IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2007-05-21

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jaegerheyo, j^209:32
jaegergrrr.... still have this damned annoying gnome-settings-daemon crash problem that I can't pin down09:33
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clbUpdate from opt: 21 May 16:58 - netpbm: updated to 10.35.2712:12
aonLOOK MA, NO HAVOC!12:14
tilmanwell done, boy12:15
tilmango grab a cookie12:15
aoni don't have any good cookies12:16
tilmani do12:18
tilmantoo bad you're on the other end of the world12:18
aono rly?12:18
* aon books finnjet tickets12:19
aonalthough it isn't on that line anymore12:19
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treachhmm, anyone else who findes syncing with contrib extremely slow?12:35
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tilmani synced everything a while ago and thought it was slow12:37
tilmanload average: 41.59, 40.33, 40.1812:38
treachhmm.. it seems almost dead now..12:38
treachhehe, no wonder..12:38
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tilmansome httpup business gone mad12:38
tilmanjaeger: mind if i kill all those procs now?12:39
tilmanor do you prefer to do this yourself?12:39
jaegergo ahead12:39
tilmanit's thinking git is httpup12:40
tilmanor something12:40
tilmanmd5sum gamin/Pkgfile~053457adc5a39cf2242f74652f1999a812:41
jaegerI'd guess that's sip's script to sync the git repos to the local stuff12:41
jaegergotta go to lunch, back in a few12:41
treach"tactical withdraw" :D12:42
treach@seen jesus12:42
clbtreach: I have not seen jesus.12:42
treachNo use calling for him. :/12:43
tilmanit should be better any minute now12:43
treachhm, somthing's still not right..12:46
treachI got contrib quickly, but then things got stuck in tar again.12:46
treachat least it completed this time.12:47
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tilmangit-to-httpup is perl13:27
* treach hands the codemonkey a banana.13:34
tilmanspeaking of code monkeys13:36
tilmanthat trusted box that hosts will suffer temporary down-age from friday on13:36
tilmannot sure for how long :/13:36
tilmani'd contact charlie to remove the ip from, but that would probabyl take him 4 weeks or so ;)13:37
tilmanjaeger: fyi, i notified sip about that script13:38
treachindefinitly temporary downtime. :)13:38
tilmantold him if he was busy, i would ask aon to fix it13:39
aoncan you imagine that someone has let me touch code that's in nationwide deployment13:43
aonquite mission-critical even13:43
tilmandoes it have to with nuclear power plants?13:44
aonor at least i don't imagine so13:45
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jaegertilman: ok14:29
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