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j^2sepen: my girl says hi ;) she was talking about you last night09:19
sepenlast night with me?09:21
sepenmmm about me?? why?09:21
j^2we were talking about #crux and she said she remembered how nice you are in #crux-es09:22
sepenthanks! dale las gracias de mi parte09:22
sepenyour girl also is using crux┬┐?09:23
j^2alas no... i need to get her another machine, but she does everything from a laptop...and she hasnt converted yet09:24
sepenmy girl usually uses my desktop pc also09:24
sepenI install xfce desktop and now she has the same apperance that winbugs09:25
sepenI configured panels ..09:25
sepenshe only needs a webbrowser, i-messenger, filebrowser, and a menu panel09:27
sepenbe a girl is too easy .)09:27
sepenany girl here?09:28
j^2hehe mine needs *sigh* excel...and WoW, iTunes, and a few others09:28
* sepen s a beauty girl 8)09:28
sepenj^2, oofice09:28
sepenand xine-ui09:29
j^2yeah she thinks it's ugly ithink09:29
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aonxine _is_ ugly :p10:57
aonand this is coming from a twm user10:58
tilmanaon: so, would you like to have a look at git_to_httpup to look for things that could be improved?11:32
tilmanaon: simone says it's dead simple, though :D11:33
aonah, you were serious?11:33
tilmanhe really runs httpup-repgen on a git repository11:35
tilmanso it will touch .git/* too11:35
tilmani'll mail it to you11:35
tilmanrather than clone + checkout the script should probably use11:39
tilmangit archive --format=tar HEAD | tar xvf moo -11:39
tilmanto just export the stuff11:40
aonyeah, i'll look into it soonish11:49
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aontilman: couldn't the README just be unlinked?15:01
aoni mean, there's nothing there15:01
aonand i doubt echoing it to httpup-repgen-ignore is any faster15:02
tilmanwhat README?15:02
aonthe git README15:02
aonit gets copied in archive15:02
tilmanthe one in the master branch?15:02
aonthe one in any branch15:02
aonwhen i do git archive --format=tar 2.3 (or any branch)15:02
aonthe "Add info about the opt repository" etc. get copied15:03
aoni mean, what's it doing in there if it's going to be ignored anyway? :)15:03
tilmanyou can rm it in the httpup-copy i guess15:03
tilmanit should be in git so people who checkout master don't get confused15:04
aonthat's what i meant, sorry for being unspecific :)15:04
aonit takes 34 seconds for 2.{2,3}/{core,opt,xorg,contrib} 2.1/{core,opt}15:07
aonnow the mkdir could be dropped by using archive --prefix15:10
aonbut i dunno if that's much of an improvement15:10
aonprint EXT <CMP>; didn't have any effect either15:13
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