IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2007-06-12

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clbUpdate from opt: 12 Jun 06:20 - fcron: update to 3.0.3 || 12 Jun 06:12 - mutt: update to 1.5.1601:38
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cptnhey there05:51
pitillohello cptn05:52
sepenaloha cptn05:53
cptnyeah, my thoughts exactly05:57
cptnalthough it seems that if you take content from other webspages, the original content has to be licenced under the GFDL05:58
cptnwhich the crux handbook isn't05:58
sepencptn, also needs an update05:59
treachwell, I guess you could get around that with "published with permission of the author(s)".05:59
treachcptn: btw, I ran across something that looks like a small bug in prt-get :p06:01
cptnoh :-)06:01
treachseems like repeated dependencies doesn't always get listed as such in the deptree.06:02
cptnmmmh, not sure if I exactly understand06:02
treachadd "libpth" as a dep to gpgme for instance.06:02
cptnit is supposed to print them again06:02
cptnjust omit their subtrees06:03
treachyes, but it's suposed to say "listed before" right?06:03
treachthe "-->" marker.06:03
cptnyeah, if that port has dependencies06:03
* treach rtfm06:03
cptnwell, I'm not saying this is the right thing to do :-)06:04
cptnapparently, it's not intuitive at least06:04
treachwell, you have a testcase above, so you should be able to tell if I'm bonkers. :P06:04
treachbut "'-->' = seen" is a bit misleading then, if it only applies when the port has further deps.06:06
cptnyeah, I see the confusing part06:07
cptnshould probably read "seen before, omitting possible subtree"06:07
cptnalthough I'm not sure if that's really clear06:08
treachhm. I don't get the "possible" part. If there is no subtree you don't get any indication at all.06:09
cptn"--> == subtree previously shown"06:10
treachthat's clearer06:10
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clbUpdate from opt: 12 Jun 15:55 - libexif: updated to version 0.6.1611:10
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marohmm, how does one track the opt git repo with the current version of git?16:53
maroif I clone -> branch 2.3 origin/2.3 -> checkout 2.3, it won't let me pull ("branch.2.3.merge" does not match any remote branch fetched)16:54
jaegerhrmm, haven't run into that yet17:22
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j^2good evening yall :D20:21
j^2how's it going jaeger21:01
jaegercould be worse, you?21:02
j^2in class, playing wow :P21:02
jaegerI'm playing as well but from the comfort of my home21:03
j^2lucky :D21:08
j^2these desks at school are totally not comfy21:08

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