IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2007-06-01

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clbUpdate from opt: 1 Jun 11:44 - postfix: updated to version 2.4.306:46
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prologichey cptn :)07:10
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cptnhey tilman07:36
tilmancan anyone check why/how i disconnected from irc yesterday?07:39
tilmanthe public logs don't have any information07:39
Romstermight of been the server restart at ferrnode. they did a upgrade on 3 ircds07:40
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pitilloI got this from nickserv: Last Seen Quit Msg: Read error: 148 (No route to host) Dont know if it can be usefull07:40
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pitilloseems it is ok too :)07:40
tilmanthey probably rebbooted this box07:40
tilmancause today i just found my screen session didn't exist07:41
tilmanyeah, it's only up 6 hours07:41
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clbUpdate from opt: 1 Jun 13:13 - mysql: changed mirror || 1 Jun 13:08 - [notify] mod_php: update to 5.2.308:17
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j^2morn' guys09:12
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clbUpdate from xorg: 1 Jun 16:52 - xorg-server: applied xinerama/randr patch.12:17
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treachtilman: :D18:36
jaegernow that's odd18:37
treachwhy? seems to work very well, even. :)18:38
treach:beep <3  :D18:40
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j^2isnt it like 4am in germany tilman ?23:24
tilman(06:24) <       j^2> isnt it like 4am in germany tilman ?23:25
tilmani would like to search for stuff using / in firefox23:25
j^2still that's crazy eary :P23:25
tilmanbut vimperator seems overkill23:25
tilmanj^2: need to finish my fucking paper23:25
j^2yeah me too23:25
tilmangotta turn it in till monday23:25
j^2how long does it have to be23:26
tilmanie gotta be at the copy shop at 12:30 the latest or so :D23:26
tilmanj^2: i've got it mostly done, the text just needs some various fixes ;)23:26
j^2ah always good23:29
j^2i always wait till the last possible second to to do my work :23:30
j^2school work that is23:30
tilmani wonder whether i should say "fuck it"23:30
tilmanand just don't fix the remaining issues23:30
tilmanand go back to bed23:30
j^2how much sleep have you had?23:30
tilman~6 hours23:31
j^2and you dont have to get it in till 12?23:31
j^2i'd work on it for an hour more, then sleep a bit, then get it in23:31
tilmansee, this is germany23:31
tilmana sane country23:31
j^2does that mean you work on it for 7 more hours :P?23:32
tilmanshops are *not* open 24/723:32
j^2now that's crazy23:32
tilmanand the shop where i can have the paper be turned into a ... book thing closes at 13:0023:32
j^2on a saturday!?23:33
tilmanyeah, bitches23:33
tilmanwhy is *still* logged onto irc is beyond me23:34
j^2yeah we have resturants open on Christmas and New years, even over new years too23:34
tilmanit's also beyond me why epdfview decides to a little bit more space than fits in 1280x102423:34
j^2i just spilt my beer :(23:36
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tilmanthe search-on-/ thing is probably the coolest feature in epdfview23:53

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