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treachhm, something is strange here; the portdb lists ion3 in contrib.02:26
treachhowever, if I look in contrib it's not there..02:26
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j^2hey all09:09
j^2happy it's friday?09:16
j^2i've almost ripped every ep of Brisco County Jr, life couldnt be better :P09:20
aonwe don't have xclock in ports?09:26
j^2stop the presses, we are lacking the BASICS again :D09:26
aonit's a crucial part of my twm setup09:32
j^2sweeet! Kerri wants to be my myspace friend!09:34
j^2awww she broke sarfai too :-/09:35
tilmanj^2: can i by your myspace friend, too?09:43
aonme t0009:43
aonalthough i dun' have myspace09:43
tilmanme neither09:43
j^2i like giving marketing data away for free :P09:44
j^2being i'm apart of the covated "18-35" demographic09:44
j^2(didnt we suggest that good ol' arnuld had a bad hdd yesterday?)10:28
tilmanno, controller10:28
jjpkThe controller, not the hd.10:28
j^2bah! just correct me left and right...10:28
jjpktilman: damn you! beat me to the punch :p10:29
tilmanj^2: you were close10:29
j^ everything else i do...never spot on :/...10:30
j^2oh well :P10:30
treachhaha, don't experiment too much with formatting and partitioning.10:31
treachit'll kill your hd. :D10:31
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Romsterjaeger, you about? gnutls needs updating there is a later version on http but not on ftp that your using. source=($version.tar.bz2) version=1.7.9 the current version is incompatable with the new version of lzo.11:05
Romsterand looks liek the latist version is incompatable with the new lzo too...11:07
Romsteradd --disable-lzo to it to..11:07
Romsterwtf still won't build...11:10
jaegerfrom what I hear/read 1.7 is not backwards/api-compatible11:10
Romsteri'll soon find out if --with-included-lzo works..11:15
Romsteranother thing i found revdep dosn't say anything about /usr/lib/*.la files being compiled by gcc-4.0.3 when we now use gcc-4.1.211:22
Romsteri had 1 package i had to recompile as another program couldn't link to it as it was looking for a non-existent libstdc++11:23
Romstersome warning on *.la files that arn't compiled with the latist core gcc version might be nice. but its just as easy to use grep.11:24
Romster1.7.9 is broken so i got 1.7.811:26
jaegerrevdep only checks for shared libs11:27
jaegerif you want to add functionality to it, send a patch :)11:27
Romsteryeah dosn't check that a program is built on a older gcc..11:27
Romstermight do that.11:27
treachRomster: forget about 1.7.x11:27
Romsteror as a seperate check?11:28
treachit breaks gaim for instance.11:28
treachs /gaim/pidgin11:28
Romsteri don't use gaim, its pidgin now..11:28
Romsterhmm really..11:28
treachyes. REALLY.11:28
treachbesides, it's the development branch afaik.11:28
Romsterhmm i wanted to try a later version as the new lzo breaks it.. and no version is compatable to the new lzo..11:29
Romsterso i had to use the internel one.11:29
Romsteryeah liblzo11:32
treachbuilds fine here with 1.6.211:32
treachor am I misunderstanding?11:32
Romsterthats named lzo int he tarball so i keept it as lzo.11:32
Romsterthe new lzo..11:32
Romstererr no wtf.. that wasn't updated it was upx i updated... i'm confusing myself..11:33
RomsterI'll try again with 1.6.211:34
Romsterbah think i need another coffee, i've confused myself..11:34
Romsterand it does make scens that 1.7.x is the development branch, as 7 is a odd number.11:35
treach"sense", yes.11:35
jaegerI sent a patch to sip for revdep to skip known binary ports and preload LD_LIBRARY_PATH yesterday11:35
Romstergnutls_compress_int.c: In function '_gnutls_comp_init':11:36
Romstergnutls_compress_int.c:119: error: 'LZO1X_1_MEM_COMPRESS' undeclared (first use in this function)11:36
Romsteri rebuilt lzo to make sure...11:36
Romsterjaeger, ah firefox, open office, jre etc..11:36
jaegeropenoffice, jre, picasa, cedega, etc.11:37
jaegerfirefox and thunderbird fall into the second group11:37
Romsterjaeger, i had added LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/Acrobat7/Reader/intellinux/lib:/usr/share/google-earth:/usr/lib/jdk1.6.0/jre/lib/i386:/usr/lib/openoffice/program/python-core-2.3.4/lib/lib-dynload:/usr/share/wengo:/usr/share/xpde/bin to my revdep command line but it didn't do anything for me, so after that patch it'll be good.11:37
jaegeryou can solve those but it takes more lines than that :)11:38
jaegerthat's more or less what prompted me to add the functionality11:38
Romsterbut thats a bit old now...11:38
treachRomster: oh, I think I get what you mean now.11:38
Romsterwhich is a good thing. is it possable instead of skiping that they check there librarys in the binary port path?11:39
Romsteror is that not worth the bother?11:39
treachit fails here as well. strange.11:39
Romstertreach, yeah..11:39
Romsterpuzzling me..11:39
treachApparently it's broken wrt lzo compression.11:39
jaegerRomster: what would be the point of checking the binary ports? not like they'll be rebuilt anyway11:39
jaegerreinstalled, maybe, but that just wastes time11:40
Romsteri'll try with --with-included-lzo11:40
treachI guess someone forgot to include a header file or something.11:40
Romsterjaeger, true but it be nice to know if a binary package has a problem or not.11:40
jaegerI disagree, simply because we can't fix it if it does, most likely :)11:41
Romsterthat someone be me..11:41
jaegerbut like I said, if you want to add it, feel free to send a patch. can't hurt to look11:41
treachRomster: I guess they are refering to some function which have either changed name or been removed.11:44
treachRomster: maybe you could find out how debian/gentoo is building their packages?11:45
treachI bet they use the included one..11:45
RomsterI jsut was thinking if it picks up on one we can go back a version (downgrade) or use a later version if one exists.11:46
Romsterjust a thought.11:46
Romsteri'll see what i can come up with.11:46
Romsteratm i'm figuring out why gnutls is borked on lzo.11:46
Romsterall the header files are copyied over in lzo, mv $PKG/usr/include/lzo/* $PKG/usr/include11:46
treachI just told you.11:46
Romstertreach, using the internal lzo works..11:46
Romsterso not sure whats up with my lzo port..11:46
Romsteryeah thats what my guess was.11:46
Romsternot declared.11:46
Romstertreach, good idea.11:46
Romsteri prefer to use external if possable.11:46
Romsterif it arn't broken that is, like in xine-lib.11:46
Romsteryeah i'm looking..11:47
Romsterdebian uses liblzo external can't find info on gentoo..11:53
Romsteri dunno the internal one works so i'll keep to that.11:54
Romsterjaeger, can you add --with-included-lzo to gnutcl?11:54
Romsterif you like..11:54
Romsteryes gnutls11:55
jaegerwell, "if you like" doesn't make me inclined to... I don't use lzo for anything I can think of... so a better question might be "is there a need?"11:55
Romstergnutls-1.6.2 builds if you add --with-included-lzo11:56
Romsterwell even adding --disable-lzo dosn't work... still fails..11:56
jaegerare you saying that if lzo is installed, gnutls fails?11:56
treachor rather, it *doesn't* if you have liblzo installed11:56
Romsteras that would be my first sugestion since you don't use lzo.11:56
treachI tested a few minutes ago.11:57
Romsterif lzo is installed gnutls fails even with --disable-lzo11:57
treach(I don't use liblzo either normally)11:57
Romsteror some patch to fix configure to not try to build lzo support, as --disable-lzo is borked.11:58
Romsterguess that be upto me to make a patch or make my own package.11:59
jaegerI'll take a look at it when I get back, about to leave for lunch11:59
Romstersince i'll need ot anyways.11:59
Romsterok thanks.11:59
Romsteri got it working with prt-get edit for the time being.11:59
treachas far as I see it it's gnutls that is broken, provided that lzo is recent.11:59
Romsterits the last stable lzo out..12:00
Romsterso yes i'd agree gnutls is broken on lzo12:00
Romsterand on --disable-lzo12:01
Romstereven on the 1.7.x branch.12:01
Romsterthat i'm not using now.12:01
Romstertreach, is your pidgin working on yahoo's network? If you use yim.12:02
treachNo, I don't12:02
Romsterit seems to crash on me on yim sign in.12:02
treachI "only" use icq, msn and jabber..12:02
Romsteri'mi'm rebuilding it now that i fixed up gnutls12:02
Romstermsn is fine, i hadn't added my icq yet, yim is borked but i'll retry after i've rebuilt it.12:03
Romsteri'm getting soemthing to eat.12:03
jaegergentoo uses --without-included-minilzo12:09
jaegerAFK now12:09
jaeger(but depends on lzo)12:09
jaegerreally AFK now12:09
Romsterhmm i'll test that12:15
Romsternope borked on that.. lzo is the lateist version.. i better take a look at what gentoo uses on lzo.12:20
aonjaeger: do we have such an archaic iputils because the newer ones require docbook?12:32
Romsterwhere does jaeger find the actuall Pkgfile/Makefile/Build in site?12:47
treachwell, isn't that a bit of a red herring..?13:02
treachI thought we agreed that it was gnutls that was the problem..13:03
jaegerRomster: I actually host a portage mirror here13:17
jaegerso I just go look in the tree13:17
jaegeraon: sorry, missed your question until now. that's exactly why13:28
jaegeraon: sip and I discussed some workarounds a while back but haven't implemented anything yet13:28
aonyeah, i recall this being discussed earlier13:29
aonthe ping6 is pretty much busted13:29
jaegerI'd considered hosting prebuilt documentation and just including that in the port13:30
aonyeah, that's probably the only sane way to do it13:30
aongenerating docs for every release shouldn't be an overwhelming task13:30
jaegerespecially since I have other machines around with ubuntu or redhat or whatever else that might already have the required tools installed13:30
jaegerI'll make a note to look into that this weekend. might get to it today13:31
aonokay, nice13:31
jaegeranyone have a preference on gnutls for whether it should use the included lzo or should remove the check for lzo altogether?13:32
Romstertreach, yes but how do gentoo getr around it i tryed --without-included-minilzo that jaeger said gnutls used. but thats borked too. i'll stick to using the internal lzo...13:35
jaegergentoo's gnutls requires external lzo and then uses that option13:35
Romsterthat option don't work on my lzo so i went to look at how gentoo does lzo then treach calles that a "red herring"13:38
tilmanj^2: heh, playing idlerpg, too? :P13:38
jaegerwell, I think it is a red herring in this case, seems like gnutls' build process is the culprit13:39
Romsterhats worse its in the 1.7.8 version too 1.7.9 failed to build.13:40
tilmandoes the clc-cruxcon list still exist?13:40
jaegerit might if it was on berlios13:40
tilmanit was13:40
tilmanNo Lists found for CRUX Linux Community13:41
jaegergnutls 1.6.2 builds fine for me with lzo 2.02 installed and the --without-lzo option specified13:47
jaegergotta go for a few, be back soon13:47
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j^2tilman: yeah i figured it was about time :D13:54
tilmankinda fits a slacker like you13:54
j^2i had a really high char on it a long time ago, forgot my passwd though :-/13:58
tilmanheh, cruxer13:58
j^2my mommy tells me that i'm clever :)13:58
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Romsterok funky nwo it builds --without-lzo14:04
Romsterdidn't earlier..14:04
jaegerbuilding it again to make sure14:12
jaegeryeah, still builds fine here14:13
Romsteryeah is fine now i must of had something broken before. i see the lzo header includes are looking in /usr/include/lzo/ and i got lzo installing to /usr/include/14:19
jaegerI suppose I should go ahead and add --without-lzo to the Pkgfile unless you've got a patch handy14:19
Romsteri'll see how i go with moving the lzo includes.14:21
Romsterand if it breaks my other lzo dependent packages.14:21
Romsterso hold off till i test this.14:22
Romsterjaeger, yeah don't worry about touching it i'll fix my lzo port..14:27
treachlol, they can't even write..14:34
treachlol, they can't even write..14:35
jaegerman, I hate docbook sometimes15:04
jaegerwhere "sometimes" means "most times"15:04
treachheh, I guess prologic agrees. :-)15:05
treach(dia isn't fixed yet. :P )15:05
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prologicI fixed dia ages ago17:01
treachprologic: it still lists docbook-xsl (which no longer is in the port-tree) as a dep here.17:05
treachand it will indeed not build without it.17:05
prologicI updated it17:21
prologicmaybe I forgot to push17:22
* prologic kicks treach 17:23
prologicit _is_ fixed17:23
prologicand does _not_ list docbook-xsl in it's deps17:23
prologic$ prt-get info dia | egrep Dep17:23
prologicDependencies: libart_lgpl,popt,gtk,p5-xml-parser17:23
treachprologic: it's ok, I'm sorry.17:28
treachI got tricked by a file restored from backup.17:29
prologicdamn :017:30
prologicI was panicing here :)17:30
treachmmh, annoying. I restored from backups recently, and apparently I somehow got the contrib.rsync for crux 2.2. :(17:31
prologicwell that will of course list the old deps17:31
prologicI'm not meant to keep 2.2 up-to-date am i :) ?17:32
treachyes. I'm really sorry about the inconvineince.17:32
prologicnah it's ok17:32
treach(spelling farked) :p17:32
prologicI was just really worried that I was fucking something up17:32
prologicI normally vim Pkgfile, pkgmk ... etc then sync-contrib17:32
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