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clbUpdate from core: 7 Jun 07:51 - expat: updated to 2.0.103:16
clbUpdate from opt: 7 Jun 09:01 - openbox: install man pages in the correct directory.04:16
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tilman"when i do "startx" on OpenBSD amd64 4.1 it 1st turns-OFF and then14:53
tilmanafter 2 seconds turns-ON my monitor *automatically*."14:53
aoni know it's not fashionable but i'm particularly fond of the windows-bashing bits14:56
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tilmanit's just too good14:57
tilman"Arnold, the Rambo (Stallone)"14:58
tilmannot sure whether it's the language barrier or whether he really confuses terminator and rambo ;)14:58
aoni think that one's supposed to be a list14:59
aonyou know, like '("arnold" "the Rambo (Stallone)")14:59
aon"outsiders" seem to have a hard time understanding the fun in that database15:06
aonperhaps it's because it's actually not :)15:06
tilmanmaybe it *is* mean to expose him like that15:26
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aonwell, yeah15:36
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jaegerwhat do I need to do when I get the "not a strict subset of local ref" message again?16:16
jaeger(with git)16:16
tilmangit fetch && git rebase origin/2.316:16
jaegerhrmm, that's what I thought, must have been something else borked in my repo16:17
jaegerhad to hard reset and redo the work16:17
jaegersorted now but weird16:18
clbUpdate from opt: 7 Jun 21:17 - nvidia: added legacy GPU list link to README per request16:18
jaegerI'm pretty happy that git gives me less trouble now than it used to, heh16:18
tilmanif you *have* to resort to git-reset, you can save your commit before you do it16:19
tilmaneither with git format-patch (more arguments, but stores the commit comment, too)16:19
jaegerin this case it was only a line or two in the README, I had it in my copy/paste buffer16:19
tilmanor just with git diff16:19
jaegerbut that's good to know, thanks for the tip16:19
j^2hey guys16:20
tilmanhello j216:20
j^2my surgry went well16:20
j^2i have 19 stiches on my head now16:20
aonhi j^216:21
aonnice to hear that16:21
j^2 thanks :D16:21
tilmanwhat was wrong with your head?16:21
aon19 is a good number, that's also the standard rack unit width in inches16:21
tilman19 stitches sounds pretty bad16:21
j^2i had a bone/horn, they had to remove16:21
tilmanlike that devil guy in the x files?16:21
tilmanseason 6 or so16:21
j^2heh, sorta16:21
aonlike the bsd daemon?16:21
j^2you can see it on my homebrewing pics16:22
aonurl plz16:22
j^2yeah, it's been growing for like 4 years16:23
j^2i'm gonna take some pics of the recovery too soon16:24
jaegerj^2: glad it went well16:24
tilmandoesn't load, but i'll just imagine you looked devilish16:24
j^2thanks jaeger16:25
j^2it was noticable though16:25
aonon 05827 too :)16:25
jaegerfire burn and cauldron bubble16:26
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j^2it's really obvious on that one16:27
jaegerso was it causing trouble or did you just get sick of it?16:27
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j^2i was sick of it/worried about what it was16:28
j^2yep, i'll find out next week if it was anything bad16:29
aonhow fast did that grow?16:30
j^2from about 20 to 2416:30
j^2so 4 years16:30
j^2give or take a bit16:30
tilmanpretty strange that you'd grow a bone on your forehead at that age o_O16:31
j^2that was the closest thing i could find out about it16:31
aonalways nice to have rare medical conditions, isn't it16:32
j^2totally...but getting insurance to cover it is a bitch16:33
aonah yes, insurance... :)16:33
aoni grow thick skin on some spots on my hands, the doctor gave me a name for it and it brings up nothing at google16:34
aoni guess he pretty much made it up16:34
tilmanaon: if it's at the fingertips it's probably typing disease ;)16:35
aonnah, it's around the left index finger and thumb mostly16:36
jaegerclosest thing I've ever had was a staph infection more than 10 years ago16:52
jaegerodd procedure to remove it, they cut a hole in my chest and filled it up with tiny string, then pulled it back out when the stuff stuck to it :P16:53
jaegerdoesn't sound very scientific or structured when described like that16:58
tilmanstaphs are bacteria i think. sounds strange to be able to just remove them with a string16:59
jaegerit was hardened somehow17:00
jaegernot really sure, it's been years... but that was what they told me it was17:00
jaegerwhat the hell? X won't start now17:00
jaegeror maybe it did start but I just can't see it =/17:01
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jaegerohh.... for some reason today the nvidia driver has reversed the dvi outputs17:02
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* jaeger scratches his head17:02
jaegerthat is VERY odd17:04
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