IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2007-05-15

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j^2hey all09:05
aonhi j^209:06
aonhmm, 21 packages to update09:07
aonperhaps i should do this a bit more often09:07
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Romsteraon, zomg..11:44
jaegerAre we officially notifying about dropped ports anywhere? for example, should I mail crux-contrib to offer ports for adoption or not bother?11:57
jaegercontrib ports, specifically11:57
tilmanit's not mandatory afaik12:03
tilmanbut it would be nice to do so :)12:03
tilmani guess it depends on how popular the program is12:03
jaegerin this case, bittorrent and its deps (zopeinterface, twisted-core)12:05
jaegerI'll go ahead and mail, it might be that someone wants to take them over12:05
tilmanwe need {lib,r}torrent in contrib badly12:07
tilmanshould recruit treach finally ;)12:07
jaegerthose are why I'm dropping bittorrent, actually :)12:08
jaegerbut I've no objections to recruiting treach12:08
aonbtpd is there so why bother :)12:08
tilmanjaeger: that won't work anyway ;D12:09
tilmanhe'd probably rather pretend he runs archlinux12:10
clbUpdate from opt: 15 May 16:53 - prt-utils: added a couple of patches from git repo12:13
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j^2frak frak frak..._HE_ found Han!13:47
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treachcall the corner.13:49
aonwhen has xpdf been dropped from the non-han repositories? :o13:54
aonah, there13:56
aoni like it, perhaps i could re-import it13:56
treachaon: I think it's meant to be replaced by epdfview.13:58
treach(unless tilman does some rocket paced development on rakt. :P )13:58
aonbut i'm used to xpdf :(13:58
treachLeave the dead alone. :p13:59
aonand opt isn't core, anyway, i think it's highly accepted to have multiple apps for the same task13:59
treachsure, that wasn't what I tried to say.14:00
aontreach: i'm running twm on my thinkpad ;DD14:00
aonperhaps i'll make a port for it too14:00
j^2sed -e /arnuld/douche/g14:00
* treach grabs for his crusifix14:00
treachwhere did I put the stakes..?14:01
j^2better yet a "crux-ifix" :P14:01
j^2ohhhh! snap!14:01
treachI thought of that, but considered it cheap.14:01
j^2...yeah..."i'm here all week!"14:01
treachjust a small objection though.. isn't opt going on the iso?14:02
treachOr am I confused?14:03
tilmansome of it14:05
aonyou have an iso with all of opt on it?14:05
treachwell, that's why I'm wondering if I'm confused.14:06
treachiirc all of opt *was* on the iso, in the past.14:07
treachnever really investigated the matter tbh.14:08
aonback when it was pli-maintained14:08
treachyes, I guess that's what stuck in my mind.14:08
aonit was quite hard to keep myself from putting "i was SHOCKED to see it removed" in that mail14:23
aonwith correct grammar, of course14:24
j^2the EXCESS of the lack of xpdf is unreal!14:25
treachwell, using acrobat, isn't that the path to EXCESS?14:26
j^2no-gnu though, must be the correct path :P14:26
clbUpdate from opt: 15 May 19:19 - xpdf: adopted and reimported14:43
aonworks like that14:47
aonstolen from usagi14:47
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sepenjaeger, can I mantain your xerces-c port on contrib?15:06
sepenI need xerces-c as dependecy of xalan-c wich is a dependency of virtualbox15:07
sepenI missed this dependency before put virtualbox on contrib15:08
sepenor can you mantain this port on contrib?15:09
jaegergo ahead, I don't need it anymore anyway15:14
sepenwell I'll mantain thnkz15:20
sepenvirtualbox rocks!!15:20
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Romstercool virtualbox to test out :P22:15

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