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tilmanjjpk: mencoder input.flv -ofps 25 -oac lavc -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=msmpeg4v2:acodec=vorbis:abitrate=128 -o output.avi03:40
tilmanthough 128 kbit/s is probably way too much for speech, d'oh03:40
tilmanlol, that's just too good03:41
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tilmananybody know where our gitweb installation is on
tilmanlocate ftw04:09
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treachtilman: ping04:16
treachI just thought of something, which you might consider fairly obvious and even stupid, but can you spare me a minute?04:17
tilmanof course, sounds exciting04:17
tilman"the KDE people... i shouldn't call them... i won't call them..."04:32
tilman<3 linus04:40
tilman"... where the designers of svn were complete morons. [...] there's a few of them in the room today i suspect. you are stupid!"04:41
tilman:D :D :D04:41
treachwell, he didn't like the subversion people either. ;D04:41
treach"unbelivably stupid" etc. :D04:42
tilman"merging in SVN is a complete desaster. the svn people kind of acknowledged this, and they have a plan. and their plan sucks, too!"04:43
treachyep. :)04:43
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jjpktreach: like I said yesterday, no mercy for either revision control :D05:06
treachindeed. but the rest of what he says is pretty interesting, aside from the pretty violent jabs at other projects. :)05:08
treachEspecially the part about the web of trust, and that you don't have to give commit acess to anyone, really.05:09
jjpkThe constant git relases and updates baffle me.05:09
treachwell, they do have some testcase to find rough edges I'd say. :>05:10
jjpkSuppose so :D05:10
jjpkmercurial is on the other extreme, they have not released a new version since december :D05:11
treachthe developers saw this presentation and dropped it for git? :p05:11
jjpkNo idea, but it is possible :p05:12
jjpkAccording to Linus, git > * so draw your conclusions ;)05:12
treachyeah :)05:12
treachtilman: "mmh?"05:13
tilmandidn't know how to interpret jjpk's baffledness05:14
jjpkMight even try git for $HOME management sometime.05:15
jjpkThen again, the laptop's $HOME needs to be cleaned up... it's a mess05:16
tilmanisn't it always?05:16
tilman$HOME: unorganized directory with lots of crap in it05:16
jjpkI've become too lazy with its maintenance :s05:17
treachI think you have to be completely compulsive to be able to keep it tidy. :/05:18
tilmanwhen my ~ became to messy, i created ~/.tmp for random crap05:18
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] > du -sh .tmp05:19
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] >05:19
tilmandidn't work out05:19
treachit usuall doesnt. :)05:19
treachit usually proceeds along a temp-N route.. :/05:19
jjpkgreets ftw05:45
treachhey, we've been promoted! We're now a "serious distro". :D05:47
treachman, I hate people who quote 5 miles of irrellevant stuff from a mail, only to include two lines of their own at the very bottom. :/05:49
* jjpk finds his mora knife...05:50
jjpkLove to see how people still do not read the basic mailing list rules05:51
jjpkCc'ing is rampant, quoting is out of control \o/05:51
jjpkSecond warning for greets :D06:02
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pitillogreets seems fine... but seems to be third person verb. From greet, he/she/it greets. Is not it? May be he is using it bad and seems that does not understand it too. (sorry but I am not english speaker)08:02
pitillomy english level is worse and sucks a bit more xD08:03
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aonpitillo: this seems to be the case, yeah08:38
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pitilloI will learn english bit by bit too :)08:47
jjpkIn another context it would be right :p08:52
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tilmanmmh, so11:02
tilmani'll have to do a talk about a software project in a few weeks11:02
tilmani wonder whether i should quote linus there:11:02
tilman"you can disagree with me as much as you want, but during this talk, anyone who disagrees is by definition stupid and ugly."11:02
tilmanthat would rock so much11:02
jjpkhehe, it is unexpected. go for it :D11:04
tilmanthey say you need a catch phrase to get the audience's attention11:04
aonthey'll be all "Verdammt!" -(:| *chairthrow*11:10
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aondo you think that someone should mail the list and say it's 'clue' and not 'glue'12:14
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tilmani just read bd2's retort to jjpk12:15
tilman<3 <3 <312:16
treachwheee! Greets are gone. :P12:20
tilmancoincidence i think12:21
treach"I've no glue" <312:21
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