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clbUpdate from opt: 29 May 12:58 - pidgin: updated to version 2.0.108:14
j^2hey all08:52
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cptnhi there09:12
j^2what's going on cptn ?09:16
cptnI'm trying to stay out of the multi-arch discussion :-)09:17
cptnbut I may fail09:17
j^'s..."that time again"09:17
j^2hell i was apart of it too...:=09:17
j^2how's everything else going cptn ?09:19
cptnquite good09:21
j^2always good to hear :D09:21
cptnwhat about you?09:21
j^2it was my girls bday over the weekend, we had a great time, got a flat tire...and back at work.. not much else :D09:22
cptnit was memorial day in the US, right?09:22
j^2"Support those troops!"09:22
j^2why is it people always..."i came from x, gone to y, found CRUX and want to say over and aver it's the best?" It's great and all, but jesus it's getting repetitive09:53
cptnwell, as long as there's beer for me, I'm fine with that ;-)09:54
aonj^2: more like "i came from x, found CRUX, it's great. please implement these features from x from me"09:58
j^2Bruce Lees likes it :D09:58
j^2damn, s/Lees/Lee09:58
aonBruce Lee, the great computer scientist10:00
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cptnokay, couldn't hold it back :-)10:38
cptnhey tilman10:38
tilmanhi :)10:40
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tilmanthe www just sucks so much11:01
tilmanand this javascript and other crap infested web2.0 thing sucks even more so11:02
tilmancptn: have you seen linus' talk on git at google?11:03
aonyeah, it's not very nice11:03
tilman(yes, i'm telling *everybody*)11:03
aonalthough imnsho better than a lot of other stuff11:03
tilmanaon: blogger has this craptastic captcha thing that's just invisible for me11:04
aonyeah, well11:04
tilmani *could* click the wheelchair icon to have it play a wave for me. but.11:04
aonflash sucks a lot more than javascript11:04
aonjavascript is actually quite nice in some places11:04
tilmanaon: there's this rubinius project11:04
aonlike for form sanity checks before submitting11:05
tilmanthey don't have a mailing list11:05
tilmanthey don't have a classic bug tracker11:05
tilmanall they have is a ruby-on-rails javascript laden crappy web site11:05
tilmanthey actually use a *forum*11:05
aoni see11:05
aonwell do you need the software they develop?11:05
tilmani want to contribute11:06
tilmanand probably will11:06
tilmanbut this is just a bit unsettling11:06
aonwell, if they have bad websites they're probably bloatastic morons anyway11:06
tilmanalso, the ticket system (bug tracker) on that system is so silly11:06
tilmanyou need to move the mouse in some area to make functions like "edit/close/..." visible11:07
tilmanso they have a text on the right hand side that explains it11:07
tilmanhow WRONG is that!?!?11:07
tilmanlook ma, i can do js11:07
cptntilman: yeah, I watched it yesterday11:09
cptnare you planning to use "ugly and stupid" in the multi-arch discussion? ;-)11:10
tilmanfunny that you would mention it11:11
tilmanhe just cracks me up11:11
cptnthe google engineers sure didn't intimidate him11:12
aonif we start being multiarch and start sucking as much as pkgsrc, i'll go repo-break some other project11:12
cptntilman: what I found funny is that Google hired a guy exclicitely to work on repeated merges in svn11:13
tilmani'll show the talk to my coworkers11:13
tilmanwe use svn, and most of my coworkers love it11:13
tilmancptn: hehe :)11:13
tilman"most pointless project ever started!"11:14
tilmanjust so awesome11:14
tilman<3 <3 <311:15
cptna transcript would be nice11:15
cptnplenty of e-mail signatures11:15
cptn(not that I have used any witty signatures in years)11:15
tilmani will probably watch it again a few times11:15
tilmani can take notes if you want :D11:15
cptnI think I'll just download it11:16
tilman"what are you using here? perforce? perforce. i'm sorry."11:17
cptnanyway, time for me to go home11:22
cptnbye guys11:22
tilmansee you11:22
j^2adios i mean :D11:22
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clbUpdate from core: 29 May 16:52 - less: update to 403 || 29 May 16:50 - xfsprogs: update to 2.8.2112:08
aonthis is quite good12:12
aonunfortunately it's in finnish12:12
tilmanwant to write subs?12:14
tilman"... UFO contacts and related thoughts."12:15
tilmani see o_O12:15
tilmani have proof that the arch linux developers are stupid and ugly12:22
jjpktilman: haha, what do you have?12:30
tilmanthey use CVS.12:31
Romsterxfsprogs has a export 'MAKEFLAGS=-j4 -j1' ? also i see autoconf addes a -g -O2 after the prefered CFLAGS12:33
tilmanautoconf is a perl script12:34
tilmanmaybe that was automake12:34
Romsterhmm maybe automake then..12:35
Romsterexport MAKEFLAGS="$MAKEFLAGS -j1" < ah thats why i got that funky -j4 -j1...12:36
aonjjpk: did you look at that video? :)12:36
jjpkaon: the tinfoil threat you mean? :D12:36
Romster$CPPFLAGS instead of CXXFLAGS in the configure file for xfsprogs12:57
Romsteri'm off to bed.13:00
jjpkclemens is getting cute on the ml hoho13:11
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