IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2007-05-24

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j^2hey all09:10
aonhi j^209:12
j^2how's it hanging aon ?09:14
aonrather well09:15
j^2good to hear09:15
aongot university entrance exams tomorrow09:15
j^2ahh ouch09:16
j^2studying much?09:16
aonnot at all09:16
aonthere are no books for the exam09:17
aonsuppose there's not much that can be done without seeing the assignments09:17
j^2so it's an aptitude test more then anything?09:17
aoni guess so, yeah09:18
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tilmandoes anyone have mavrick's email?14:13
jaegercan't remember it14:16
j^2no addy?14:17
sepensounds good! heahiee14:20
treachI somehow feel that fails to adress the issue..14:20
tilmani changed my mind14:26
tilmani really should try to get him remove's ip from the rsync. CNAME14:27
tilmanotherwise, terrible chaos will ensue14:27
j^2with chaos comes new oppertunities...14:27
j^2with new oppertunities comes new responibilities14:27
treachlike learning to spell.14:27
j^2with new responibities comes new...failures :(14:28
treachdo you even try to read what you write..?14:28
j^2not always14:28
treach"responibities" wtf?14:28
tilmanmaybe he's one of those people who look at the keyboard while they are typing14:29
tilmanj^2: but i love you anyway14:29
j^2nope touch typing dvorak :P14:29
j^2tilman: aww :D14:29
* treach chases j^2 with a blowtorch14:29
tilmanmmh. well.14:30
tilmanj^2: are you dyslexic?14:30
j^2actaully yep14:30
j^2i can NEVER spell :(14:30
tilmani think that would piss me off to no end14:31
j^2it did for years, but then i gave up14:31
j^2just give my gf everything i write, to proof read14:31
tilmani mean "ok"14:31
treachtypo? ;)14:32
tilmanthe keys are like next to each other14:32
treachright.. what layout would that be? :D14:32
treachthat reminds me.. I haven't checked out rakt for a while.14:33
treachmeh, down. :/14:34
tilmansee, the chaos already started14:35
tilmantreach: i didn't touch it though14:35
treachtilman, the lord of chaos.14:35
* tilman grows a pair of horns14:35
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j^2it seems when you grow horns you have to leave crux :(15:01
aoni see15:01
treachcrazy SOB.16:18
treachahem.. *getting tired*16:18
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