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clbUpdate from opt: 31 May 10:35 - bftpd: updated to 1.905:41
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aontreach: the knot didn't last through the night on the doorknob, had to redo it in the morning :D09:20
aonbut that was ok, although i wasn't far from getting a speeding ticket because of the extra time spent09:21
treachmh, it's almost a sterotype. :/09:23
aonhehe, yeah09:23
treachyou're late, have an appointment etc. and what happens..?09:23
aoni was doing 120 on 80 and a police transporter came in the other direction09:23
aonfor a while i thought "oops"09:23
aonbut apparently they didn't have their radar on09:23
aoni didn't look at them but i've done that before and they just started laughing09:24
aontreach: yeah, and on short distances it doesn't help very much anyway09:25
aonespecially as there had been a crash near the dst and it took 10min for under a km09:26
treachmmh. if you drive 20km/h over it only does something like 30 min on 200km or so, maybe 45.09:26
aona moped and two cars had crashed, nobody got hurt but one of the cars had rolled over :D09:26
aonperhaps that was karlsson-på-taket09:26
treachheh, who knows. :)09:27
treachnot the same guy, but I got who you meant. :D09:28
aonyeah, i meant the saab driver, not the astrid lindgren character09:28
aonhence s/k/c/09:29
treachyep, got that.09:29
aonactually probably also s/-/ /09:29
treachnot afaik,09:29
aonbbl ->09:29
j^2morning all09:44
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clbUpdate from opt: 31 May 18:49 - w3m: updated to version 0.5.214:14
j^2w3m is not BASICS :(14:19
aonactually, well14:19
aonwell, actually14:19
* aon pkg_add's w3m14:19
aonpoplar[~]$ ls -l /usr/{bin/lynx,local/bin/w3m}14:23
aon-r-xr-xr-x  1 root  bin  1083780 May  8 07:26 /usr/bin/lynx14:23
aon-r-xr-xr-x  1 root  bin  1108636 Jan  3 22:35 /usr/local/bin/w3m14:23
aonbut w3m is so nice14:24
j^2it's true, granted i'm an elinks guy14:24
aoni guess elinks is a bit more like a graphical browser put into curses14:28
j^2i works fine with gmail too14:29
j^2which is what i was looking for, those times that i need to check my email but i only have a terminal14:29
aoni usually only have terminal at home14:30
aonwhere i have gmail fetched with pop3 anyway14:30
j^2and slashdot looks pretty good too14:30
aoni use ie6 to check it from work :)14:30
j^2.NET ftw!14:30
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tilmanj^2: ORLY15:15
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jjpkooh, shiny!!11 :D16:19
j^2tilman: of course :D16:21
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jjpkgreetsboy+++++ :D17:48
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