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clbUpdate from opt: 6 Jun 05:30 - wpa_supplicant: update to 0.5.800:38
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tilman1) You said that by using Intellisense I may be in breach of the05:48
tilmandissasembly clause in the VS SDK license.05:48
tilmanoh my fucking god05:48
tilman2) You said that by working out how to use an API by looking at the05:48
tilmanpublic type and method names I may be in breach of the reverse05:48
tilmanengineering clause in the VS SDK license.05:48
tilmanHELLO SANITY05:48
tilmanwhere have you gone?05:48
tilmanVicki Collins (Brook Street) would like to recall the message,05:49
tilman"Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award".05:49
tilmanso awesome05:49
tilmanstupid idiot moronic retards who don't know how the "email recalling" crap works in outlook05:50
pitillovery interesting... They are quite sure he went over the license.... (I continue reading the mail threads... very interesting)05:55
pitillopffff, he is waiting one of the most important explanations ([I never received a reply to this email].... really impressive when he wants a explanation about extending)05:58
pitillothese are things to think.05:59
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jjpktilman: simple, US companies are controlled by lawyers, not people ;)07:21
jjpkNot too surprising because you can have lawsuits against anyone for any reason these days...07:22
aontoday I was bored at work and looked at the faq08:57
aonshould we change the 'I choose it...' in the section explaining the name to 'Per chose it' or 'it was chosen' or something?08:58
pitilloaon, 3rd person like the rest of document? (or impersonal for that point but was Per who decided that and may be a reference to Per there can be a good idea too, he was who chose the name for CRUX)09:05
pitillo(only a opinion)09:06
sepenpitillo, +1 to Per point of view09:07
tilmanawww, one of the pixels on my flat panel died09:10
tilmanat least it's white and not pink or something09:11
pitilloummmm a die pixel isn't black? Or can be a random colour? (here a crt user :)09:13
tilmanit will assume a random color till the end of days09:14
jaegerit might just be stuck, not dead09:14
aonany other opinions on the faq thing?09:15
jaegeraon: looking09:15
jaegeraon: I'd change it to something like "Per chose", myself09:15
aonyeah, it seems quite good09:16
jaegertilman: I've done the cycling method to fix a stuck pixel on occasion09:16
tilmani didn't know you could fix them09:16
jaegerdead you can't fix... stuck you SOMETIMES can09:16
aonwonder if it'd look cool if someone burnt a lot of different images on crt's and put them on display somewhere :)09:17
tilmani've seen a picture of a flat panel that had wow burnt in09:18
tilmanwell, not really "burnt" of course09:18
tilmanthe guy said his wife had been playing wow for hours09:18
tilmanmust have been a pretty crappy panel09:18
jaegercheaply made, I guess09:19
aonwe used to have this tv program where dumbasses sent sms messages and a 3d animated head read them with synth voice09:19
aonit'd be kinda amusing if a really expensive plasma tv had that burnt on it09:20
jaegerhehe, awesome :)09:22
aoni can't find any screenshots or clips of that head09:23
aonit was rather crude, too09:23
tilmanjaeger: btw, alsa stuff .14 has gone stable09:38
clbUpdate from opt: 6 Jun 14:27 - openbox: updated to
clbUpdate from xorg: 6 Jun 14:51 - mesa3d: updated to
pitilloseems fine for me10:13
jaegeraon: looks good to me11:26
clbUpdate from opt: 6 Jun 17:13 - alsa-oss: updated to version 1.0.14 || 6 Jun 17:05 - alsa-utils: updated to version 1.0.14 || 6 Jun 17:01 - alsa-lib: updated to version 1.0.14 || 6 Jun 16:58 - alsa-driver: updated to version 1.0.1412:42
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