IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2007-06-03

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tilmanaon: hooray, new wine ;)03:52
aoni'm too hungover to have any wine03:54
aoni'll do it "later"03:54
aonand my cruxputer is off, anyway03:55
tilmanjust wanted to tease anyway03:56
clbUpdate from opt: 3 Jun 09:24 - git: updated to
tilmangmane is blocking me05:31
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Viper_Romster: contrib/glibmm is missing libsigc++07:29
Romsternever used to i need to check all of them again, i'l add that.07:32
Viper_ok thanks07:32
RomsterViper_, I must of missed that when i impoted that, what do you use glibmm for?07:44
Romsterand fixed too.07:44
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aonnew emacs08:38
jjpkand zomg, arnuld is back08:42
jjpkgentoo was not long lived :D08:44
aonhe went to gentoo? :o08:45
tilmanaon: he posted to the gentoo forums recently: "the distro-dancing days are finally over"08:45
tilmanmaybe two weeks ago or so08:45
aoni see08:45
jjpkHe said the same thing on our ml as well :D08:46
tilmanone of those three might be it08:46
tilmanomg, he's back with a typical arnuld problem08:47
jjpkProbably best to ignore this time around.08:49
tilmanwonder why he wants to disable ipv608:51
tilmanmaybe he thinks it's a resource hog08:51
tilmanand makes his gnome desktop 1% slower08:51
jjpkThe end of the world obviously ;)08:51
treach"To solve your problems, take a scissor an cut all those stringy things on the backside of your computer"08:57
treach"yes, *all* of them."08:57
tilmanone way to answer could be:08:58
tilman"To disable $foo, configure it as you wish in the kernel."08:58
tilmancould basically send that text everytime he asks a question08:58
jjpkrtfm should be more than enough ;)08:59
aon"bruce lee recommends not to disable ipv6"09:00
tilmani gotta fix my caffeine level09:00
treach"bruce lee recommends getting of the fucking Internet, before you get hurt"09:00
jjpkSomething tells me there will be another massive quote fest of irrelevant text09:02
tilman<3 treach09:03
jjpktreach ftw :]09:05
RomsterSeems Arnold is clutering up the channel when he isn't even in here, that in itself is bizare.09:42
tilmanhe doesn't clutter up the channel10:28
tilmanhe gives us something to laugh about10:28
tilmanthat's all :P10:28
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clbUpdate from opt: 3 Jun 15:41 - libtxc_dxtn: updated to 070518.10:57
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aonarnulds problem seems totally pointless to me11:51
aonthe dns server he uses must be broken or something11:51
aonor well, i dunno about that either11:52
jjpkNot his only problem it seems12:01
aonNOTE: i have observed one thing. i have used Gentoo for 2 days only and now i am trying to use Arch and CRUX but i see, for me, it is very difficult to use and work with them them since i am getting used to a lower level of things. happened with anybody ?12:08
aonwe have a _higher_ level of things than gentoo?12:08
jjpkThe babbling never stops12:11
jjpkogg123 being difficult and calling this a problem? ffs...12:11
jjpk-q should solve that.12:12
treachgrr, there's apparently no end to his "problems" >:-|12:36
jjpkHaven't noticed ;)12:36
treachactually, he's beginning to really annoy me. :/12:38
tilmanBAH FFS12:38
tilman"foo problem"12:38
tilman"bar problem"12:38
tilman"baz problem"12:38
tilmanpedja: hehe, nice signature12:39
treachanything but "google problem" apparently. :/12:39
tilmanman, he's such a retard12:39
tilmanpedja gave him the answer, and he just gives the output of the grep command on his box12:39
tilmanalso, he put iron maiden in 'classic rock'12:40
treachheh, well, that's evidence, right? ;D12:40
jjpkhaha, Hannes cracked :D12:42
treachbtw, anyone who knows any good fixed fonts? Preferably something like the artwiz ones, but slightly larger.12:46
* tilman <3 smooth12:46
jjpkterminus :p12:46
treachjjpk: too big. :/12:46
tilmanartwiz < smooth < terminus12:46
tilmanhehe, didn't know i had a port for it12:47
treachhehe, revelations. :)12:47
treachdanke tilman, I'll have a look at it.12:47
tilmanyw etc12:47
tilmanthe artwiz fonts are really a mystery12:48
tilmanhow can anyone use those?12:48
tilmanthere are WAY too small12:48
tilmanpure madness12:48
treachdunno. someone who wants to get blind..?12:48
jjpktilman: same reason why I don't like them.12:49
treachor with a really small screen maybe.12:49
treachtilman: got an url or something, he just links to the xine dl page, were there's not much relevant..12:58
treachjust some criminally bad looking xine skins. :D12:58
treachmeh, forget that. got the wrong link.12:59
tilmanuse those in your copy of tilman.rsync13:00
pedjatilman: I'm curious just how thick/retarded arnuld really is :) Is he Darwin award material? ;)13:05
tilman.oO(famous scientists like abe lincoln and bruce lee)13:07
pedjaMust be scary in his head...13:09
tilmanhehe, indeed13:09
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treachtilman: mission accomplished, thanks. :)13:15
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cptngood evening13:34
jjpkhi cptn13:36
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cptnmaybe we could have a dedicated ML for arnuld :-)13:40
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jjpkAt least it would be resource effective ;)13:42
aonjust rejecting them would be even more effective13:43
cptnheh, yeah13:44
cptnalso, just when I thought the distro hoping days were over, who shows up on debian-devel last week?13:45
cptnarnuld, asking to have some software packaged for him :-)13:46
aonwell, he's said "distro-dancing days are over" on, too13:46
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cptnnow, that would be the optimal case13:48
cptnbut it seems he's back13:48
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tilmanevening cptn13:51
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jjpkarnuld = liar? ;)13:55
cptnwell, he never said that he's settling with one13:57
cptnmaybe he takes the best from arch, crux, debian and gentoo and creates "arnuld GNO OS"13:58
treachbest of arch? There is something like that? :P13:58
treachhi, btw. :)13:58
cptnthe funky release names13:58
aonGNO's not OS/213:59
cptnaon: I just read that mail you posted the quotation from earlier13:59
cptnhe actually installed gentoo 10 times before he got it right?14:00
treachhe's insane14:00
jjpkHe claimed to have reinstalled crux many times as well, nothing new.14:03
jjpkOver some simple problems.14:03
aon"wget: connection timed out" "z0mg r3install!1"14:03
cptn"let's not think too long and try to understand what went wrong, just a) do it again, or b) post it to forum/ML/blog/all the above"14:04
treachjjpk: only after doing a) a large number of times.14:09
treachmaybe someone should tell him that if you hit your head hard enough against a brickwall, you'll get though to the other side..14:10
cptnmaybe he has a dice with Einstein and Bruce Lee each three times14:10
cptnif it's Einstein, he does a reinstall14:10
cptnBruce Lee -> hit the ML14:10
treachs though/through14:10
aonor perhaps he has a two-sided dice14:12
aoni.e. a coin or sth :)14:12
cptnthat wouldn't be to EXCESSive though, now would it?14:14
treachwell, reinstalling unneccessarily 10 times in a row for the same reason sounds EXCESSive to me.14:16
treachnot to mention Compulsive..14:17
jjpktreach: to say the least :D14:25
tilmanmost people *wrongly* call it Linux :-(14:26
cptnI wish he had a shop on cafepress.com14:26
tilmanaon: do you have a port of mg for crux?14:27
tilmanyou could replace theo.c with arnuld.c14:27
jjpkIt has potential to reach cult status in this community ;)14:27
cptnand it could be the default init of the 2.4 ISO14:27
cptnyou can always boot with init=/sbin/init if you really want to install14:28
tilmanin that case, we wouldn't need the stick and the stones14:28
cptnerr, maybe I missunderstand what mg is :-)14:28
treachcptn: an editor14:29
tilmancptn: it's a tiny emacs clone14:29
cptnI've seen theo.c in the past14:29
cptnbut didn't know where it was integrated14:29
tilmanit comes with a "theo" program that spits out random theo deraadt quotes14:29
cptnit would be nice to have some 'eliza' like tool with arnuld's quotes14:30
tilmanthat's a chatter bot, right?14:30
treachjust let it take care of people with new nicks.. Ought to make them go nuts real quick. :D14:32
jjpk"ziomg those crux people are nuts!"14:32
aonactually, an arnuld quote database would be great :)14:33
treachjjpk: well, at least we are both schizophrenic and quiet. :)14:35
cptnmaybe we could extend it a bit, and add Ronny's key phrases too14:35
jjpkIt should include teh BASICS14:36
cptnand "you a little stupid?"14:36
aoni have 3 quotes in the database now14:39
cptnoh, it's actually:14:40
cptni believe You a little bit14:40
treachso if "x depends on y and z" and i want x but y could not be14:40
treachdownloaded and i install them manually by grabbing CVS/source but14:40
treachstill i can not got "x" because prt-get will always try to download14:40
treach"y" and "z" 1st as dependencies, even though i have installed them14:40
treachthat's coherency and readability for ya..14:41
treachman, just trying to read, much less comprehend, his mails is giving me a headache.14:45
jjpkHe probably snoozed during english lessons :D14:46
jjpkThat, or terrible teachers.14:47
cptnor reinstalled DOS on those lab computers14:47
treachmore like he can't write worth shit in any language. :/14:47
cptnaon: so did you already make a cgi site with the pic from his blog and a speech bubble? :-)14:49
aonsoon, soon :)14:49
tilmancptn: ahahaha, that SHOCKED clippy thing is awesome14:54
jjpktilman: it's great :D14:54
tilmanbut EXCESS needs to be in caps14:54
tilmanit's the first law of arnuld14:54
tilmanseems to be somewhat of an in joke, but i still find it a bit amusing15:09
tilman hehehe15:10
tilmanoh hell, just browse the clippy list15:10
cptnthese generators are really fun15:16
tilmanthe preview is a nice feature15:20
tilmanit's not very web 2.0 though15:20
tilmanit's missing automatic update via ajax15:20
tilmanokay, here's my take:15:21
* treach misspells "google maps" as "google naps" :/15:21
tilmanbed time? ;)15:21
treachprobably. :/15:21
jjpktilman: haha, right on15:22
tilmani can relate to that ;)15:25
treachyup. No idea what's wrong with people these days. :/15:27
jjpkLaziness combined with instant gratification.15:27
tilmancool, they have that wizard from harry potter, too15:29
treachjjpk: I blame the spellchecker. :(15:30
treach"Hey, it doesn't matter if I write like crap, the computer will fix it for me!"15:30
cptnhaha, nice one tilman15:33
tilmanjust found a website/blog called "panasonic youth"15:33
tilmannice play on that band's name15:33
jjpkIt would be safe to say arnuld chose the second option :D15:33
tilmanwell, i think he went for multi-select15:34
tilmanhe just started with 215:34
tilmanbut he'll resort to the forums later on15:34
tilman*and* he'll try gentoo again15:34
jjpkMaybe something else :D15:37
jjpkHe is a distro swinger after all15:37
treachhe's nuts. just leave it at that.15:37
tilmanno way :)15:38
jjpkI'm SHOCKED by that.15:39
aonhit refresh, etc.15:41
tilmanaon: fix <title>15:42
tilmanhah, it's awesome15:42
jjpkmean, but funny :D15:42
jjpkLOL, the church :D15:43
tilmanthe church of arnudl15:43
jjpkIt's fitting imo.15:43
aonyou know, like the church of emacs15:44
tilmani wonder whether i should write a script that gets the url every hour15:45
tilmanand mails me the text or something15:45
aoni could probably get sued for this15:45
tilmanfor the office15:45
tilmanit would increase my morale to infinite15:45
aontilman: just grab
aon(and send fmt -w72'd entries if something is missing)15:45
tilmanaon: are you using fortune for the script?15:46
aonno, but i just chose the same file format15:46
tilmanpeople FEAR when i say:15:47
tilman" i use GNU (or Linux or UNIX)".15:47
jjpkcptn: brilliant! :D15:47
tilmanthat guy is just so awesome15:47
tilmancptn: heheheheh15:47
tilmanj^2: you absolutely need to check your backlog ;)15:47
tilmanj^2: you'll love it :D15:47
Viper_Romster: cairomm seems to be a dependency of gtkmm, please list it :)15:50
jjpkI'm laughing so much that I can't even sit right now haha :D15:51
aoni'm feeling a bit bad about the picture, so i think i'll replace it with the hurd logo15:52
aonsince that's what he uses as his avatar on forums15:52
cptnit's more funny with the real picture, but yeah, maybe a good idea15:54
cptnor maybe you could add a URL parameter ;-)15:54
aonnow it's linked from blogger :)15:57
cptnhere's another proof for the re-install addiction:16:13
cptnQ (someone else): I imagine that 80GB drive is a couple of years old?16:14
cptnnot is just 1.5 year sold but i have changed its filesystem mor ethan 100 times and repartitioned it more than 30 times16:14
cptnanyway, time to get some sleep16:20
cptngood night16:20
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Romsterhaha aon21:48
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