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sepenhi cptn!07:08
sepenim going to eat something, later07:08
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tilmanhi guys07:34
pitillohello tilman07:36
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cptnhi tilman07:53
j^2hey cptn !08:13
j^2how you doing?08:13
cptnhey j^208:14
cptnpretty good, thanks08:14
cptnarnuld annoys me a bit though08:14
j^2<-- totally agrees with ou08:14
cptnhe is on a mission to tell the world that /usr/src/linux is a bad thing08:14
cptnbased on the ML discussion we had...08:14
j^2i politely told him to go to LFS :P08:14
tilmanhe's still hitting the ml?08:14
tilmani'm not subscribed atm08:14
cptnhe wrote me a private mail, saying thanks for educating him08:15
cptnplus this:08:16
cptn<quote>CRUX folks say that symlink is "relic and disastrous"</quote>08:16
cptnHere's what I actually said:08:16
cptn"That symbolic link is a relic, and usually rather making things worse"08:16
cptnnot to mention that it's taken quite out of context08:17
tilmanthe *illiterate* phenomenon08:17
tilman"because i like Scientist's way of thinking.....think "Abraham Lincoln", "Isaac Newton", "Bruce Lee", "Albert Einstein" and "Nelson Mandela", to name a few."08:17
cptnI told him to stay with the truth next time, since it reflects badly on the CRUX community, and makes him look silly08:18
cptnand he goes:08:19
cptn"it seems like you did not like mine saying like that so i will never quote *any* community again."08:19
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j^2i swear he must...i dont even know what to say :-/08:20
sepenhehhe arnuld's world08:43
sepenhe has the pole position of ML statistics08:44
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jjpkarnuld ftw...09:11
jjpkWonder if this would result in a spiraling effect.09:15
jjpkHe is, after all, making a lot of noise about crux in other forums.09:15
tilmanmaybe that will draw some good hackers to crux09:16
cptn.oO(sticks and stones)09:16
jjpkAngry mob :D09:16
tilmanor awesome scientists like bruce lee and lincoln09:16
jjpkI can't wait!09:16
cptnit's too late already :-)09:17
cptnNow, the good thing is:09:18
cptn"after 3 months of distro-dancing (from March 2007 to May 2007) i came back to Gentoo,"09:18
cptn(from today)09:18
cptnalthough it sounds like a set phrase, not sure why09:19
tilmanthat pain-of-compilation-time sentence is noteworthy09:19
tilman1.) extreme reliability and stability09:19
tilmani thought that's what gentoo was *not* known for09:19
j^2Again, in Gentoo, not CRUX.09:21
jjpkWhat happened to bleeding edge gentoo ports? :D09:21
j^2man, i want some more l33t h@x0rs here :D09:21
jjpkOpen the flood gates, there might be a few :p09:22
j^2jesus, his run on sentances are worse than mine!09:22
j^2...."pain of compilation-time"... is *inside* the brain of the user09:23
jjpkThen he says he hates compiling from source later haha09:23
jjpkWhich one is it, buddy? :D09:23
j^2apt-get remove arnuld09:24
j^2damint, purge09:24
jjpk--purge ;)09:24
jjpkNow you're getting it :D09:24
j^2...we should port apt-get over to CRUX's pkgfiles to make arnuld happy....wait a sec prt-get maybe? :)09:26
jjpkalias apt-get=prt-get ;)09:26
tilmanthink he'll come back to crux?09:28
j^2*sigh* yes09:28
jjpkI would not be surprised anymore.09:28
jaegerhow many times did galisus/miqorz/whatever come back?09:29
j^2we should just respond to him with "LFS" LFS LFS!09:29
j^2sssshhhoooo LFS09:29
jjpkNotice how only the distro name changed, he still keeps on yapping on and on about simplicity.09:30
jjpkPlus, the bonus of distro specific docs.09:30
j^2odd eh?09:31
j^2maybe his a robot :(09:32
j^2he is09:32
j^2i mean09:32
jjpkEither that, or he is mentally stuck under those buzzwords.09:33
clbUpdate from opt: 25 May 14:28 - git: updated to
jjpkI suppose gentoo could be stable in use, even in demanding server usage, but it just does not seem right.09:34
jjpk*extreme* reliability is definately not the first quality that I associate with gentoo :D09:35
cptnUSEability rather09:38
cptnjaeger: oh, I wonder what happened to him09:38
jaegerno idea, it's been quite a while09:39
j^2gentoo is truely the bruce lee way to EXCESS09:40
jaegerhrmm... openbox-svn wants docbook-to-man now to build? bleh09:46
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tilmanyou scared cptn away by mentioning docbook :/09:59
jaegercan't blame him, almost scared myself away, too10:00
sepenguys, where I can find grconv10:11
sepenor how can I reload my /etc/group file in crux style?10:12
j^2:-/ i dunno :-/10:14
sepensorry! any problem, I confused that with my obsd box .)10:16
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jjpktilman: the spiralling just had to happen :|15:39
tilmanau contraire15:42
jjpkThat question does not even deserve a reply :D15:42
tilmanhe has been around years ago15:42
jjpkI know.15:42
jjpkMore or less always the same fucking question about php and some httpd...15:42
tilmanthink he had a gentoo intermezzo, too?15:42
tilmanand then was reminded of the awesomeness of crux?15:42
jjpkwhere art thou ubuntu, O romi15:43
jjpkI remember he did claim to have used it.15:44
jjpkeither that, or treach told him to use ubuntu :D15:44
jjpkWatch the smiley have a triple chin the next time :D15:47
aonsmiley overflow15:55
aonjjpk: isn't it thine ubuntu?15:55
jjpkI don't know :s16:00
tilmanmight be16:01
treachnothing like a happy re-union.. :-/16:55
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clbUpdate from opt: 25 May 22:52 - opera: updated to 9.2118:04
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Romster Edit opera/Pkgfile22:41
Romster Delete git/Pkgfile22:41
* Romster shrugs22:42
Romstermust be jsut me, i don't see anything on gitweb/opt....22:43
Romsteri have to goto woek be on later.22:43
Romsterschniggie, tcl/tk should be ok now for expect to work.22:43
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