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clbUpdate from opt: 23 May 05:26 - mdadm: update to 2.6.200:56
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aontilman: so, any idea whether that works or not?08:31
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j^2hey all09:32
j^2:-/ not a good day alreayd :-/09:32
jaegerthat sucks09:33
j^2seems m$ backup doesnt work how one would think09:33
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tilmanaon: sorry, i was vanished early last night and didn't see your script yet10:19
tilmanaon: will do today10:20
clbUpdate from opt: 23 May 15:07 - libexif: updated to version 0.6.1510:27
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Romsteris Alan Mizrahi still maintaining KDE?13:08
j^2it was recently updated right?13:15
j^2kde that is13:15
jaegerno idea to either13:16
aonseems to be 3.5.6, latest is 3.5.713:17
aonand it's tagged 2.213:17
j^2that far behind?13:17
j^2:-/ i mean13:18
aon0.0.1 behind isn't far13:22
j^2oh, i read that as it was 2.2 :P13:25
j^2i get it now :D13:26
tilmanaon: what's the url to your script again?13:26
tilmanthere's not a whole lot of useful input i can give anyway, i guess.13:26
tilmansince's it's perl13:26
aonsomewhere there13:27
aoni guess it's that git_to_httpup-213:27
Romsteryeah seems the maintainer isn't updating it KDE...13:34
tilmanaon: looks okayish13:36
tilmanaon: maybe you should submit it to crux-devel so sip can have a look13:36
aon or mail it to him direct13:40
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treachRomster: 3.5.7 was released *yesterday*. You don't think that's a bit far reaching a conclusion?14:34
aonbut still, it's tagged 2.214:35
aon2.3 wasn't released quite yesterday14:36
Romstertreach, ah good point..14:37
Romsteryeah still don't know why its not at 2.3 branch..14:37
treachaon, not sure what's up with that, but the conclusion still seems a bit unfair.14:37
Romstereven if it was a import from the 2.2 branch14:37
aontreach: well, yeah14:37
Romsterwe'll see after a few days if (s)he is going to update it.14:38
Romstermight be rebuilding it all as we speak, (hoping)14:38
aonit's Alan, ffs, there's not much doubt of the gender14:38
Romsterrofl :P14:38
j^2other than looking in random terminals, what's another good way of looking at scrolling logs on different machines?15:07
prologicusing a remote logger15:10
j^2it's all the same location on each machine, but i just need to watch them all :/15:11
aonsplunk? :o15:11
prologicthen sshfs mount them all15:11
j^2mulittail doesnt look like the answerd15:11
prologicand tail file1 file2 file3 file4 | ccze15:12
prologictail -f ... rather15:12
prologictail itself will tail multiple files given to it15:12
prologicI sometimes to tail -f /var/log/apache/*.log | ccze15:13
aonccze does html, too?15:15
prologicccze does everything15:38
prologicI've not found anything it won't colorize15:38
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