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tilmanwonder whether i should write my next paper in english00:02
tilmani feel dirty using so many english technical expressions00:03
j^2i totally cant type when i've been drinking00:04
tilmandon't know whether i can write sane enough though00:04
j^2? you are very elequant here00:04
tilmani know colloquial english better than the real thing00:04
j^2hell better then me00:04
j^2true true00:04
tilmanbut i can omit contractions if i have to!00:04
j^2i've studied german before00:05
tilmanmakes me feel like Data00:05
j^2but alas i had no real reason to use it :-/00:05
j^2i thought i was gonig to move there for a long time00:05
tilmanpff, german00:05
j^2my girl has a crush on data :D00:05
j^2or s/:D/:-\//00:06
j^2i cant tell honesty00:06
tilmanthat's a bit strange00:06
j^2no joke00:07
j^2is one of her favorite songs00:07
tilmandon't have for that right now :D00:07
j^2some other time then ;)00:07
j^2that band is pretty good too00:07
tilman(07:12) <+   JKnife> Hey, how come no one ever talks in here?00:20
j^2and he's level 29 :P00:20
* tilman prints01:33
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tilmani barely have enough paper to print the damn thing02:08
tilman35 pages or so02:08
treachheh, printer starting to jam would really suck then, I guess. ;)02:10
treachyou draw one?02:24
tilmandraw one? mmh?02:25
treachwrong window. forget it. :)02:25
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tilman"i perform miracles when under time pressure."02:40
tilmani should put that in my resume02:40
aonbut then you'd end up being under time pressure always02:56
treachbeing a somewhat good typist helps too. :)02:56
aonalthough that's probably the case anyway :)02:56
aonone of my coworkers said that he doesn't have to look at the keyboard always anymore when he types02:57
aonhe's been in IT for like 20 years02:57
tilmanthe typing isn't the problem02:58
tilmanprocrastinating is02:58
tilmani'll never learn02:58
treachfunny when you went to school, and you were supposed to write reports for various projects.02:58
treachinvariably it was some guy who used to be on irc who got stuck with all the typing.. :D02:59
treachsaved bunches of time compared to those who had no such person. ;D02:59
treachtilman: I wasn't implying you're a poor typist, just that it's actually a quite underestimated skill.03:00
aoni remember when we had to do typing excercises in elementary school03:01
aonit was fun doing yours in two minutes, then wait for someone to type for ages03:02
tilman*elementary* school?03:02
aon"where's the F key?" "under your index finger"03:02
aonwell, comprehensive school in general03:02
aoni didn't have computer classes during the two last years there03:03
treach*argh* that sucked.. :(03:03
aoni found it pointless and had cooking and elementary russian instead03:03
treachwe didn't even have computers for that.. :/03:03
aonhehe, typewriters?03:03
treachnot mechanical though.03:04
aonthey had typewriting as a voluntary subject on 7-9, but they dropped it the same year i got to choose03:04
aonnot that i'd have chosen it, though03:04
tilmanwas your school back out deep in the woods or are you kinda old?03:04
treachwhat do you think? ;)03:05
tilmanaon: i had my first computer class in 8th grade, but unfortunately, there was no mandatory typing course03:05
tilmantreach: i guess the "old" thing is more likely :D03:05
treachmandantory typing classes ftl.. just put the kids on irc or something, and it'll come automatically. :P03:06
treachtilman: I guess so. :'(03:06
tilmanirc teaches you to type fast03:07
tilmanbut not to use touch typing03:08
tilman"touch typing" as in 'proper system'03:08
tilmani touched typed for years03:08
treachwell, if you've got one of those "natural" keyboards, it helps.03:08
tilmanbut not with the proper system03:08
treachmy typing skills increased dramatically once I got one of those.03:09
treachit's very awkward to do the "wrong moves" on them.03:09
tilmanactually i still don't touch type perfectly03:09
tilmannumbers hurt eg ;_03:09
treachthose are ok IMO. but the keys you rarely use are problematic.03:10
treachlike påäö, etc03:10
treachbasically the right hand.03:10
aoni think my typing is quite near to proper touch-typing03:14
aoni don't have major problems with split keyboards, at least03:14
treachsplit keyboards ftw. :)03:14
aonIBM model M ftw :)03:14
treachthat's not touch typing. :D03:15
aonno, more like hammer typing03:15
aoni had my first computer classes on the first or second grade, i think03:15
treach7th here I think, on those notorius COMPIS crap computers.03:16
aonwe had olivetti 286's iirc03:16
treach"Luxury" ;)03:17
aonthen they got switched to P166MMX (iirc) from the local clone manufacturer03:17
aonin the higher grades we had PII's03:18
aonthere was also one 800MHz duron at some point :)03:18
aonand a 486 redhat server :)03:18
treachmmh, 486DX 66MHz was the latest and greatest when I went to hig-school. :P03:18
tilmandefinitely old03:18
treachthe CAD computers were running on that, and had 32MB ram.03:18
treachdamn, they were fast..03:18
clbUpdate from opt: 2 Jun 08:14 - [notify] mutt: added patch to fix CVE-2007-268303:19
treachtilman: are you actively trying to hurt my feelings? :'(03:19
tilmanno, not at all03:19
tilmanage means wisdom03:20
treachoh, I guess that makes it ok. :p03:20
tilmanugh, my bibliography uses english "and" to delimit author names03:23
tilmaninstead of german "und"03:23
aonreprint? :)03:33
tilmanbut i knew that anyway03:36
clbUpdate from core: 2 Jun 08:18 - man-pages: update to 2.51 || 2 Jun 08:17 - findutils: update to 4.2.3103:47
tilmanmmh, the printer is acting up now03:54
prologictilman, ping04:32
prologicafter extensive work into this04:32
prologicand chatting with #svn devs04:33
prologicit appears to be an apr bug04:33
prologicperhaps in our port of it04:33
prologicnone of it is making any sense though04:33
prologicwould you like the irc log ? you might be able to see something I'm missing04:33
tilmani'd say our apr port looks okay05:16
prologicwell it does to me too05:28
prologicbut I'm no closer to solving this :/05:28
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tilmanj^2: take that!11:24
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tilman"hats off to klaus knoppix."16:23
jaegerheh... Knopper, Knoppix16:52
tilmanmaybe his fingers slipped16:53
jaegermind, more likely :)16:53
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