IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2007-05-20

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aontilman: the master should probably be reverted?09:07
aonbut i ain't touching that no more :)09:07
tilmanyou merged 2.3 to master?09:08
aonnot really, i first pushed master and then merged the change from it to 2.309:09
aonafter i noticed what i'd done09:09
aonso in a way, yes09:10
tilmani'll reset master to 907d9c7d82c18c0a0c647100375d4b8f5df01606 laster09:10
tilmanerr, later09:10
aonwell, locally i had a master that was 2.3 for some reason09:10
tilmanhope that won't kill your commits09:10
aonbig deal :)09:10
tilmando you know how it happened, or how to avoid it in the future?09:19
clbUpdate from opt: 20 May 14:05 - scons: updated to 0.97.09:19
tilmanaon: maybe you did "git branch 2.3 origin" or somesuch09:20
tilmanrather than ".. origin/2.3"09:20
aonperhaps something like that, yeah09:21
aonhow to avoid it in the future? 'git branch' when in doubt09:22
aonie. after doing something to 'fix' problems with the local copy09:22
tilmanoh man09:53
tilmanyou overwrote master09:53
aonso it's not possible to revert?09:54
* tilman thinks09:55
tilmani can possibly create a new branch manually09:55
tilmanhum hum09:55
tilmanwell, playing can't hurt09:57
tilmanhaha, that was easy09:59
tilmani love this09:59
tilmancd refs/heads09:59
tilmanmv master aons_master09:59
tilmanecho hash-of-tip-of-master > master09:59
tilmani think09:59
aongreat, thanks for fixing my mess10:01
tilmani made a backup before i messed with your mess10:02
tilmanjust in case anyone finds an issue with the mess-fix ;)10:02
tilmanjaeger: pong10:38
tilmanjaeger: you wanted me for something?10:55
jaegerI was gonna ask you about the git status11:09
jaegerbut I saw you had it in hand today :)11:09
tilmanah, ok11:10
RoomsterGlad it's not just me that messes git up. :)12:21
aonRoomster: we can start a fork of crux called repomessosix12:23
aonit could have 99.9% repo-breakage guarantee12:23
RoomsterI sometimes think playing with git is like playing with fire, someday you'll get burnt.12:25
tilmanit would be cool if i could say:12:38
tilmanromster and aon get basic commit access12:38
tilmanand tilman gets that + the ability to create branches12:39
aonindeed it would12:40
jaegeris there a windows shell extension for git similar to tortoisesvn?13:01
tilmannot yet13:01
tilmanit's planned, but i'm not sure whether anyone is working on it13:01
tilman"HareGit" :D13:04
jaegerhehe :)13:07
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