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clbUpdate from core: 10 Jun 07:54 - man-pages: update to 2.53 || 10 Jun 07:53 - hdparm: update to 7.502:57
clbUpdate from core: 10 Jun 08:28 - man-pages: update to 2.5403:57
clbUpdate from core: 10 Jun 09:07 - cpio: update to 2.804:27
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tilmanre. linus' git talk08:31
tilmanmostly annoyed subversion users it seems :D08:32
aonCVS and Subversion are open source projects, Linus should fix them.08:33
aonBut he seems to be slowly evolving into another Stallman lately.08:34
tilmanyea, that's probably the dumbest comment there08:34
tilmanso bsdtar is included in the libarchive tarball08:41
tilmanby default, the bsdtar binary is then linked statically to libarchive08:42
tilmandoes it seem very backwards to link it dynamically instead?08:42
aonwell, our current tar is dynamic08:45
tilmanre-using an existing libarchive is probably good08:45
tilmanwonder whether we really should make libarchive's bsdtar the standard tar program in crux09:06
tilmanit's freebsd's tar since a while anywya09:06
aondoes it support the 'j' flag, btw?09:10
tilmanand it autodetects compression format09:10
tilmanie "bsdtar xf foo.tar.gz" works09:10
aonthat means that we'll be able to make pkgmk at least two lines shorter :)09:13
tilmani pushed my port, if you want to play09:13
tilmanit also supports zip09:16
aontilman: tar is in /bin/tar09:19
tilmanthe bsdtar port isn't aimed at being a full replacement09:19
aonah, it's prefixed, too09:19
tilmannot sure how useful it is to have tar in /09:20
tilmansince it will most likely need zlib and libbz2 from /usr anyway09:20
tilmanotoh, thou shalt not compress your backups09:21
tilmanso you could use it to restore a backup of /usr or so09:21
aonthe v format is quite incompatible :/09:35
aonwhen doing x/c09:35
aonalthough that doesn't really matter09:38
tilmanwonder what the point is09:43
aonprt-get: updated successfully09:59
aonwith bsdtar in pkgmk09:59
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tilmanctrl-f hackergotchi15:13
tilmanis it just me, or is his hackergotchi extremely silly slash strange?15:13
jjpkAnnoying and childish.15:52
treach"Recently I had some spear time" <316:00
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jjpkRandom spearing :p16:15
j^2hey all16:39
j^2how's it hanging?16:40
aonhey j^216:41
j^2what's going on aon ?16:41
aondunno, probably should go to bed16:41
j^2what time is it there? 12ish?16:42
aonslept like 3h last night but the tiredness suddenly went away16:42
aonyeah, 00:4216:42
* treach moves in from the balcony.16:42
* j^2 fires up WoW16:42
treachgetting chilly, just 20.5 C. :p16:43
aon13.9 out here :)16:43
aonyeah, better hit the sack, need to get up in ~3h again to swallow some pills16:44
aondamn irl bugs :/16:44
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