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tilmanwhat's an insert?09:50
aon+ in diff09:53
aondelete is - in diff09:53
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tilmanold news14:20
tilmanbut if you didn't see it yet, do!14:20
aonthat's rather old too14:27
tilmanaon: go watch linus on git!14:27
tilmanit's so funny14:27
aonyeah, downloading now14:28
aonyeta over 1h tho14:28
tilmandoesn't matter, it's 1.5 hours long anyway14:28
tilmanthat's what i've been told anyway14:29
tilmani'm not finished yet either14:29
jjpk70 mins it says14:29
aonyoutube didn't even start buffering so i'm wgetting it14:29
aoni wonder if 'chi' is 'chigago' or 'china' :)14:29
jjpkProbably chicago14:31
tilmangeo-ip to the rescue14:31
aonCity:       San Mateo14:31
aonStateProv:  CA14:31
aondoesn't really tell anything, tho14:31
tilmanwell, if geo-ip thinks it's in canada, then chicago is probably correct14:32
aonCA's CAlifornia14:32
tilmani confused state and country14:33
* tilman ftl14:33
tilmantraceroute doesn't tell me anything14:33
tilmanbut i think it's not china14:33
tilmana trace to china would probably look more... wild and strange and werid14:33
aonwell, one definition for state is:14:33
aoncountry: the territory occupied by a nation; "he returned to the land of his birth"; "he visited several European countries"14:33
aonyeah, china should probably be abbreviated 'zh' anyway to avoid confusion :)14:34
tilmanhahaha, this is just so awesome14:35
tilman(about monotone)14:35
tilman"the end result was that i decided that i could write something better than anything else there in two tweeks. and i was right."14:36
tilmanwell, not only about monotone14:36
tilmanlol, his slides just suck so much14:36
aoni started watching it too14:36
tilmani'm actually loving out loud here14:40
aonloving eh14:40
tilmanwhich doesn't happen often when i watch talks14:40
aonthat seems a bit .. odd14:40
tilmanloving, mmh14:40
jjpkI was expecting something much less than this, Linus is actually relatively good at making presentations.14:41
aoni like how linus mispronounced 'hamano' although he doesn't have any reason not to14:41
aonperhaps he's either forgotten finnish (if he ever knew it) or it's hard switching between pronounciations :)14:42
tilmanit's a spanish name, no?14:42
tilmanor is it finnish? O_O14:42
jjpkI doub it is Finnish.14:42
aontilman: nah14:42
aontilman: but finns wouldn't stretch the last a14:42
aonwhich i assume shouldn't be done14:42
tilmani would  stress the 2nd a, too14:43
jjpkIf it were Spanish, it would be Hunio Amano, stress on the second "a"14:43
aonoh right14:43
tilmanjjpk: ack!14:43
jjpkj = h, h = silent14:43
aonactually it sounded japanese to me at first14:43
tilmanactually, i think the h isn't silent14:43
jjpkI'm not certain.14:43
aoni listened to a bsdtalk podcast last night and the way people pronounce 'kame' sounds like 'commie'14:43
tilmanbut djunio sounds sooo wrong :D14:44
jjpknice :D14:45
tilman"if you use... - what do you use here? perforce? - perforce. i'm.. sorry."14:45
tilman"so if you don't want everybody to write to the central repository, because most people are morons, ..."14:46
tilmani shoudl go look for more linus talks14:48
jjpk"I think most of you are incompetent" :D14:50
jjpktalking about the crowd.14:50
tilmanhe didn't say that, did he? :P14:51
jjpkNot alone.14:51
jjpkHe talked about trust issues, and the benefit of distributed scm.14:51
jjpkYou'll get there ;)14:52
tilmanyou're ahead of me14:52
treachno wonder he has difficulties with finnish, since his mothertounge is swedish.. (apropo linus)14:52
jjpkI think he has started to lose his Finnish, again because it is not his primary language.14:53
jjpkThat is just my view.14:53
jjpkIt tends to happen because Finnish is a bloody difficult language in its own right and it needs constant use.14:54
aontreach: yeah14:54
aontreach: although he's from helsinki and not Närpes or anything14:54
treachwell, that doesn't tell me much. :)14:57
aonie. he's not from a unilingually swedish place14:57
aonsome of those people tend to speak a bit bad finnish14:57
treachI guessed something like that.14:57
jjpkNo mercy for cvs or svn :D15:15
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aonMPlayer interrupted by signal 6 in module: vo_check_events15:38
aon- MPlayer crashed. This shouldn't happen.15:38
jaegerthey need to change that notice15:38
jaeger"This shouldn't happen... but it does... a LOT."15:38
aon"MPlayer has been running for 30 minutes. This doesn't normally happen."15:38
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aonnah, it's quite solid usually, guess that flv crap confuses it15:40
jjpkflv is weird, some of them work, others somewhat, and some not at all :s15:42
aonyeah, last night i had one that almost made me deaf15:48
aoni figured out that it was just the incompleteness15:48
aonbut the complete file didn't play either15:48
treachStop walking around man! :/15:50
* tilman hytter med näven @ flash, flv and all that crap15:50
tilmanwhy can't they just use xvid or somesuch?15:51
aonor have a fucking link on the page like (which was better) had15:51
aon"download as crappy avi"15:51
treachYou could be excused if you thought linus was practising for a bloody danceparty. :/15:52
aonmaybe he is15:52
treach(I guess he's nervous)15:52
tilmantreach: i do the same, but worse15:52
tilmanit's terrible15:52
treachwell, all you have to do is practice. :)15:53
aoni got to sit down last time i held a presentation15:53
aonperhaps i could've rolled around with the chair, tho15:53
treachI used to be very nervous about speaking in front of a lot of people, but it seems I got over it. :)15:53
tilmani love these... talk stands?15:53
tilmantalk desks?15:54
aondunno what the name is, but yeah15:54
tilmantreach: the thing is, i'm *not* nervous15:54
treachof course you are. ;)15:54
treachwhy would you otherwise prance around? :)15:54
tilmanmaybe it's subconscious15:55
treachprobably, because it *is* nervous behaviour.15:55
tilmani think "lectern" is what i meant15:55
tilmanwell, i'm not sure15:56
jjpktilman: the stands are called podiums, usually.15:56
treachno, not afaik..15:56
* tilman hytter med naven @ ;)15:56
tilmanthat reminds me15:57
treachthe podium is usually the raised part of the floor, aka the "stage", unless I'm mistaken.15:57
jjpkIt probably depends on the origin of the speaker.15:57
jjpkMy education has mostly been in US english :s15:57
treachmight be.15:57
tilmancan i use "quite"/"pretty" in english to _strengthen_ some adjective?15:58
tilmanlike, "pretty cool" == more cool than just cool?15:58
treachpretty likely. ;)15:58
jjpk"pretty" is very informal ;)15:58
tilmanmy english lecturer claims that quite/pretty/... always decreases the meaning15:58
tilmanbut i think she's wrong :>15:58
aonshe seems quite stupid :o15:58
jjpkLessens? o_o15:58
treachno, I guess she's right.15:58
aonyeah, well, maybe15:59
aonbut it's still done15:59
tilmanjjpk: yes15:59
jjpkLiterally maybe, but you are told to avoid using informal or slangish language in writing.15:59
tilmani'm not only talking about formal written english15:59
jjpkIn speech it is different because you could use sarcasm.15:59
tilmani'm interested in both i guess15:59
treachpretty likely usually means there's a better chance than not, whereas likely would be interpreted as "almost certainly".15:59
treachat least afaik.15:59
treachconsult jaeger for further explanations. :p16:00
aonhowever "pretty big" seems smaller than just "big"16:00
jjpkAt least in daily speech, those two mean the same16:00
treachI think that's meant as an understatement.16:00
jaegertreach is right; in this case, "pretty" is something of a suppressive modifier16:00
jjpkEspecially if when one is surprised.16:00
jaegeryet another reason I hate the english language16:01
tilmanyeah, originall i planned to specifically ask jaeger, but i figured you other people might have valuable input too :P16:01
tilmanthe problem is, i also believe the equivalent german terms are used to strengthen the meaning of foo16:02
tilmanand my lecturer says that's wrong in german, too16:02
tilmanso basically, she's saying i fail at german16:02
treachtilman: yeah like in swedish, you can say "jätteliten" which translates as "riesenklein", and mean "tiny".16:03
tilmanso if i said "shit, git is pretty cool!"16:04
treach(it's wrong and stupid, but people do it all the time)16:04
tilmanyou'd think i think it's less than cool?16:04
tilmanthat's so strange :P16:04
treachtilman: it's an apparent understatement.16:05
tilmanso i'm using understatements all the time without knowing it16:05
treachyeah. because you're so used to them.16:06
treachthey are becoming more like phrases or so, than understatements.16:06
tilmanbut it sucks that people (like my lecturer) don't get it16:06
treachyes. it hurts to be some poor misunderstood soul. :p16:07
jjpktilman: your lecturer seems to interpret that way too literally.16:09
jjpkThat is probably where the problem happened16:09
aon"It's just the best hash you can get" :D16:10
aon(re. sha1)16:10
jjpkaon: :D16:10
jjpkFor another type of hash farce, look up Brujeria - Don Quixote Marijuana on youtube16:12
jjpk(if you are bored, go for it, otherwise don't bother) :D16:12
jjpkHave to love the Soviet gag they used in that video :p16:14
tilmanjjpk: i'll have a talk with her :D16:21
jjpktilman: btw, in daily speech, is german more literal or more "metaphorical" if you will?16:23
tilmanno idea ;)16:24
tilmani'd need to ponder that for a few hours16:24
tilmanmore literal i think16:25
jjpkWell, that might be one reason. I assume your lecturer is not a native English speaker16:25
tilmannope, she's german too16:25
treachjjpk: count the philosophers. :P16:26
jjpkOk, that could be one reason by itself.16:26
jjpktreach: haha :D16:26
jjpkThe thing with languages is that there is always background noise.16:28
jjpkThings that are obvious as daylight to native speakers, but completely missed by those who are not natives.16:28
treachthat's a new way to refer to Kant.16:28
treachwell, I think it's to a large degree up to the person.16:29
tilmanis kant particularly hated by non-germans? :P16:29
treachI don't think swedish is very different from german wrt literal imperativeness, yet people say I'm very metaphorical.16:29
treachtilman: not what I know.16:30
treachI just thought it was funny to refer to him as "background noise". :)16:30
jjpkI have not read any of Kant's works yet.16:30
treachI guess you could try Karl Marx then. ;)16:30
jjpkThe small amount of info I have heard or read of his philosophies has confused me already haha16:30
treachor Schopenauer. :P16:31
jjpkHeidegger, Nietzsche come to mind.16:31
treachschopenhauer is fun. :P16:31
treach"Everything is meaningless, we should all just lie down and die" :D16:32
jjpkHeidegger is in that camp as well :p16:33
jjpkNihilist philospher16:33
jjpkI don't know what is that fascinating about nihilism, but it is a very interesting point of view.16:37
jjpkProbably fits my beliefs and ideals because I am a pessimist by nature :D16:38
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tilmani didn't read any of kant's writings in total, we just talked about him in school for a few weeks16:53
tilmani found it interesting and rather sane16:53
tilmancompared to nietzsche eg :P16:53
aonanyone else fail to comprehend why we would be interested in whether perl compiles on gcc4.2 at this point or not?16:54
tilmanaon: crux@?16:54
jjpkclemens again16:54
treachwaaah? You mean 2.4 isn't imminent? :D16:55
aonnah, it's only due tomorrow16:55
aontomorrow CEST, that is16:55
aonehm, CET16:56
tilmani don't like that guy :x16:56
tilmanthe libarchive maintainer (i mean upstream) releases often anyway16:56
aonand he still says 'greets'16:56
tilmanso why the hell would i patch core/libarchive _now_?16:56
tilmanaon: ugh, right16:57
aonbecause he apparently needs you to do his work for you, or something16:57
tilmanlibarchive-2.2.3 seems to be available.16:57
tilmanMy patch is then obsoloete. Please update.16:57
aonas we learnt from the linus talk, having local branches with git is impossible16:58
aonthe previously discussed 'sarcasm' thing16:58
jjpkgreets über alles...16:58
treachhm.. *confused*16:59
aonsomeone should start signing their mail with 'Cheerings' or sth16:59
treach"Goodbyings" :)17:00
aonsome american person who was working at the comprehensive school i went to said that she didn't understand why people use "Cheers"17:00
aonso she used "Bottoms up" in that place17:00
tilmanmaybe we should offer commercial support for him17:00
treachaon: ;D17:01
jjpkNow according to Clemens prt-get does not update dependency lists haha17:01
jjpkSure it does, prt-get just does not install them or when updated ;)17:01
aoni think that's what he means17:01
jjpkCould be.17:02
aonwell, it's still better than pkgsrc17:02
aonit seems to _recompile_ gtk and such deps at seemingly random occasions17:02
jjpkPath of SHOCKING excess17:03
aoni'm looking forward to arnuld's next blog post17:03
aonit seems to always be on the 3th day of the month17:03
aonthat's quite soon17:03
jjpkThis Decapitated - Post Organic track is making my head hurt :D17:11
jjpkMaybe I am tired, but the sound of this is overwhelming o_o17:13
jjpkI realize this would sound like nothing but endless drilling or cutting :D17:15
* treach flipps the off-switch.17:28
treachthere buddy, saved you. :)17:28
clbUpdate from core: 27 May 22:12 - libarchive: updated to
tilmani think i just made greetsboy's day17:31
treachfan-service. :P17:35
jjpkgreetsboy is in his own world ffs17:35
tilmanwhat pisses me off most about flv is the broken seeking in mplayer17:53
tilmanand i happily blame flv rather than mplayer17:53
jjpkYeh, it is a pain.17:53
jjpkIt either does not work, or it moves very slowly forward and puts the video/audio out of sync :s17:53
tilmanit's synced here17:54
tilmanbut SLOW^102417:54
tilmanthe -ss switch seems totally broken17:54
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