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jaegerI got an email requesting that we replace all occurrences of "" and friends to the equivalent "" link - my question is this: is there any actual benefit to that, such as geographical host selection, or is it no different from the round-robin DNS setup of
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jaegerprdownloads isn't a round-robin name but I don't know what processing goes on behind it07:58
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jaegerheyo, cptn08:04
jaegercontinuing the sf thing, it seems there's IP-based geolocation done on the prdownloads links but it's kinda hard to find much info about that08:04
jjpkI wouldn't call it working too well because it gives me a Virginia based ip.08:07
jjpkI will give that a try with my own ports, see if it works.08:08
jaegerI was about to try it08:08
jaegeryeah, I've never been impressed with it, either, it gives me the slowest mirror most times08:08
jaegeron the other hand, doesn't seem to be pruned much at all08:08
jaegerso we get a lot of failed mirrors there08:08
cptnstable but slow might be better then08:11
cptnsince you can still override it via hosts08:11
cptnjaeger: I installed a minimal crux on my soekris this weekend08:12
jaegerwell, so far it's giving me a working mirror every time08:12
cptnjust 586 packages plus a kernel (config) I found online08:12
jaegernice :) working well?08:12
cptnyeah, it's nice08:12
cptnI haven't done any of the interesting things though, like making / read only08:13
jaegergotta start somewhere :)08:13
cptnsure; as soon as I get more work done, I'll start a public wiki page08:14
cptnso if you want you can then join in there08:14
cptnmmmh, the good thing is that prdownloads actually sends 302 messages if a file is not on a server08:16
jaegeryeah, I just noticed that08:17
jaegerI'm gonna switch my personal repo to it for a few days and see how it goes08:17
cptnjaeger: did you see the new board from the WRAP guy?08:18
jaegeryeah, sounds pretty nice08:20
jaegernot sure who else got that email about the sf downloads but I'll go ahead and respond to the guy08:20
jjpkjaeger: I'm not seeing much benefit, but it could be just this network setup here.08:21
jjpkLonger trail, and slow mirrors :D08:21
jaegerthe benefit I see is that resolves to a fixed list of mirrors and does not redirect when the file doesn't exist on, for example, 3 of the mirrors08:21
jaegerprdownloads may (and often does, it seems) give you a slower mirror than you might like, but it's so far given me a working one every time08:23
Romsterso dosn't redirect wget picks one randomly out of the dns pool?08:23
cptnwell, the resolver from glibc picks it08:23
Romsterimo wget or switch to curl08:23
jaegersorta... it's picked by the resolver08:24
jaegernot wget08:24
Romsteror something or a patch etc to make it pick another server.08:24
jaegertry "dig" a few times and watch the list08:24
Romsterbut if i do resolveip i get the full list of ips08:24
jaegerbut when requesting a name from a round-robin DNS setup you don't get them in the same order every time08:25
jaegernor is there any sorting based on which one is actually fastest for you08:25
Romstera geoip or maybe better a ping and get form the fastist server and progress to a slower server if the file dosn't exist?08:25
jaegerI guess my point is why would WE want to do this when sourceforge already does the work?08:26
Romsterso getting the list of ip's and then doing a geoip/ping to select the best one and progress to another if there is a problem08:26
Romsteris that the pourpose of prdownload?08:26
jjpkNominally at least.08:27
jaegergeolocation isn't perfect, certainly, but I feel that's the lesser of the important features, the more important one being the redirect08:27
Romsterwhen one fials it trys another?08:28
cptnit's just that the FAQ can be changed from "my SF downloads are broken" to "my SF donwloads are slow"08:28
cptnwhich is a much better situation08:28
Romsteri keep restarting it till i get one that works..08:29
jaegerRomster: yes08:29
Romsterat one stage the servers redirected when it was timing out..08:29
Romsternow it don't anymore..08:29
Romstera better method would be a multiple segamet download off all the servers..08:29
Romsterbut thats not how pkgmk works :/08:30
cptnor CRUX in general08:30
jaegermost of the downloads don't really seem big enough to truly benefit from something like that08:30
Romsternor is downloading wiel its compiling someting.08:30
Romsteri've seen some biggies..08:31
Romsterfrankly i don't know why they don't use torrent for the big stuff.08:31
Romsterlibtorrent in pkgutils would rule :P08:31
Romsterif prdownloads. works better than dl. as in less or no fails then i'm for it..08:32
jaegermy guess would be too many people still can't manage to configure firewalls correctly for torrent downloads :)08:32
jaegerwell, like I said, I'm gonna test it in  my own repo for a while, I figure there's no rush08:33
cptnand it would only work well for popular software packages08:33
Romsterpipe the torrent app or l7-filter :P08:33
jjpkI would call that over-engineer hell.08:33
Romsterbeing a server runs 24/7 still as a backup08:34
Romsterbut popular packages would download fast08:34
Romsterthe rest go at the speed they do now :/08:34
Romsteri hope :/08:35
jjpkprdownloads = 2 successes, 1 fast and 1 slow mirror so far.08:35
jjpkActually did select relatively close mirrors.08:35
jaegerthe guy who emailed about prdownloads also requested that asterisk be put in opt, hehe09:37
cptnhe's just 1.5 month late09:39
cptnif he asked on april 1, you could have promised to include it09:39
jaegerexcept I wouldn't have, I detest april fools jokes :P09:39
cptnis he something active on the ML09:43
cptnor some murky bastard?09:43
jaegermorbid & nasty? :)09:43
cptnah, yeah09:43
jaegerdunno if he's on the ML, he just emailed me directly09:44
cptnI googled for arnuld today10:05
cptnit's interesting how far he's come...10:05
cptnit seems he posted in every linux distro's forum10:05
cptnplus on the dragonfly ML10:06
jjpkML terrorism? :D10:06
cptn^ check the last paragraph10:07
jjpkreading comprehension is not his strong point :>10:09
jaegerhe definitely spreads out10:09
cptnagain, the last paragraph covers Bruce Lee10:13
cptnmaybe there should be a godwin like law for Bruce Lee :-)10:16
cptn(also see today's
jaegernice :)10:18
tilmandear persons,10:25
tilmani'm SHOCKED to say: distro-dancing days are over!10:25
aoni almost SHAT MYSELF IN TERROR when i saw that10:31
aonhe blogs too seldom, imo10:31
tilmanafter rehabdoll's response, he might think again10:32
tilmandistro-dancing days have started again!10:32
tilmanwell, probably not10:32
aonlet's GNU/twist again!10:32
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tilmanso, did anyone reply to pierre yet?10:37
jaegerI did10:37
jaegerIf you mean about the sourceforge stuff10:38
j^2hey all11:11
sepen# prt-get info ocaml | grep Dependencies11:50
sepenDependencies: ncruses,gdbm,xorg-libx11,xorg-libxau11:50
sepenncruses ???? :)11:50
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