gcc3 as he can't use bsds because they don't have gcc410:26
tilmanenjoy the push-up bra10:26
cptntilman: thanks for spoiling the surprise10:26
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j^2do you think we should invite our new friend to #crux :P?10:26
tilmansomething's wrong, my mood is way too good10:26
aonthat n) blablabla (think blablabla) is from the crux handbook :)10:27
j^2granted he might flood the channel10:27
tilmani'm not harsh, i'm SHOCKED10:28
tilmanme kernel bad?10:28
tilman"i am following the path of excess"10:30
tilmanso he's a heavy drinker or what?10:30
jjpkrofl :D10:30
tilmanthat would explain a lot!10:30
aon:D :D10:30
jjpkI tried to read the latest post on his blog, but it confuses me :s10:30
jjpkbsd = bad because proprietary companies use bsd licensed code?! zomg10:31
aon"if i do write any code for any BSD it or even any BASH script for it then i will get BSD implications with it"10:31
aonthe bsd teams must be shocked for the amoutn of bash(!) scripts they lose10:31
aoncompanies also use gpl licensed code :)10:32
treachSHOCKED! I tell you!10:32
aonwithout giving credit10:32
treachI wonder what he thinks about the kernel then..? Better not tell him there's BSD code in it..10:32
tilmanhe just doesn't want his contributions to be released under non-gpl10:33
aonor i dunno, x11...10:33
tilmanwhich is kind of "noble", but also unrealistic10:34
aonmicrosoft is so ripping of x11, too!110:34
aoni think it's nice when people use my stuff even entirely without merit :)10:35
j^2careful i might find myself breaking alsa :P10:36
tilmanaon: alrighty, but let him disagree10:36
j^2because IRQ #5 belongs to ALSA. i think this is main reasons i have problems with ALSA10:36
aontilman: i guess what i'm saying is that it's not very productive to write about that before you actually have done something10:39
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clbUpdate from core: 7 May 17:16 - pciutils: update to 2.2.512:25
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Viper_tilman: my notify will not appear the next time.. should i send it manually?14:55
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RomsterBruce Lee is a boxer... i so went huh when i read that.20:35
Romsterthat blog of arnold is like huh. and i thoght my spelling was bad..20:37
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