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clbUpdate from opt: 17 May 11:30 - libpth: added -j1 to the make command; would not compile with -j206:49
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jaegeris there an easy way to search arrays in bash? an isin() type function?08:44
aonecho ${foo[*]}|grep '[ ]*something[ ]*'08:57
aonor rather just ' *something *'08:57
aonthat doesn't really work if you have spaces in the array, though08:58
jaegerin this case there shouldn't be09:01
jaegerI'll try that, thanks09:01
aondamn, that doesn't work if one of the elements is a superset of what's being searched09:09
jaegerI'm trying to add a couple features to revdep09:10
jaegerone is the ability to skip a predefined list of binary ports09:10
jaegersuch as openoffice, jre09:10
jaegerthe other is to preset LD_LIBRARY_PATH for things we know will need it, like firefox and thunderbird09:11
aonperhaps it's just better to loop through the array09:11
jaegerthe latter is easy and already done, the former is only tough because I wanted to avoid an ugly loop09:11
aonor at least more fail-safe09:11
jaegerbut safe and ugly is better, I guess09:11
jaegerany thoughts/suggestions/objections?09:20
aon/usr/etc ?09:24
jaegerI figure that follows our usual guidelines as revdep and its config file aren't needed for system booting09:26
jaegerthe config file is not included in the diff, obviously, but I linked it earlier via pastebin09:26
j^2hey all09:34
j^2how's it going?09:35
jaegernot too badly so far... not much work to do09:37
j^2running after the worm.blaster.D virus09:39
j^2it's fracking lame09:39
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Romsterthat blaster worm still about..10:42
Romsterthougth it be dead by now.10:42
treachnope, it will probably never die..10:43
Romsterwell it won't affect us in linux land.10:45
j^ just pops up everyonce in awhile... and it's going so some korean site not m$ :/10:46
Romsterj^2, easy fix for that..10:46
Romsterto stop the blaster worm..10:47
j^2it's a different ip every time, including subnets :-/10:47
Romsterblock ports 1025 iirc...10:47
Romster1023-1025 or something like that..10:48
Romstermaybe your refering to the messanger and no i don't mean msn..10:48
j^2i'll look into it10:48
Romsterdoes it say rebooting in 1 minute?10:49
Romsteror a message of like pres here to upgrade.10:49
j^ jsut floods my proxy10:49
Romsterdosn't sound liek the blaster worm then... maybe some remote triggers for the messenger. jsut turnt he messenger off, aka google 'shoot the messenger'10:52
j^2what's... "BLAG"?11:20
jjpkarnuldspeak, obviously.11:22
j^2as long as it's on the path to EXCESS i'm cool with it ;)11:22
j^2and i have a good cabinet...gotta have a cabinet11:23
aonblag is
j^2another debian child?11:25
aoni'd say arnulds disk or controller is busted11:25
treachwouldn't he need another version of glibc?11:29
tilmanaon: yeah11:29
aonthe list is in a sad state :/12:44
jjpk:D and this conversation should be continued at the main channel, not here :p12:53
aonwhy? i thought that the less people know about some channel the more appropriate it is for criticism12:58
jjpkFair enough.13:01
tilmani wouldn't publically say that 90% of crux' users are drooling idiots13:13
tilmanbut saying that the list is a nuthouse seems okayish13:13
jjpkWindows user, just have a look at the User-Agent header :>13:25
jjpkports -u must not be a regular command for mr. greets.13:25
aonnot for all cruxers either13:59
aonsome use prt-get diff13:59
aonincluding me, as my ports aren't in /usr/ports :)13:59
jaegerwhat's the general feeling in here on the prdownloads vs thing?14:11
tilmandidn't prdownloads.* stop working ages ago?14:12
aoni use dl.sf.net14:12
jaegertilman: I think so, but it seems to work better these days than dl.14:12
jaegerwhen I say better, I mean it's more reliable, but not always fast14:13
jaeger@seen sip14:13
clbjaeger: sip was last seen in #crux-devel 7 weeks, 6 days, 2 hours, 57 minutes, and 46 seconds ago: <sip> Generally speaking, I think it's better to enable all non-experimental scsi stuff, and maybe some experimental-but-known-to-work ones14:13
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clbUpdate from opt: 17 May 19:37 - freetype: updated to 2.3.4. || 17 May 19:23 - libexif: updated to version 0.6.1414:52
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tilmanlwn says "new releases BLAG 60001"16:53
tilmanj^2: so i guess BLAG is a distro :D16:53
tilmanjjpk: which means you were right ;.16:53
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jjpktilman: lol17:27
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