IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2007-06-04

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j^2hey all09:16
j^2i'm going in for surgery tomorrow :-/09:21
j^2ya'll wont see my pretty face around for i bit :(09:21
jaegergood luck09:22
j^2they are going to "take my face off"09:22
aoni added 101 more quotes to you-know-where :)09:35
aonah, i guess  you didn't see it yet09:39
j^2haha nice09:39
j^2that's bad ass09:39
j^2i like the book for newbies :D09:41
aoncptn made the images iirc :)09:41
aoni also had to rework the layout as i went to work in the morning and was SHOCKED to notice it didn't look right on IE609:43
j^2"may be i could make some money and buy an LCD monitor, for keeping09:43
j^2eyes n good conditioni thought you still we09:43
j^2may be i could make some money and buy an LCD monitor, for keeping09:43
j^2eyes n good condition09:44
j^2i like that one :D09:44
jjpkchurch of arnuld = babalon :D10:04
jjpk"NO Desktops NO bloat." now that is a keeper10:07
aon"i feel HURD is like a part of my body & i am missing this part."10:07
aonthat's a good one too10:07
jjpkGiven HURD = arnuld, he is incomplete10:08
jjpkIt shows...10:09
aonhi tilman10:30
tilmandid the button just disappear?10:36
* aon esc-p's10:36
tilmanHence, Gentoo is10:40
tilmandoing right, i think now i am fan of you10:40
tilmanis that quote accurate?10:40
tilmandidn't he write "fan of your community"?10:40
pitillofan of bruce.... xD10:42
aontilman: no, it was "fan of you"10:42
aoni.e. the person who pointed something out to him10:42
tilmanit's okay, my memory just failed me10:45
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clbUpdate from xorg: 4 Jun 17:08 - xorg-libx11: updated to
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clbUpdate from opt: 4 Jun 18:28 - wine: updated to 0.9.38 || 4 Jun 18:28 - emacs: updated to 22.113:32
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tilmanaon: love the arnuld.cgi15:05
tilmani tried google. it confused me even more.15:10
tilmanare you mocking me? :p15:12
tilmancan we integrate the script into cjb?15:13
aonhehe :)15:13
j^2hahah that would be awesome :D15:14
clbj^2: Error: "arnuld" is not a valid command.15:14
tilmanerm, what the hell is this:15:16
treachyou know, after a while this is beginning to show similarities with kicking someone who's already down.15:16
tilmangreat, now i have a bad conscience15:16
j^2"i am not a child-prodigy, i am just a small man" WTF?15:17
aontreach: well, it's not exactly the first time15:17
aonbut i agree15:17
aonanyway, ?mode=plain for your scripting needs15:19
j^2tilman: --> made me think of you ;)15:22
j^2I do not even know one language completely but still I am not able to15:22
j^2stop my dreams which contain RUBY syntax.15:22
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* Romster gags16:22
* j^2 gets a cup for Romster 16:37
j^2if you need to spew spew in this :D16:38
* j^2 hands Romster the cup16:38
jaegerI'm sorry, I do not speak this crazy moon-man language17:23
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jaegerwoo, got my new skates18:30
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Romsterskates? arn't roler bladeds the trend these days?22:44

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