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schniggiegood morning Romster :)01:06
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clbUpdate from opt: 16 May 06:19 - [notify] samba: update to 3.0.2501:44
Romsterhi schniggie01:51
schniggiethat avahi amkes me crazy :D i recompiled all, no fun for me :(01:53
schniggiei don"t know why he tells me pygtk isn"t there01:53
Romsterit gets past the check for me..01:56
Romsterdid you redo all the packeages? or are we missing something...01:56
Romstermove this to #crux too :)01:56
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j^2hey all09:11
j^2how's it hanging jaeger ?09:11
jaegerit's alright. you?09:12
j^2eh could be better could be worse09:14
clbUpdate from opt: 16 May 14:15 - sshfs-fuse: update to 1.8, man-page added09:16
clbUpdate from opt: 16 May 14:37 - hpijs: update to 2.7.409:46
j^2aon: whats
j^2isnt that swedish?09:47
tilmanaon: i see you took xpdf :D09:59
j^2it's safe to say aon is on his way to EXCESS ;)10:00
j^2dont forget the BASICS :D10:00
tilmanor he's on his way to the path of EXCESS10:02
tilmanjust saw arnuld's new thread10:03
tilman<3 <310:03
tilman"han port" for xpdf package is out of date10:04
tilman> "han" port needs to update its "Pkgfile" for "xpdf" package.10:09
tilmani "guess" that's about "right"10:09
aonj^2: estonian10:14
j^2thanks :-=10:15
clbUpdate from opt: 16 May 15:14 - libpng: updated to 1.2.18. || 16 May 15:11 - libmusicbrainz: updated to 2.1.5. || 16 May 15:04 - git: updated to
tilmanwhy does he capitalize BUG all the time?10:17
j^2insult maybe? saying "yall have BUGS, and i want to give yall my help by CAPITALIZING what i'm STRESSING"10:18
j^2really dont like this guy10:19
j^2i gracefully suggested LFS...10:19
j^2why didnt he go :(?10:19
tilmani don't care that much10:21
tilmani think he's funny10:21
tilmanhe doesn't piss me off10:21
clbUpdate from core: 16 May 15:20 - libarchive: updated to
jjpkWhen the ML is your core dump... :D10:31
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treachjaeger: any particular reason gnutls is stuck at 1.0.25?11:19
treachI'm currently using 1.6.2 without any (detected) ill effects.11:20
jaegerit's the "stable" branch, as far as I can tell11:39
jaegerbut I don't have any problem with updating it if it doesn't break things11:39
treachafaik 1.6 is the stable now. 1.7 exists as well, and it breaks stuff, like pidgin.11:39
jaegerwish their page was more clear11:40
treachit might be nice if someone else tested
treachAs I said, *I* haven't encountered any breakage, but that's just me..11:42
tilmanif 1.6 is stable and it works for people, you should consider it safe ;)11:42
jaegerI'll test it a bit and see how it goes11:42
treachtilman: I don't *know* if it's what they call stable, I just think so.11:43
treachand *two* unstable branches seems nonsensical...11:43
treachfwiw, debian unstable uses
treachand stable uses 1.4.4, so I guess it safe to say that 1.0.x isn't the latest stable anymore. :)11:51
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clbUpdate from opt: 16 May 18:00 - xemacs-sumo: updated to 2007-04-2713:16
jaegerlooks like updating gnutls is gonna make for a lot of recompiling14:16
jaegerwhy would an app want to link against when it doesn't exist?14:18
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jaegertreach: any ideas on that one? not turning up much useful info yet14:29
sepenlibpcre crash14:37
sepenhoho sorry, only my problem14:37
treachjaeger: no, I haven't seen that.. what application?14:39
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jaegerquite a few... gs from ghostsript, bug-buddy, few in cups, vino, etc.14:40
jaegernot sure what the problem is... ldd shows but the builds seem to work14:41
treachhm, I think I built most things after I added gnutls. :/14:44
jaegerwhy would an app still try to link the old lib after gnutls is upgraded and the app is rebuilt?14:45
treachbeats me.14:45
treachgs links to here14:46
treachI don't use any of the others.14:46
jaegerbuilding again14:47
treach(wild guess)14:47
jaegerhow does it get stale?14:48
jaegerthe proper version shows up in ldconfig -v's output14:48
jaegerfor what that's worth14:48
treachI don't know, just trying to come up with some reason you'd link to libs no longer present..14:48
jaegerrebuilt samba, too, same issue14:50
tilmanwhat does point to?14:52
jaegerah, I guess it just relinks whatever it finds in libraries it's linking14:53
jaegerbecause I see this in the log:14:53
jaeger /usr/bin/ld: warning:, needed by /usr/lib/, not f14:53
jaegeround (try using -rpath or -rpath-link)14:53
tilmanmakes sense i guess14:53
jaegerso maybe rebuilding cups will fix and then rebuilding ghostscript again will fix it14:53
jaegernot particularly intuitive behavior, to me... but maybe to the devs it is14:54
jaegerto answer your question, does point to the new one, .so.13.2.314:54
tilmanyeah, but that's boring after you found the message from ;)14:55
jaegerindeed :)14:55
jaegerok, so at least cups and libsoup need to be rebuilt soon after the gnutls upgrade15:03
treachmmh, I guess those aren't the only ones. Inconvinent.15:06
jaegerperhaps a newer, smarter revdep could  be made that would check for all packages needing rebuild and then sort it by deps15:07
treachyour call I guess. Cause trouble, or keep running a totally outdated version. :/15:07
jaegerI don't mind updating, my slowest computer is a centrino 2.13 with 2G RAM :)15:08
jaegerbut I do like to make things relatively painless15:08
jaegerwait, I take that back, I have a 1.8GHz one :)15:09
treachwell. What good does it to do postpone?15:09
treachpeople are going to have to upgrade sooner or later..15:09
jaegerwell, it was only postponed because as far as I was aware, it was still the stable release... hadn't looked at it in a while15:09
jaegeras for now, I'm just seeing how much of my shit it broke15:10
treachmh. Well, it's still source compatible, as far as I have seen.15:10
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treachwhich 1.7 is not. :/15:10
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clbUpdate from opt: 17 May 01:55 - gnutls: updated to version 1.6.221:17
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clbUpdate from opt: 17 May 02:26 - pidgin: removed indirect dbus and avahi dependencies21:47
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