IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2007-06-05

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jaegerRomster: inline skates, to be specific00:25
jaegerthis is the first time I've ever owned a pair that actually fits00:26
jaegeranyway, time to sleep00:27
clbUpdate from core: 5 Jun 05:52 - hdparm: update to 7.400:56
clbUpdate from opt: 5 Jun 05:46 - mpg123: update to 0.6601:04
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jaegerso much for sleep, didn't get much of it06:32
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tilmanj^2_: cool09:47
aonnice, now it didn't even build10:13
aondamn, i'll start fooling around with windows10:24
tilmanwhat's going on aon?10:24
pitilloaon,  can you paste it somewhere?10:25
aonoh, accidental channel-switch10:25
aonfirefox doesn't run or build10:26
aonlet's see if it was some parallel-make crap10:26
pitillotilman, I think problems building ff now (and before running it)10:26
aondidn't look like it, though, but you never know10:26
pitillosorry, some secs delayed...10:26
pitilloaon, here built with default flags10:27
aonsometimes you can really see that it used to be a closed-source product mainly developed by people on sleep-deprivational psychosis10:27
pitillobuilt and running fine in my little laptop with default flags too...10:41
aonworks now12:19
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