IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2007-05-11

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clbUpdate from opt: 11 May 08:17 - cups: update to 1.2.11 || 11 May 08:15 - fakeroot: update to || 11 May 08:14 - squid: update to 2.6.STABLE13 || 11 May 08:13 - unison: update to 2.27.2903:27
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sepentio que te sorprenderia la gente que mete cosas de tu repo privado i del mio05:37
sepenmmm sorry I confused this channel05:37
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tilman@seen sip10:11
clbtilman: sip was last seen in #crux-devel 6 weeks, 6 days, 22 hours, 55 minutes, and 22 seconds ago: <sip> Generally speaking, I think it's better to enable all non-experimental scsi stuff, and maybe some experimental-but-known-to-work ones10:11
tilmansepen: ^10:11
sepentilman, it's only for comment this ticket that I add
sepen6 weeks against 23 on #crux10:29
sepenhehe is this called the <3 effect ?10:30
sependid you read the ticket?10:31
sepenrpm2targz sucks! x|10:31
tilmannot yet10:31
sepenoriginally was modified by pèr10:33
sepen# If $TMPDIR is not set, then use $TMP.10:33
sepen# If $TMP is not set either, then mktemp(1) will use /tmp.10:33
sepenwith that it should run fine, but we need to adjust all ports that use rpm2targz at runtime to allow a TMPDIR value (imo)10:34
tilman> Also I think that could be useful write a patch for core/rpm2targz port to allow command line arguments or fix problems with env variables (imho)10:36
tilmanit reads $TMPDIR, so it's good.10:36
tilmanno? :)10:36
tilmanor were you thinking of $RPM2TARGZ_TMPDIR?10:37
tilmanthat you could set in pkgmk.conf10:37
sepenI wrote a mail to sip where I explained exactly this feature (command line args) but could be sip didn't have time to read it10:39
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