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jjpkaon: seems you have another quote or two to add :D05:14
tilmanmy freebsd 6.2 installation in qemu is dead slow06:59
tilmantoo bad a freebsd host cannot use full system virtualization with the kernel module07:00
tilmanerr, guest07:00
tilmanor maybe it does, mmmh.07:00
tilmanokay, it *does* work07:06
tilmanat one spot the docs say it will only work with linux and windows guests07:06
tilmanat another spot they say it works for 32 bit guests07:07
sepentilman, are you tested freebsd on 'virtualbox'07:08
tilmanit's "have you tested" :D07:08
tilmani never used virtualbox, sepen07:09
tilmanugh, it requires qt07:09
sepenbut despite this it rocks07:22
sepenIm very satisfied with this port07:22
sepenI take this screenshot recently
tilmanyes, i saw it07:24
sepen( tilman,  sorry my english and thanks to rectified me xDD)07:24
tilmannp :D07:25
sepenIm working for running the network guest as bridge07:25
sepentilman, '''have''' you gonna be my girl?07:26
sepenI'll remember this english lesson xD07:27
tilmanit's 'are' in that case ;)07:27
tilmani can't scroll the console of freebsd in qemu o_O07:28
treachtilman: tried with scroll lock?07:49
tilmanthanks, that helps07:50
treachyeah, they are retarded. :P07:50
treachbtw, it has nothing to do with quemu07:50
tilmansuspect that, but i was a bit too unmotivated to google it07:50
treachbtw, don't play too much with the compiler flags. ;)07:51
treachusing Os during "buildworld" might render it unbootable. :P07:52
tilmani only want to test one specific application07:52
tilmani don't intend to tinker with the system core07:53
tilmantreach: i'm typing pkgadd and pkginfo all the time :(07:53
treachok, I thought you were going to throw it on a spare box at some point.07:53
treachwell, use aliases then. :)07:54
tilmani'm done installing stuff now, though ;)07:54
treachthere's always the updating stuff.07:55
treach/bin/sh: alias | grep updates: command not found07:56
treachupdates='sudo ports -u && sudo prt-get cache && prt-cache diff --all'07:56
treachsaves some typing. :)07:58
tilmani thought you meant freebsd07:58
tilmani installed the minimal system there07:58
tilmanno man pages07:58
treachah. right, there some aliases handy there too, not the same though. :P07:58
tilmanLocated INDEX, now reading package data from it...07:59
tilmanplease grab a whole pot of cofee and wait 3 hours07:59
treachaye, that one sucks..07:59
treachthere's a way to get a pre made one though.07:59
treachI don't remember quite how though.07:59
tilmanyesterday i logged into the ftp on the crux box and downloaded the tbz i needed manually07:59
treachhm, there was some smarter way iirc.08:00
treachit might be related to portsnap, unless I'm completely off.08:00
treachportsnap is very recommended if you're going to play with freebsd..08:01
treachs very/highly08:01
tilmangot it, the man pages aren't among the *packages*08:02
tilmangot it, the man pages aren't among the *packabut separate08:02
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tilmanfreebsd = crack = o_O = wtf is wrong with those people?11:44
treachwho knows. :D11:45
treachanything particulary disturbing about it?11:45
tilmantheir patch(1) sucks compared to gnu patch11:47
tilmanit bitches about text preambles11:47
treachheh, the famed superiour bsd userland, right? :P11:53
tilmanone of the e people is using linus kernel w/ bsd userland11:54
tilmanonly now i realize how very retarded that is11:54
treachuh? that's possible?11:54
treachI thought "Linux" was pretty tightly bound to at least glibc11:55
tilmanerrr, linu*x*11:55
tilmanmaybe they are using glibc11:55
treachhey, it's not worse than solaris userland at least. :>11:57
tilmanbleh, no /etc/inputrc12:20
tilmancan't this thing just behave like a sane system?12:20
tilmanbtw, freebsd 6.2 *really* uses libarchive and bsdtar12:20
j^2...i just read the newest arnuld email12:28
j^2isnt there a db of all the packages on the machine?12:29
treachtilman: maybe you should go to #freebsd and asks that question. ;)12:29
j^2 under /var/db/something or other?12:29
tilman/var/db/pkg or something12:30
j^2tilman: i saw VNV last night ;)12:30
j^2it was awesome <150 people there12:31
tilmantreach: yeah, maybe :>12:32
treachit could be... interesting. :O12:33
tilmanmy list of aliases would be HUGE12:51
tilmangmake vs make12:51
tilmanpatch vs "gpatch" (???)12:51
aonjjpk: oh yay15:24
tilmani just hit the power cable.. thing with my foot by accident15:29
tilmanshutting of the computer o_O15:29
tilmanthank god i'm not running xfs ;p15:30
aoni once hit the power button of my ups with my toe15:32
jjpkFun to accidentally kill the power isn't it...15:43
tilmanwell, i made a dumb face and then laughed at how retarded i am15:45
tilmanbut i prefer other forms of fun ;)15:45
aonthat reminds me, i must ask the boss if i can have an ups from work15:49
tilmanwhat's with all the colors in the openbsd boot process?16:09
tilmanwhere "the colors" = "blue"16:10
treachwell, puffy is a fish after all :p16:10
tilmanand he likes LSD?16:10
treachgotta make him feel at home :)16:10
tilmanoooh, the water!16:10
treachI think theo is the one hitting the angeldust..16:11
aonwell, what's up with the netbsd green fg?16:14
tilmandidn't know netbsd had that16:15
aonwouldn't be surprised if  they originally had white on blue but changed it due to theo-hatred16:15
aona bit like the "we imported openssh, but this is just temporary, something far superior is coming a long"16:16
aonin 200016:16
aonnot yet, tho16:16
tilmanthey said so?16:16
aonyeah, something like that16:18
aona sec16:18
tilmancd41.iso doesn't work in qemu16:21
tilmanit just hangs "eventually"16:21
aontry disabling apm16:22
tilmanthat netbsd announcement is kind of funny :D16:22
tilmanwill do16:22
treachbsd + qemu doesn't work too well in my experience. :/16:24
tilmanfreebsd 6.2 works like a charm16:25
aoni just use vmware :)16:25
tilmanwell, it works afaics16:25
treachit's been a while since I tried it, but the only one that worked well for me was obsd, iirc.16:26
aonbut i _think_ i've seen this as a  faq somewhere16:26
treachdragonfly and freebsd didn't.16:26
tilmantrying with -no-acpi now16:26
aonwell, that won't do16:26
aonthe generic kernel doesn't have acpi enabled afaik so it can't be that16:27
tilmanright, it doesn't help16:27
aonbut boot openbsd by writing 'boot -c' to the bootloader16:27
aonthen disable apm16:27
aonand exit16:27
tilmanah, thanks16:27
tilmanaon: -no-kqemu helps, too16:28
tilmanthat installer prompt rocks :D16:29
aondunno which prompt you mean, but yeah16:29
aonit sure as hell is less obnoxious than the net/free installer :)16:30
tilman(I)nstall, (U)pgrade or (S)hell?16:30
aonespecially freebsd16:30
tilmani didn't find freebsd's installer that bad16:31
tilmannice host name17:52
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