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clbUpdate from opt: 17 Jun 08:52 - git: updated to
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clbUpdate from core: 17 Jun 10:58 - man-pages: updated to 2.5606:25
aonso bsdtar seems pretty solid06:27
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tilmanaon: is there some kind of webbish way to find out whether a certain port exists for openbsd?07:13
tilmanbrowsing cvsweb is a bit tedious07:13
aonwell, not really07:19
aonor yeah, really07:19
aona a sec07:19
tilmanah, thanks07:21
tilmanNo results found, please try again07:21
tilmani need libexecinfo :x07:21
aonport it, then07:22
aoni wonder if i should install crux/sparc64 on the blade08:06
aonnothing else to do with anyway08:06
tilmando it09:21
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aonand i think i hit a bug in the keyboard driver:
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jjpkMinor problems with the ultra x :D10:51
jjpkaon: maybe it disliked emacs10:51
aonprobably not10:55
aonalthough my emacs-usage is pretty minor nowadays10:55
jaegeraon: my ultrax developed key repeat problems but never caught on fire. :)11:23
jaegerI bought a rosewill lookalike for $7 to replace it, heh11:23
aonwell, the ultrax was around 10e when i bought it11:25
aonthe ultrax mouse is still alive11:25
aonalthough it's gathered some rather disgusting dirt11:25
tilmanpics or it ain't true!11:26
jaegerThere was a period of time where the ultrax was VERY hard to find in the US11:27
jaegerI finally found one and bought it for something like $24 usd (which wasn't bad but still of course lame for a keyboard) and now they're all over and there are many knockoffs11:28
jaegerI first saw it at Per's apartment11:28
jaegerAnd had to get one. :)11:28
tilmanam i boring if i'm content with a standard cherry keyboard?12:23
aonwell, i have a rather standard logitech now too12:26
jaegerif it does the job, greaet12:27
jaegergreat, even12:27
jaegerI just like the small form factor, myself12:27
jjpkYeah it is nice when the keyboard is minimal in size and weight.12:29
jjpkI have two logitechs, a wired and a wireless one12:29
jjpkBoth are relatively bulky and common12:29
aondunno if it should be extremely light, though12:29
aoni'd like a hhk but >$200 is just too much12:32
jaegerI have this rosewill ultrax lookalike and a logitech dinovo edge, I really like both12:35
treachmmmh if you could cut off the numerical part, this logitech comfort would be perfect...12:37
aoni don't like how they've located the insert key on this one but otherwise it's ok12:38
aonand has quite a long warranty12:38
treachwell, they could cut a bit of the crap on the top as well, it's needlessly big.12:40
treachbut I agree about the arrangement of the edit-keys.12:40
treachluckily I rarely use them. :P12:40
aoni use shift-insert sometimes12:41
aonfor x cut/pasting12:41
treachah, I almost always use the mouse for that.12:41
treach(yes, I'm still damaged by my past :o) )12:42
aoni've yet to figure out the function of that mode key12:43
aonit doesn't seem to do anything but set a led on and off12:43
aonoh, and they got rid of scroll lock entirely12:43
treachheh, I've got a "logitech" key that seems just as motivated. :>12:45
treachNo idea what it's for. :D12:45
aonit doesn't even cause an event in x12:46
aonif the f-lock isn't on, F{1..12} don't work12:47
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treachmeh, that f-crap is annyoing. :s13:12
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jjpktreach: yeh13:34
jjpkYou can tell it was specifically tailored for windows.13:34
treachmmh, every time I have to use one of those I just feel like yelling "GIMME MY F-KEYS BACK YOU MORONS!"13:37
jjpkIt's fine as long as you don't press it :p13:37
treachsome of them doesn't even have a "f-lock", from what I've seen at least.13:37
jjpkToo many bells and whistles13:38
treachyeah. 50 million keys you'll never use.13:38
jjpkThese days I really appreciate the old logitech I have.13:42
jjpkOnly 3 extra keys :p13:42
jjpkThe only complaint is that they are right above the arrow keys.13:43
treachenlarge, home, mail, "running man", win key (especially the right one), and the "menu key" could all gth..13:43
jjpkMight even feel motivated to scratch the win keys off13:44
treachno clue whatsoever what the running guy is supposed to mean.. "run" maybe.13:44
jjpkFucking monopolists13:44
jjpkPossibly, but it does not correlate too well :p13:45
treachthose to the right of space are useless, you get 4 miniscule keys that you basically can't hit without looking at them.13:46
treachinstead of reasonably sized alt-gr and ctrl. :/13:46
aonthe problem with almost all special keys is that they're too far from the homerow to be convenient13:46
aonand the keycaps are usually really shitty compared to the real ones13:47
treachI use the media keys, and that's about it.13:47
aoni have a physical volume control so i don't really need those either13:48
treachwell, I was thinking of "play/pause", "stop" etc.13:48
aonfocusing the player is almost easier than pressing those :)13:49
treachmh, going through your windows to focus the player, and the go back through them to get back to work isn't fun. :/13:50
treachs /the/then13:50
aoni seldom have overlapping windows so that's not such a big issue13:52
aoni'd probably bind the next/prev to something else than the actual keys for that if i needed it13:52
aoni had something like that in ratpoison once13:52
romanHi, i am trying to compile splashy-0.3.3, but make fails with some "No such file or directory" errors.14:31
romaneg: "gcc: /usr/lib/directfb-1.0-0/systems/libdirectfb_fbdev.o: No such file or directory"14:31
romandoes anyone have an idea why?14:32
aondid you install directfb?14:34
romanls /usr/lib/directfb-1.0-0/systems/14:34  libdirectfb_sdl.so14:34
sepenhmm strange14:39
sepenhe search .o extension not .so binary14:40
sepenyou need the object file14:40
romanyes really strange14:40
sepentry to link dinamically with the library at runtime14:41
sepen-- no idea --15:12
treachthat seems to have shut him up. :>15:17
romansorry, i am still here15:18
romanwhat does "o_O" mean ?15:19
treachroman: sorry, I didn't mean you.15:19
tilmanit's the ugly smiley15:19
tilmanroman: i suggest that you contact the maintainer of the splashy port15:19
tilmanwhich seems to be hannes mayer15:19
tilmanhe also has his own directfb port15:20
romanJust got a tip from splashy-irc, i should try using debians "directfb-config" script15:21
romani will try this first, but thx for the help.15:21
sepenroman, sorry for my confusion words15:23
tilmanjust for the record, i also didn't intend to shut anyone up15:24
tilmani was commenting the seemingly broken splashy makefile :P15:24
tilmanoh, is it caturday?15:25
sepenwhereis catwoman?15:26
treachtilman: just for the record, I was refering to our intelligen friend in the other channel.15:27
treach-l *sigh*15:27
tilmanningo the raw?15:27
treachs /raw/retard/15:27
tilmanhis sense of humor is... hard to take at times15:28
aon_few million_ sloc of drivers?15:32
aonopenbsd's sys/dev has 1022651 lines in *.c and *.h files15:32
aonobviously less sloc, though15:32
tilmanopenbsd isn't exactly known for great hardware support, is it?15:33
aonyes it is15:33
aoni don't see any drivers missing15:33
sepenopenbsd is secure .15:33
aonof the ones that i need, anyway15:33
aonand in some fields the in-tree support is better than on what you're comparing it to15:34
aoni.e. wireless15:34
treachaon: iirc, linux has something like 3.1 million lines of code that is drivers.15:34
treachI guess openbsd doesn't do as many platforms, for instance.15:35
aonnot very much less15:36
aonbeech[/usr/src/linux-2.6.22-rc2/arch]$ ls -1|wc -l15:36
aonpoplar[/usr/src/sys/arch]$ ls -1|grep -v CVS|wc -l 2615:36
aon26 goes to a new line, goddamnit15:37
aonanyway, bed ->15:37
aon(plus the discontinued and upcoming ports, of course...)15:37
treachLinux 2.6.22-rc5 athlon-4 GNU/Linux15:38
tilmanliving on the bloody edge, eh?15:39
treachnah, it's working pretty well.15:40
tilmani'm still on 2.6.2015:40
treachno_hz does quite a difference for laptops.15:40
treachat least for mine.15:40
treach(this isn't it though. :P )15:41
treachpowertop is pretty cool.15:41
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treach "No photos!"15:49
tilmanhehe, i think i remember that one15:52
tilmanreminds me of that disney cartoon that has chinese/asian criminal cats15:52
treachHe looks kinda pissed off. :p15:53
treach"This box tastes like shit!"15:53
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