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jaegerhrmm... just noticed the images on the mailing list admin site are not showing up08:17
jaegerok, fixed that08:19
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tilmanjonathan schwartz invites linus for dinner11:45
tilmani'm not sure why, but it makes me smile11:45
jjpkTypical reaction you would think.11:54
jjpkTwo people with different interpretations of the circumstances :D11:54
jjpkI might as well add that both seem to support open source, BUT they want nothing to do with each other.11:57
jjpkA view the users probably not all share.11:57
jjpkThe choice of using different and incompatible licenses just shows they regard each other as competitors, although they probably will deny that in public :p11:59
tilmanhey, it's theo in schwartz' blog (comments)11:59
pitilloyeah, noticed that...12:00
tilmanjjpk: yeah, even though schwartz may have long hair he's still the "evil" corporation person12:00
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tilmanwait, is that really theo?12:02
jjpkHard to say, it could be fake but you never know.12:02
jjpkI would not say schwartz is evil, however he is thinking like a company man12:04
jjpkprofit profit profit, the hell with everything else12:05
tilmanthat's what i meant12:05
tilmanhe seems to be a nice guy at least12:05
tilmangetting in touch with the community etc12:05
pitilloreading theo comments doesn't seem a flame (may be I am in wrong with my low english level) but that is my impression.12:05
tilmanone of the former e guys, benr, sun fanboy #1 once complained about some things about sun that pissed him off12:06
tilmanand apparently schwartz got in contact with him the next day o_O12:06
tilman"if the nix community fractures" [...]"12:07
jjpkwhat?! it isn't fractured?! zomg12:09
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clbUpdate from opt: 13 Jun 17:23 - libxml2-python: update to 2.6.29 || 13 Jun 17:22 - libxml2: update to 2.6.29 || 13 Jun 17:19 - libmad, libid3tag: updated url12:44
tilmanj^2: btw, because of your brain surgery ;) i'm now 4 days ahead of you :D12:52
aon"OpenSSH killed telnet and rlogin, for those who still remember those mechanisms."13:00
aoni just used telnet :)13:00
aonbut just because the machine didn't let my passwordless root account log in otherwise13:00
tilmantelnet :D13:01
aonmy home is becoming so RISCy that i might not be able to get an insurance13:01
tilmanthe black/grey hp box looks neat13:02
tilmanwhat's the blue one?13:03
aonsun blade 10013:03
tilmansgi, sun?13:03
tilmanqemu still doesn't build sanely on gcc4?13:09
aonhaven't tried lately13:10
tilmanit's rather large unfortunately13:30
tilmanBuild-Depends: ..., gcc-3.4, ...13:30
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jaegerI should take a picture of my sparc pile :)13:53
jaegerhere in my office13:53
jaegerare all of those in use? what do you do with them?13:54
aonwe have only x86 and POWER513:54
aonat work, that is13:55
jaegerI have here... 2 ultra5s, 1 ultra2, 2 LXs and various external drives13:55
aonjaeger: the sparcstations aren't connected to power or net atm13:55
aonthe ss5 sounds like it's dying and the ipc is just too vintage for any use :)13:56
jaegerI haven't used any of mine recently but they run openbsd or netbsd13:56
jaegerI used one of the LX boxes as a router, it couldn't handle much more than that13:56
aoni'm pushing an os to the blade now13:56
aonthe b2600 has hp-ux but i'll get rid of that soon13:57
jaegerI've been considering reviving cptn's sparc64 crux13:57
aonyeah, i guess that could be interesting13:58
aoni think i'll use one of those as a printer server13:59
aonso i can shut this box down when i go to the army :)14:00
jjpkaon: when are you supposed to enter the service?14:04
aon9th of july14:13
aoncool :)14:21
jaegerthe ultra5s and ultra2 would probably be pretty decent for a sparc64 port14:23
aonjjpk: did you already go, btw?14:26
jjpkNot yet, probably going summer 0814:27
aonso not yet assigned?14:27
jjpkVekaranjärvi at first, but lost the place beacuse I postponed my entry.14:29
treachah, infantery man jjpk then? :P14:30
tilmansounds like child care14:30
treachfotsvettsindianer ftl. :p14:30
tilmanarmed child care perhaps14:30
tilmanthose 4 yr olds can be pretty aggressive14:30
tilmanbut i've heard tear gas works wonders14:31
jjpkfire in the hole14:31
jjpkThat and some riot gear, you'll be good to go.14:31
tilmani hope you'll blog about the experience14:31
aongoing there14:32
treach"Today I ran around in the woods carrying lots of heavy stuff"14:32
treachrepeat until release.14:32
aonit's not like that, unless you choose some self-torture line14:33
tilmanit devision?14:33
tilman.oO(electronic warfare) o_O14:33
jjpkRunning around in the woods is probably something to expect the first 3 months14:33
aonfirst 2 months, rather...14:33
tilmanhow long is it in total?14:34
aon6, 9 or 12 months14:34
jjpk6-11 months or so14:34
aonyeah, 362 is closer to 12 :)14:34
treachheh, already counting? :P14:35
jjpkaon: when are you starting?14:37
aon22:04 < jjpk> aon: when are you supposed to enter the service?14:37
aon22:13 < aon> 9th of july14:37
jjpkffs, another brainfart today :D14:38
aonnp :)14:38
jjpkProbably should consider sleeping in a while...14:39
jjpkJust informed I have to drive someone early tomorrow. great.14:39
aoni think i'll go to work around 6 again14:40
jjpkI am not having luck finding a job for the summer :|14:41
aonyeah, it tends to be a bit hard sometimes14:41
aoni got in last summer by relations and now i'm in the same company again14:42
jjpkSigned up for a security job, but it looks hopeless because I don't have training.14:42
jjpkThere is at least one person ahead of me in that job, so :p14:42
aonapparently the training for that isn't really long and expensive, though14:42
jjpkThey said they would pay the training, but naturally they prefer someone who has one already14:43
jjpkYeah, it's 40 hours14:43
jjpkFinland in that sense is a dead end for longterm employment14:45
jjpkYou can stay here until you have two doctoral diplomas, but you will probably move out14:45
jjpkEspecially when you are not well connected.14:46
treachheh, that's why you all go here?14:46
* treach sometimes feel like half of finland moved to sweden. :p14:47
aonwell, i wouldn't do that14:47
jjpktreach: many did some decades ago, and quite a few did eventually return14:47
treachyou make it sound like this was russia or something. :D14:48
jjpkWell, it was to an extent :p14:48
tilmanin soviet sweden, the country leaves you!14:48
tilmanoh, you meant finland. i fail.14:49
treachafk, we never killed anyone. :/14:49
aonyes you did!14:49
aonyeah, like 400 years ago14:49
* treach begins looking for massgraves of finnish immigrants14:50
aonah, you mean killed during peace time14:50
aondunno about that14:50
jjpkEveryone was fighting 400 years ago14:50
tilmanthey probably covered it all up14:50
treachaon: tbh, we're in the same boat in that regard.14:50
jjpkBesides, Finland did not even exist back in those days, at least no independently.14:50
aonheh, yeah14:50
jaegerheh... this ultra2 has 2 2GB drives in it14:50
aonand i'm sure several finnish immigrants aren't alive anymore14:51
treachif you ever feel like reading swedish histroy you could read about how the southen part of sweden got annexed.14:51
aoncoincidence? i think not14:51
treachit wasn't pretty.14:51
treach*southern* damn..14:51
aonbedtime ->14:52
treachsleep tight. :)14:52
jjpkzzZz aon14:52
jjpktreach: Denmark lost a large chunk of its land for that iirc, right?14:54
treachyes. but that's not the really ugly part.14:56
treachit was how they treated the civilians and the people who completely legitimately fought them.14:57
treachwildly off topic though. :)14:57
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jjpkI think its fun when you have to decide something, but have very little information to do so :s15:46
jjpkSomewhat unnerving because a few decisions will affect 5 months abroad :D15:51
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treachget used to it. Too little information is a basic character of important decisions, I think. :/15:52
treachie, if you have plenty of info, it's not an important decision. :)15:53
treachhi sip.15:53
jjpktreach: yeah, that does tend to hold true.15:53
jjpkI'm sure it will be a good change of scenery and pace.15:54
sipViper_, you around? Tried to update the details for your account.15:54
sipNot sure it was the 'ß' since it's not in your username15:55
jaegerheyo, sip15:56
siphola jaeger15:56
sipjust got a 'Introducing Oracle Coherence' mail, I think you may have something to object on the topic ;)15:57
jaegerI wonder if it's possible to make oracle coherent15:57
sipwell, the fact that they're introducing the thing suggests something about their past products15:58
treachcoherently incoherent? ;)15:58
Viper_sip: thanks, it seems to work now15:58
sipViper_, good & weird at the same time15:58
Viper_yeah :)15:58
jaegersip: from an earlier conversation:15:59
jaeger08:41 <@laod> another oracle crisis repaired with open source tools15:59
jaeger08:41 <@laod> the oracle wallet manager may be their biggest piece of shit to  date15:59
jaeger08:42 < cender> they really do have the "large pieces of shit" market cornered15:59
jjpkOracle does sound like a pain :p16:02
Viper_sip: really strange; i renamed my account and even displaying this ß char seems to work now16:03
sipyeah, likely some automagical (oracle-style?) conversion happened with the upgrade16:03
sipok, enough oracle bashing for tonight :)16:03
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j^2tilman: damn you!16:58
j^2i'll catch up16:58
j^2i hope :P16:58
clbUpdate from opt: 13 Jun 22:03 - openoffice: updated to 2.2.117:15
jaegercan I check what's about to be pushed after a commit with git?17:58
clbUpdate from opt: 13 Jun 22:57 - [notify] mplayer: added patch for cddb stack overflow (CVE-2007-2948)18:15
prologicI believe you can view the logs can't you ?18:48
prologicor do some tree magic :)18:49
prologicgit-ls-tree os such18:49
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