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tilmanis anyone else reading the git mailing list?10:24
jaegernot I10:27
j^2hey guys10:45
aonhi j^210:45
tilmanhi j^210:46
j^2how's it gonig tilman ?10:46
tilmangood enough10:47
* aon is wondering about which movie to see tomorrow10:48
j^2what are you options?10:48
sepenMonty Python films written in pygtk10:51
aoni think it'll be this:
j^2seen oceans 13 yet?10:53
aonit'd be there, but i won't go10:53
aoni've decided not to waste tickets on sequels :)10:54
j^2actaully it's really funny10:54
j^2really really funny10:54
tilmani think i've heard people praise inland empire10:54
j^2fast but good10:54
aonand it's probably crowded10:54
aonzodiac was quite good in that regard, there were about 6 people in the audience10:55
aonwas a great film, too10:55
aoni like how the hp ipl says 'HARD Booted'10:57
aonperhaps arnuld wrote the bootloader10:57
jjpkHARD booted indeed; arnuld asking "smart" questions again
j^2last time i checked bootloader part of EXCESS11:01
* aon updates the database11:01
aonIn INDIA,(except for Windows), most job ads require "C++ with Linux/UNIX" (i notice, Linux is much higher in requirement). so which distro will be better for getting that type of job ?11:01
aoni wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that a lot of the computers that aren't windows are unixy11:02
jjpkaon: here's some more ammo
aoni thought i browsed most of, but i can't keep up with him11:03
aoni have comics to read and coffee to drink11:03
aonand other important work-related activities11:03
tilman> Lesbian Linux would look good on the resume.11:04
aon"always working in against to innovation, human-growth and freedom"11:06
tilmanyeah o_O11:06
aonat one point i gained 10kg per year, is that human-growth?11:06
jjpkhorizontal human-growth11:06
aonEXCESSive humans11:07
jjpkrun! they can't catch you!11:07
tilman> >11:07
tilmanIt depends.. is it a blow job or a hand job? For a rim job I would recommend Ubuntu though.11:07
tilmannot sure what you mean but it is a craft..called ..programming....11:07
jjpkso close, yet so far ;)11:08
aonoh, it can't be11:11
tilmanThe *blowjob* phenomenon11:12
j^2*kills* human-growth11:12
tilmanheh, human-growth again11:13
jjpkThose run on sentences are epic :o11:14
sepenarnuld j0jajsjas11:15
aon"i will use CRUX, the day it will get a good package manager."11:15
tilmanso. wth does that mean, sepen?11:15
sepenI'll invite arnould to join this channel,11:15
sepentilman, are you test other games with contrib/ati port¿11:17
tilmanaon: his article is 10 days late though!11:17
clbUpdate from opt: 14 Jun 16:01 - thunderbird: updated to version
jjpkThe benefits of open source he lists imply that raw materials will run out, open source = gambling11:18
jjpkPlace yer bets!11:18
jjpkraw materials are not expanding, you see ;)11:20
aonUSA is the most developed country? :o11:21
sepen""i have dropped the idea contributinig to non-copyleft softwares and that includes BSDs""11:22
jjpkopen source = evil? hmm11:24
sepenI read this from arnuld's blog11:25
aonas you can see, open source is so much better that it will kill proprietary software, but it needs to be copylefted11:25
aonto prevent the nonexistent proprietary software field from copying it11:25
aonLIBERTY! 3:|~~~~11:26
jjpk"OpenSource softwares then i think we can make proprietary world helpless and as a result people and government will be forced to use Free Softwares."11:27
aonokay, database grown from 119 to 14111:27
aonjjpk: haven't you learnt anything from the recent happenings in world politics? enforced freedom is the path to SUCC^WEXCESS11:28
jjpkSeems I haven't learned a thing :D11:31
jjpkWhat better than preaching tolerance by giving two options, believe or die!11111:31
jjpkThen you let the rifles do the talking :D11:32
jjpktrue democracy..11:32
* sepen [ arnould -eq stallman ] && rm -rf /11:56
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pitillobruce says: "i will use CRUX, the day I'll understand its good package manager."12:08
pitillos/i/I (all senteces with an error)12:08
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jjpkpitillo: haha14:15
jjpkBruce the scientist :p14:19
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