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clbUpdate from core: 26 May 07:39 - man-pages: update to 2.50 || 26 May 07:37 - [notify] file: update to 4.2102:53
clbUpdate from opt: 26 May 07:52 - samba: update to 3.0.25a03:05
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Viper_tilman: there's a small bug in pkginfo04:25
Viper_or pkgmk04:25
tilmano noes04:25
tilmanwhat's wrong?04:26
Viper_look at dokuwiki's footprint04:26
Viper_in contrib04:26
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Viper_get it?04:27
Viper_on top of it04:27
Viper_only cosmetical :>04:27
tilmanworks for me04:29
tilmanrebuild pkgutils04:29
Viper_there it's broken too04:29
tilmanwhat's broken about that?04:30
Viper_it's not really broken04:30
Viper_look at the files under www/ww04:30
Viper_it's only cosmetical04:31
tilmanoh, that04:31
Viper_so a very small bug :)04:31
tilmantab suckage probably04:31
Viper_tab/space is always problematic :)04:32
tilmancout << '\t'04:33
tilmani find it funny that gitweb shows a tab as 4 spaces04:34
tilmani'd expect it would be 804:34
tilmanViper_: fixing that would cause a million diffs in gitweb04:35
Viper_yeah :)04:36
Viper_perhaps a script could change it in one diff?04:36
tilmanyeah, sure04:37
Viper_but somebody has to write one :)04:37
tilmandon't know if it's worth fixing ;p04:37
Viper_it's a bit annoying to look at04:37
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tilmanstrange people <311:31
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schniggieRomster: thx will test it tomorrow15:47
Romsteri'm on new kde if anyone is intersted. can't get kdegames to work, yet though.15:49
aoni'm working at getting my tv card working15:58
aonwhat's the app to use when you want something non-htpc that doesn't suck and crash your entire machine (a'la xawtv)?15:58
aonokay, mplayer16:01
tilmanhooray, thunderstorm16:02
tilmanmmh, bathroom already flooding16:11
tilmannot so hooray16:11
pedjaaon: Have you tried tvtime?16:51
aonnope, mplayer it is16:51
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