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clbUpdate from opt: 10 May 12:39 - tightvnc: only one make job possible07:54
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jaegerI'm finally getting around to setting up a ck4up config :P08:54
j^2hey all09:17
aonhi j^209:21
j^2hey aon09:23
Romsterjaeger, its great :P09:23
jaegerI have no doubt of that :)09:23
Romsteris a pain to do the config though..09:24
jaegeryeah... my config is a bit ugly already but should work ok09:25
clbUpdate from opt: 10 May 13:58 - xterm: enabled utf-8 support09:25
Romsterjust time consuming.09:25
clbUpdate from opt: 10 May 14:41 - avahi: updated to version 0.6.1909:55
Romsteri still can't download lsof :/10:02
RomsterLogging in as anonymous ...10:02
RomsterError in server greeting.10:02
RomsterGiving up.10:02
Romsterlikw what the... i don't need the silly greeting anyways :/10:02
tilmanworks for me10:03
jaegerit worked for me, too, just a few minutes ago10:04
treachdo we sense a pattern? :P10:05
tilmanRomster: does your *client* complain about what the server says?10:06
tilmanor does the *server* complain about the greeting sequence that your client sends?10:06
Romsteri get it repeadidly and i've been trying all day and now.10:10
tilmantry another client10:10
Romsteri'm using prt-get :/10:10
tilmanlike, lftp10:10
tilmani could go on10:11
Romsterno need its silly wget should work..10:11
tilmanFINE, if you don't want to find out what exactly is wrong10:11
Romsterok i'll try my fireftp..10:12
Romsteroh yay thats informitive... "Unable to make a connection. Please try again."10:15
treachworks fine here.. what adress are you trying?10:16
treach(I'm not on a crux system atm)10:16
tilmantreach: i wonder whether you could announce your freetype port to the list and ask for comments on the release10:19
treachtrying to pull me in are you? :>10:20
tilmanand if the general response is "ok, dude", i would update the one in opt10:20
tilmantreach: no, i'm just so lazy10:20
Romsterfigures on the site it says it must have a revers dns lookup of the connecting client, and i don't have a reverse dns lookup...10:20
Romsterand i do not get a list of alternitive mirrors10:21
Romsterwhat a prick of a thing..10:21
treachtilman: I think I better not, I don't have a crux box atm for technical reasons. But you're welcome to nick the port if you feel like it.10:22
tilmanalready did10:23
treachgreat. :)10:23
tilmani stole the two characters "3" and "4"10:23
* tilman so evil10:23
Romsterfigures i can't get that file to another location then to me... anyone got a alternitive mirror of lsof?10:25
tilmanRomster: google ftw :P10:26
Romsterdoh i didn't google first :/10:28
Romsterwhere is my mind tonite..10:28
tilmani'm just sipping coffee10:28
tilmanthe caffeine is giving me an edge over you10:29
Romsterheh i've stoped drinking coffee, getting off my caffeine addiction..10:37
Romstermade me constantly tired for ages when i stoped.10:37
* aon got ipsec configured in the whole wlan10:37
Romsterused todo 10+ cups of coffee a day.10:37
aoni do only 7 or so10:38
tilmanyou're both insane10:38
aoni've been drinking coffee for 13 years :)10:38
Romsterwell was, i don't anymore.10:38
aonand i'm still under 20 :)10:38
aonprobably a bit more, even10:38
Romster20 or more years *shrugs*10:38
tilmanaon: had a heart attack yet? :D10:39
Romsteraon, if you miss ya coffee do you get headaches?10:39
aonto both10:39
jaegerI haven't had coffee in 11 years10:39
aonwhen i was 9 or something i used to10:39
aona few times10:39
aonbut not anymore10:39
j^2good ol arnuld....10:40
Romsteri had that fluttering uneven pulse from too much caffeine, once.10:40
tilmani never drink coffee in the office. i think that would get me addicted quickly :P10:40
Romsteri was/still em addicted to the darn stuff. it goes negatively after so much of it, makes ya more tired than alert.10:42
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j^2cat /dev/urandom > /dev/audio14:26
j^2it's like bad brittney spears!14:27
jaegerthat's basically how I've tested sound in linux for years14:33
jaegerthough I use /dev/dsp :)14:33
sepencat /dev/zero > /dev/null14:37
sepenand mu null device plenty14:37
treachj^2: you mean there is something called "good brittney spears"?14:41
j^2.... i still remember the days when she wore the school girl thing.... granted it was on mute..but still it had the desired effect :D14:42
treachyou mean, you bought her record?  :P14:45
j^2*generic geek answer* Buy?!?! i've dont remember the last time i bought a record :P14:48
treachwell, I guess it didn't have the desired effect then. ;-)14:48
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